Even though many of the consoles that are currently on the market are still incredibly popular, avid gaming fans are already looking forward to what 2020 has to offer. Some of the leading gaming companies have announced that they will be releasing new consoles in 2020 while others are developing a wide variety of unique accessories and some enticing games with astonishing gameworlds. 

If you want to play RDR2 or The Other Worlds but your PlayStation 4 storage is full, don’t worry. Instead of deleting a beloved title from your collection, simply get a high-quality external HDD for PS4 and game on. Those same drives can also be purchased for the Xbox One if the internal storage has been pushed to its limit.

With the next generation of consoles on its way, you can expect some major changes in the gaming industry in the near future. Here is a closer look at just a few of the upgrades and updates that might be included in the upcoming consoles and some simple steps that you can take to get ready for that amazing new hardware.

New Features to Look Out For

While Microsoft and Sony are being tight-lipped about their newest consoles, they have released a little bit of information to the general public. One of the biggest changes that is going to occur in 2020 is an upgrade in the maximum resolution of newer titles. While some of the current consoles already support 4K resolution, there could be a major improvement within the next year. Microsoft and Sony have both announced that their hardware will support 8K resolution in 2020. Those who are interested in taking advantage of those graphics should plan on upgrading their monitors and televisions as soon as possible.

Another huge improvement that you might be looking forward to is a unique feature known as ray tracing. While the technology behind ray tracing is still relatively new, it has already made some big splashes in the gaming industry. Ray tracing essentially allows game developers to better manipulate light and shadows in their games. The improved rendering can also be applied to older titles, and that means you could see some of the most iconic games in history revamped and restored in the coming years.

Xbox Scarlett

One of the most anticipated consoles of 2020 is the Xbox Scarlett, and that device is going to build off the massive success of its predecessors. The team over at Microsoft teamed up with the developers at AMD to create a custom CPU for this Xbox, and the company claims that it is going to have quadruple the processing power of the Xbox One. While that might seem like a huge boost for the Xbox, the new processor is going to be absolutely necessary if you plan on enjoying any games or movies that have 8K resolution.

Another important upgrade that is being added to the Xbox Scarlett is a solid-state drive. Over the last few years, solid-state drives have become incredibly popular among PC gamers, and that type of storage system is much faster than traditional HDDs. SSDs also tend to last much longer than HDDs because they don’t have as many moving parts that could potentially fail. Overall, it seems as if the Xbox Scarlett is going to be faster, more durable, and a much better entertainment system.

Playstation 5

Much like the Xbox Scarlett, the Playstation 5 is going to surpass the previous generation of consoles in almost every way. Sony has teamed up with AMD to create a dedicated eight-core CPU that will perfectly handle all of the newest titles that are going to be released in the coming years. The PR team over at Sony has also stated that they have designed a cutting-edge GPU that is based on AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware. According to preliminary tests, it seems as if that new hardware should be able to run 8K games at 60Hz and 4K games at 120Hz.

One of the features that is going to set the Playstation 5 apart from the Xbox Scarlett is the release of widescale VR technology. Playstation owners already have access to VR equipment, but for many people, it felt as if that feature was nothing more than an afterthought. With the Playstation 5, virtual reality technology is going to be added to a variety of games and apps. As an added bonus, the Playstation 5 should include a quicker SSD as well, and that is going to make loading and booting times much faster.

An Evolution in Games

A few of the leading game manufacturers have released some teaser trailers, and it seems as if many of those titles are going to be focusing on open game worlds. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Other Worlds have exploded in popularity, and those immersive digital games are only going to get larger as the consoles become stronger. For those games, you should think about investing in high-end HDDs and SDDs so that you never have to worry about deleting important data in order to make room for new titles.

As a general rule, gamers need to get used to massive titles that are going to take up quite a bit of space. In 2020, many of the most popular game franchises might do away with physical copies entirely, and that means you will need to invest in quite a bit of storage in the coming years. While investing in extra hard drives might seem like a major headache, the digital copies are going to provide you with quite a bit of freedom if you want to play games at a friend’s house or transfer your titles over to a new console.

2020: The Year of the Console

It should come as no surprise to anyone that 2020 is going to be a huge year for the gaming industry, and some of the biggest tech companies are about to release a new generation of consoles that are going to take the world by storm. With upgraded hardware and optimized software, console gamers will be able to enjoy 3D sounds, astounding 8K graphics, and smooth refresh rates on all of their favorite titles.