A Reuters report today revealed, that the U.S. government was threatening Yahoo, to the tune of $250,000 per day, to force the internet giant to reveal user data.

These findings were revealed via new documents which were unsealed on Thursday . As per the report, this new revelation also helped in finding how the US government dealt with internet companies, who were unwilling to comply with government’s  user data requests.

Yahoo eventually lost the battle, which helped government to launch its Prism surveillance program, revealed by Edward Snowden last year.

Yahoo, on Thursday, said that it was in the process of making public, some 1500 documents, which tell the truth behind US government’s tactics involved, in getting out  user data from internet companies.

One of those documents further revealed that as per a filing in a Secret court, US government asked that Yahoo must be made to pay $250,000 per day, if it refused to comply with its request for user data.

Yahoo’s current document declassification drive is a part of efforts by various internet companies, including Facebook Inc., Microsoft and Google Inc., to show public, their minimum involvement in US government’s surveillance programs.

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