Apple is all set to unveil highly anticipated iPhone 6 on September 9. Chinese publication PCInLife said on Weibo that the Unicom version of Apple’s iPhone 6 will be launched in the country between September 16th and September 19th.

There was exactly 10 days between the announcement of the iPhone 5s, which took place on September 10th, and its release date on September 20th, so this rumor make perfect sense from a timing perspective.

If the iPhone 6 is introduced on September 9th as expected, its on-sale date of September 19th would also be a 10-day window and this pattern of 10 days is going on from the launch of iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 6 will be released in two versions, a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version.The screen resolution for the iPhone 6 will be at 2272 x 1280 with a 510 pixel density with 2ghz Boost frequencies and a faster A8 processor.

Screen protection will also get an upgrade with the iPhone coming with a scratch-free Sapphire crystal glass screen as well as the newly update CoreMotion API, and a barometer. With the iOS 8’s release alongside the iPhone 6, the device is speculated to be included with altitude measuring capabilities.

You can find the detailed iPhone6 specifications, as speculated by us through various internal sources, here.

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