The News, all Mac and Chrome lovers have been waiting for is here. Your system won’t load that extra junk memory to run the extremely stubborn, 32 Bit Chrome . Google today released a 64-bit version of Chrome for beta channel.

Mac owners ( and those who know how 32 bit affects your system ) will finally, finally breathe a  sigh of relief. This is because, the 32 Bit version was seriously eating up a lot of memory, and was slowing down your system ( even though you never noticed it, due to the superior Apple hardware ).

With this new Beta release, at least Chrome wouldn’t crash, the way it used to. Moreover, this is a signal that a public release is on its way. Why did Google finally take this step ? Well, the simple reason is that their 64-bit Chrome for Windows has now been declared “stable”, and hence they thought of going towards Mac.

It was irritating to load a 32 bit app on OS X, even though Apple has been serving us the 64 bit architecture, for almost a decade now. Lets us know what you think about this new development, in the comments section.

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