googleglassWe all know how Google always amazes us. With the Google glass already launched for developers, now, the company is gearing up to launch the public version on April 15, available only for one day.


For all the Google glass fans out there, but not a developer , Tuesday will be one awesome day to watch out for. Google will be opening Glass for sale for public on only Tuesday.
This one day offer seems good for an ardent fan, but what is Google trying to achieve from a one day sale?
According to Google and It’s explorers ( aka developers) the main motive of the Tuesday sale will be to even out the privacy concerns of the general public. The most controversial 720p recording present in it has raised many privacy concerns in the general public. We just have to wait and watch If everything goes in the direction as planned by Google.
As far as price is concerned , it is still priced at $1500 and available only in the USA. Google will also be offering sunglass lenses that go along with Glass for free for the people who buy the product on Tuesday.
Google is also planning to launch its smart watch late this summer, so all can expect a very dashing wearable computer extravaganza in the upcoming months.

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