Screenshot by Deepanshu Khandelwal / Tech-Portal Screenshot by Deepanshu Khandelwal / Tech-Portal

We told you its coming, and now, ASUS has launched a video teaser, for the upcoming “ZenWatch”. The Taiwanese Multinational Company today posted its official teaser revealing the name ZenWatch which is clearly adapted from the “success of” ZenFone series.

The ZenWatch teaser however does not give any full image of the smartwatch but it is clearly seen that it is rectangular and has a curved display. One can easily predict that this rectangular design is completely different from the one in Moto 360 (circular) and LG Watch R.

No other specific details have been revealed in the teaser but it does give a few glances at the actual device and it seems to show a squarish face with rounded edges, a leather band and a brushed metal or faux metal body.

To remind you, Asus Zenwatch will be unveiled on September 3 and the press event will be streamed live on the company’s Facebook page.

The ZenWatch may come out with a price tag ranging from $99 to $149. Here’s the teaser :

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