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Apple pulls iPhone 4 from India and other emerging markets

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IPhone_4_top_and_other_sidesApple Inc has finally dropped the sale of iphone 4 from Indian and other emerging markets.The company took this move pass4sure 1Z0-043 as it reported a $41 drop globally in the average selling price (ASP) of the iPhone to $596 in the quarter ended March.


Apple has decided to pull its cheapest phone from the Indian market, less then four months after the company re-launched it in India to boost up its sale. The move comes soon after the company reported a $41 drop in the average selling price of the various iPhone variants.

According to Economic times Apple re-launched the iPhone 4 in order to grow its user base in emerging markets where the mid-range segment is the fastest growing. In India the phone served its purpose as the company doubled its user base to more than 25 lakh iPhone users in just one year.

Now, Apple hopes that after the withdrawl of iPhone 4 from India, people will pass4sure 00M-651 move to its more expensive models like iPhone 5 or 5s.

Apple has been largely focussed on targeting the higher-end buyers only. Re-launch of iPhone 4 marked a major shift in Apple’s policy. Due to this move, Apple’s market share in India almost doubled making it the 3rd largest mobile smartphone maker in the country.

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