Google always tries to bring more user-friendly features to their products and services. They think about everything that their users might feel they need. They have a reputation for knowing their user’s needs and implementing new features on their services. That helps users to have a better experience.

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YouTube knows that not all of their users are techy, and many of them love simple and easy settings. That’s what they did in their latest beta testing version of YouTube. They have planned out YouTube’s new video quality controls. These new settings will be simple and easy for all of their users.

What’s New?

YouTube is now testing its new video quality settings. YouTube’s new video quality controls will auto adjust the resolution of the video playback. It can also adjust according to the user’s data usage preferences. Earlier people could only adjust the resolution from 144p to 1080p and above. Now, they will be shown four options.

  1. Auto (recommended):  Adjusts to give you the best experience for your conditions
  2. Higher picture quality: Uses more data
  3. Data saver: Lower picture quality
  4. Advanced: Select a specific resolution

People can use the advanced feature to select a specific resolution like before as well. So people will still have the ability to select their desired resolution. But they simplified the primary resolution settings.

Why it is Necessary?

These options are necessary for ease of control. Earlier you would have to select a specific resolution from multiple options. But now there are only four simple options for video playback quality. There are times when you might have to use your mobile data when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. And if this beta version rolls out, you can set data saver settings as default settings when using mobile data.

This simplified YouTube’s new video quality controls will be really helpful for users. If anyone wants to save their mobile data, now they have to change the resolution of the video playback. They have to change it every time they switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data streaming. So Google thought it would be easier for all of its users if they can set a “data saver” option in their resolution settings. This will surely help users. It saves time and enhances the experience.

When Will The Feature Come Out?

Reportedly on the 15.45.32 beta version, YouTube’s new video quality controls are being tested. YouTube hasn’t made it clear when this new feature will come out. It may release it in the coming days but the time is not confirmed yet. We don’t know yet if this feature will be implemented across the world or not.

It is not uncommon for apps to make new features for specific regions only. So there is a chance they might be selective on adding this new feature according to regions. And it may be available for people in specific regions.

Bottom Line

Even though it is quite unclear if we will get to see this new feature any time soon or not, this feature will make users have a better experience. Especially while shifting from Wi-Fi to mobile data streaming. Sometimes you might even forget that you are not on Wi-Fi and mobile data. The new feature saves the default settings so you can worry less. The fact that YouTube’s new video quality controls are being tested on the beta version proves that Google thinks of every little thing for users. They solve any problem that can potentially bother their users.