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New iPhone 6 hardware photos surface, show Lightning port, microphone flex cable


A user has posted photographs (shown above) of a particular set of hardware on MacX forums, which are purportedly believed to be a hardware part of Apple’s upcoming, iPhone 6.

The photographs still remain unverified by TechPortal, and hence we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the information thus revealed.

The photo, shows hardware, similar in design to those in iPhone 5s or earlier versions, but with some stark contrasts and changes.

For example, the headphone jack is also larger than those found in current model iPhones, which feature a rectangular cuboid housing a bit larger than the barrel holding the assembly’s TRRS finger contacts.

Rumours are, that this headphone jack could be used for multi purpose as well, with an option of secondary speaker system too.  This rumour, appears to be true, because of the fact that Apple holds a patent for a 3.5mm TRRS jack that integrates a speaker module. The part in the photo appears to be specially molded.

But, many experts, like Apple Insider have argued that if this happens to be the case, then this new integrated module would deliver a very poor sound quality, as compared to those dedicated speakers which you get on the previous iPhones.

Apple is expected to launch two new iPhone models this fall with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes.

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