Twitter, in its Flight developer conference today, announced Digits. Digits is a new way to sign in to third party apps, which use Twitter to Login. What’s news, is the fact that Digits lets you log into those apps, without using your Password

Digits is aimed at providing mobile app developers, a chance to create apps, without using passwords. This is specially good for messaging apps, which have been on the rise, ever since Facebook told everyone how serious the IM business is, by acquiring WhatsApp.

Normally, when you sign up for any Instant Messaging app, they ask you for your phone number, and they then send you a mobile verification code via SMS. The user then enters that code to verify the possession of that device. Well, here comes Digits.

Digits does the entire SMS verification process on the developer’s end, thus making it a 2 step verification. Not only this is more secure, this holds good for people, who do not have an e-mail ID, but still wish t use an app.

Twitter, on Digits’ developer site, has highlighted the fact that over 70% of world’s mobile population lives in emerging markets. Now, for most in the developing regions, a Mobile is their only smart device, and hence many fail to have an e-mail address. Digits will be extremely helpful for developers in this region, as they can add even the non e-mail customers to their app, with the help of Digit.

Digits was today launched in 191 countries and in over 28 languages. Certain popular apps, which are already in the process of implementing Digits include Fitstar, Resy and OneFootball. Developers can visit here, if they wish to include the Digits API in their apps.

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