androidapple.pngAssume the current android operating system running on a Java platform !!! You may say we are talking no sense, but certain Android documents, produced in court for the epic Samsung-Apple court battle have revealed such strange plans.

A certain court document (GOOG-NDCAL630-00065464) has revealed that prior to the launch of first Iphone, Google had no plans whatsoever to develop android in the same way as it is today. Instead, Google’s vision for Android was a simple button phone running Sun’s Java.

This startling revelation has been made on Apple Insider, which has also revealed a document, clearly stating what actually Google wanted Android to be. The image of the document is shown below :

Court document

When Steve Jobs first announced Iphone in 2007, he openly criticised the smartphones of that time (Nokia E series, Moto Q etc..), and introduced the concept of using touch screen with our own fingers. In his speech during launch of Iphone in 2007, he said, “Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus. We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world. We’re going to use a pointing device that we’re all born with — born with ten of them. We’re going to use our fingers.

Later, after the launch of Iphone, former Apple engineering lead and early Android team member Chris DeSalvo , accepted, “As a consumer I was blown away. I wanted one immediately. But as a Google engineer, I thought ‘We’re going to have to start over.”

Certain other court documents present with Apple Insider have further revealed that many of the features which Jobs launched in Iphone were later imitated by Google in android. In another document, a major update to android was made with the introduction of a touchscreen, which would not use stylus, instead, would user fingers. (similar to Iphone in 2007).

In fact, Google, who was set to launch a blackberry-like android device, went back to the drawing board, to redesign android, in partnership with HTC, a windows mobile manufacturer.

The epic court battle between the world’s largest mobile brands has intensified with Google coming in support for Samsung, we’ll keep you posted as to where the battle finally heads.

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