apple protuding camera

The iPhone 6 measures just 6.9mm thin and the Phablet version is 7.1mm thin, the reason for this is the 8MP camera that protrudes at the back. This protruding camera has never been seen before from Apple but why are they hiding this protruding camera from the images on the website.

We all know about the protruding camera on the back of the two new versions of the iPhone. But thanks to the use of certain angles in photographs, and some editing software, a sideways look of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus shows no protruding camera on either model.

However, that shouldn’t happen at the expense of facts, at least in our opinion. The camera bulge at the back won’t let the phone lie flat and will most likely get scuffs after the first couple of weeks.

Still, the question arises. If Apple doesn’t care that its camera protrudes, why did it go to great efforts to cover it up?

Source : Gsmarena

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