Node.js often grabs the attention of the relevant specialists. The reasons for this choice are obvious. Node.js features a set of unique advantages. This article shall outline some of the main reasons to become a Node.js development company and focus on creating programs within this framework. Your next web application development project needs Node.js!

What is Node.js?

Node.js can be described in a set of several key points:

  1. Node.js is a development framework that offers a runtime environment. In this regard, it’s similar to other options on the market;
  2. What Node.js is unique about is the language it uses for the runtime: in this regard, the platform is notable for utilizing JavaScript as its main driver. Before the creation of Node, it was reserved mostly for web browser development.
  3. Node.js is a platform with a very strong community today: apart from having countless individuals who can answer your requests, it also gives more than 1 million packages. The users can easily choose from a large number of options to expand their projects.
  4. Today, Node.js enables JavaScript development both in the front- and back-end, giving the ability to engage in full-stack program creation.

Common Areas to Use Node.js

Node.js finds its use in many areas today. They include the following sectors:

  1. Development of applications that deal with many connections: if you need a social media website, for example, Node.js is a perfect option. It enables the creation of a complex interface that a large number of people can use simultaneously;
  2. Focus on high security of all practices: banking facilities of various kinds also utilize Node.js as their main platform. Apart from focusing on small code elements, it also proves to be very good in terms of safety. Therefore, Node.js is great for establishing potent banking practices.

Prime reasons to Choose Node.js for Web App Development

Several key reasons exist to focus on Node.js as the main web app development platform:

  1. Development in it is easy: Node.js is based on JavaScript. If you focus on the platform, using web development knowledge is often sufficient. The creation of prototypes in such cases would not take much time;
  2. Performance and complexity of development are very balanced: some languages are faster than JavaScript. However, Node.js development, as mentioned previously, is very simple. Therefore, you get a chance to create software that is both easy to maintain and sufficiently speedy;
  3. Node.js has strong integration into the V8 engine: this platform used in browsers offers potent optimization. With Node.js, you get an opportunity to use its benefits.


To summarize, Node.js can be a strong option for web app development. Many companies already use the platform for this goal. We believe that you should follow the same approach if you plan something Internet-centric. In case you need any help, address our company, KeenEthics: we are always eager to help.