The iPhone 11 is officially out and available to the public. Apple officially unveiled the latest iteration of their signature product back in mid-September, and it went on sale a little over a week later. Prior to the phone’s release, a number of retailers all over the world had to deal with massive crowds of people wanting to upgrade to the latest Apple offering.

The new iPhone brings all sorts of upgrades from the previous editions. The most noteworthy addition to iPhone 11 is the inclusion of 2 new camera screens with wide and ultra-wide lenses. Users may now crop and zoom on photos after they are taken, among other features. 

Perhaps the most important feature on the iPhone 11 is the new A13 bionic chip, which gives the iPhone its fastest processor ever. The phone also boasts an improved battery that gives it as much as an hour-longer battery life than its predecessor, the iPhone XS. Battery life is obviously one of the most important attributes for a smartphone, especially if you’re someone that uses your mobile device for betting purposes. 

Will betting apps be better on iPhone 11?

Importance of Speed

Having a fast and reliable device with a functioning internet connection is of paramount importance if you’re a sports bettor. Being able to access the latest odds as quickly as possible is a must, especially if you are live betting. One way to potentially gain an edge over oddsmakers is to react to situations before the odds can change. That’s where having a fast and capable device handy comes into play. 

If you’re trying to bet on sports using an older edition of the iPhone, you’re going to be using a slower processor that does not move nearly as quickly as some of the updated versions. Frankly, that’s a good way to get left behind. Upgrading your phone, or at least your phone’s software, can help you close the gap between yourself and the competition. 

Let’s use football betting as an example. Odds are constantly changing leading up to and during a game. Oddsmakers will make tweaks based on injury news as well as where the public is putting their money. Things like in-game injuries and dramatic swings in the score will obviously affect a game’s live odds, as well. Watching the game with your phone’s betting app opened up can help you get some leverage on oddsmakers that may be slower to react to news or changes in the score of the game. 

Considering iPhone 11 has the fastest processor of any iPhone in existence, it’s very safe to suggest that your mobile betting apps will run more smoothly if you spring for the newest smartphone.

Best Betting Apps for iPhone 11

Sports betting is about to explode in popularity in the United States. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in May of 2018 that individual can states now have the ability to decide whether to offer legal sports betting within state lines. Obviously, that’s great news if you’re someone wanting to bet on sports without having to worry about potential legal trouble. A handful of states have already legalized sports betting, and more and more are sure to follow. 

Just about every reputable online sportsbook in the world offers a companion mobile app. Big names in the industry like BetNow, MyBookie, xBet, BetOnline and Bovada all offer apps that are compatible with iPhone software. These are the best apps for football betting available to the public today.

All of the aforementioned apps are free to download, and all of them are among the highest-rated sports betting apps available in the industry today. The developers are constantly updating their respective apps in order to keep them up-to-date with industry standards. Considering the technological upgrades that iPhone 11 brings compared to previous editions, these apps are best designed to run on the newest edition of the iPhone.


New advancements in technology are coming all the time. As a result, it can be tough to stay on top of the latest trends or developments. Fortunately, Apple is constantly updating their iPhone software, so you don’t necessarily have to buy the new iPhone in order to enjoy some of the upgrades. However, doing so is the best way to ensure that you have the best possible mobile betting experience. Until the next iPhone comes out, at least.