Habitual of using the Gmail, the way it is now ? Well, you might have to change that habit completely. Because the Gmail which we are accustomed to, is under a complete revamp, with not even a single bit of the older Gmail present in it.

As per the screenshots available from, an entirely new Gmail is on the way. Google has invited an extremely select group of users to try the new interface and report bugs.

Gmail has undergone various changes in its interface in the past few years, but such a revamp hasn’t been done before. This new revamp has been designed to fit all the screen sizes, and make the most boring task of our daily life, a bit exciting.


Google’s fly-in menu system on the left removes the crazy tab system that was bolted into Gmail last year and places it in line with everything else, with a similarly collapsible Hangouts interface on the opposite side of the screen. This lets you open the entire Inbox on full screen, or you can simply keep it aside to have a constant glance at it while doing other stuff on your E-mail.

This interface also includes the new pin system that was spotted in the last Gmail leak, which replaces stars in Gmail as a way to to bring focus to important emails.

The official release date has not been announced yet. And it is extremely difficult to say whether all of the new features in the test layout will be implemented. Moreover, it may just be a test layout and may never be released at all, as is the case with many such releases.

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