Samsung, which was cut out by Apple from iPhone5 and 5s supplier list, is now reprtedly back as one of the three suppliers for iPhone 6’s DRAM, Apple Insider reported.

As per Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, Samsung was reportedly cut-out from Apple’s supplier list for Dynamic RAMs for iPhone 5 and 5S models. But now, Apple has brought Samsung back into the fold as one of the suppliers for DRAM for iPhone6.

Other DRAM suppliers for Apple’s next-generation iPhone are said to be Micron and Elpida. Dynamic RAM or DRAM is the memory inside Apple’s A-series processors. This memory has been 1 Gigabyte for the A6 and A7 processors. But this time, reports have come, which indicate that Apple may go to 2GB of RAM for the next-gen iPad Air.

Samsung, although a bitter rival of the Cupertino giant, has been a key supplier for some of Apple’s most important parts. For example, all of Apple’s A series processors have been manufactured by Samsung, till date.

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