With the availability of the HTC ONE M8, in both Android and Windows Platform,  the Windows variant was a clear winner, in the race of battery life optimization.

Finally, the two platforms (windows and android) are available on the same device. An older model of the HTC One M8 uses Android, while the latest edition comes with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1. Aside from the software, these two phones are identical. So which has the better battery life based on the platform it runs?

On testing, Microsoft Windows Phone gets between 6.5 and 10 percent better battery life than the same phone running Google Android. Following are the battery life specifications for the HTC One M8:

  • Google Android version: 20 hours of talk time and 496 hours of standby
  • Microsoft Windows Phone version: 22 hours of talk time and 528 hours of standby

However, Google is working on improving the Battery life. The effort is called Project Volta and Google introduced the power optimization strategy at its Google I/O developer event this past June.  The awaited Android L, is aimed specifically at improving battery life.

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