Apple today unveiled the Apple Watch. Yes, its nomenclature has been changed, but if you have seen that launch video, you know what that watch is. Tim Cook, quite deservingly, got a standing ovation for the same.

There were hundreds of iWatch designs, which were previewed in the launch video. But, we noticed one specific watch which had the following writing embossed on it :

18 Carat Gold. Sapphire Crystal Display

The device features retina display, and is Sapphire Glass. Various electrodes over the skin, help the watch recognise the difference between a tap and a press. The watch also features Haptic feedback, via a TapTic Engine. The Haptic feedback helps you get notified by a sensation, as if someone just tapped on your wrist.

Apple showcased numerous iWatch designs, thus suggesting that you could get to choose from a variety of customised Apple Watches. Tim Cook, on the launch said,

This is, the most personal product, Apple has ever designed. It is the best smartwatch in the world.

The most innovative feature of the watch is its side dial. This side dial helps you set date, time to such accurate precision, which yiu can never obtain via touchscreen. Apple has inserted this dial, so that your display is not obstructed, while setting up the date.

Apple Watch also features a sync feature. Through this, you an sync two watches together. You can play games (Apple demonstrated a multi-player Tic tac Toe), and sync entries. There are dozens of applications, which have already been developed for the Apple Watch.Looks like Apple has worked really hard with the developers to build such a huge app store.

There has been no mention of the battery life. Apple says, you can wear it all day. So probably, battery will last at least 20 hours, if used regularly. The Watch uses inductive charging, that puts a magnet beneath the Watch’s cell. Cook says, you can c

The AppleWatch has been designed in three editions. Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The first edition, Apple Watch, only works with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S and 5C. (Yes, you do not need to upgrade your iPhone to get the Watch).

Apple Watch will be available for $349. It will be available next year, as predicted earlier by us.

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