Creative partnerships remain the way to efficiency, yet the manner in which we comprehend them has advanced. Physical presence and in-person collaboration is not the need for efficient teamwork any longer, yet technologically advanced communication is. From discussion to the conversation, to implementing analysis into practice, we’ve currently moved to a computerized instrument for each aspect of work and projects. So if your colleagues need to assemble data, correspond, and work together, the applications that they use need to, as well, have features to enable them to do it.

Be that as it may, application integration focused on compelling group collaboration can be very mind-boggling to assemble in light of the fact that an immense variety of software is available in the market. You cannot practically integrate all of them in one place. Additionally, obliging a whole workspace implies that we need app integrations to be focused on all the nitty-gritty and be profound, along with being adaptable to cater to the needs of the business.

Zoho realizing how crucial app integration is to help business practice efficient teamwork and effective collaboration, it pays extra attention to choose the apps to be integrated wisely to facilitate its user-base.

Here are the five app integration that makes Zoho Flow capable of making team collaboration progressively viable.

Zoho Connect & Zoho Projects

Assigning tasks to each teamer can regularly turn into an enormous task in itself, mainly when you’re dealing with countless assignments and a vast team. Zoho Flow responds to this call for you. Each time a new project is created in a particular group on Connect, Flow presents a bug in Projects. It likewise assigns the bug to a specific individual in the group dependent on their availability and job role and informs them by means of Cliq. So the designation of the task becomes easy without you needing to send individuals an individual email explaining them to work on a particular job, as Zoho does it all for you.

Zoho CRM

The quicker you complete the projects, the more ahead you remain in competition with your rivals. With Flow, you would now be able to create deadlines and divide work according to milestones for each new project, making sure to reach and prevail upon each milestone before the approaching deadlines. For each new task you create in Zoho CRM, this workflow naturally includes another milestone in Zoho Projects. It likewise sets the due date of each of the milestones to a predefined period before the actual completion date of the project, to save you from cramming at the last minute, and mess up with the quality of the work due to pressure.


At the point when you are working to accomplish a long list of projects and its sub-tasks, updating the group on your project’s progress is vital to help your team become productive. This workflow causes you to remain centered by communicating something specific in Trello at whatever point a card is moved to an alternate list in Trello. Additionally, Trello helps you to sort each project separately, compelling you to remain organized while working. Trello also assigns a color to each project to help you distinguish. IT also notifies you about the project with approaching deadlines, so you do not end up forgetting amidst numerous other projects o different clients.

Zoho Mail & Zoho Cliq

Chat is one necessary instrument for teams to correspond since conversations occur continuously and even spontaneously. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean you have to forward each significant email to your chat box or tool. Zoho Flow automatically advances messages from Zoho Mail to your group’s Cliq channel so your collaborators can peruse and react right away without delay.

“Effective teamwork is all dependent on on-time communication. Zoho is focused on enhancing collaboration by empowering the business to communicate right on the correct time,” stresses CEO Zoho.

Slack &Asana

Pretty much every conversation at work leads to another rundown of tasks and projects. So why not mechanize the procedure? For each message that you star in Slack, Zoho Flow makes a comparing task in Asana.

At the point when correspondence finds a consistent method to stream, profitability will follow. Bring your groups nearer through coordinated applications with Zoho Flow.

“When communication finds a seamless way to flow, productivity will follow. Bring your teams closer through integrated apps with Zoho Flow. When your apps work together, so does your team,” says CEO Zoho.