Remember that orange coloured icon, which generally appeared forcibly, specially when you did a Bada update on a Samsung device. Yes, we are talking about India’s first encounter with an Instant Messaging app, Nimbuzz. It has now sold a 70% stake to UK’s New Call, for $175 Million, thus valuing the company at $250 Million.

Today has been a big day for India, as far as investments in technology sector are concerned. SoftBank announced its investments worth $627 Million and $210 Million in Snapdeal and Ola Cabs respectively. Following that trend, Nimbuzz, which is yet to show profits (expected in Q4), has seen a $175 Million investment.

Nimbuzz, though has been a bit dormat for quite a lot of time, still boasts of a 200 Million+ strong user base, most of them coming from India. By 2013, it already counted 150 million users in India, South-East Asian and North African regions.



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