tsmcTSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is reportedly speeding up the development of 10nm chips, as reported by Digitimes. This is unarguably, an attempt to maintain lead in this industry and fend off any threat, from Samsung.

Samsung Electronics, which reportedly has landed 14nm FinFET chip orders from Qualcomm, has been rising as a major competitior to TSMC. Both TSMC and Samsung  are currently competing fiercely in the development of FinFET process.

While Samsung is using a 14 nm chip, TSMC, on the other hand, is using a 16nm node.

TSMC, has been the leader in the development of the FinFET process, but has delayed the production of its 16nm chips, largely to push up the development speed of its 10nm nodes.

As per Digitimes, TSMC has rescheduled the commercial production of 16nm FinFET process, and instead plans to roll out a more advanced 16nm FinFET Plus process, which will consume less power and further reduce die sizes.

But increased pressure from rival, Samsung, has put the company under pressure to speed up the development of 10nm cips.

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