OTT is an internet-based platform. Naturally, you will require a stable internet connection to enjoy the programs on the respective OTT app. Apart from an internet connection, you will also need a device where you can play the programs. Unlike televisions, where you can only use one device and that too, from only one place, OTT platforms work on a variety of appliances.

1) Computers

You can log in with your credentials on the respective website of the OTT platform to search your favorite programs. Some of the platforms also allow you to download the shows or movies so that you can watch them later offline.

2) Mobile phones

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. These phones may have Android or iOS operating systems installed. They usually support the application of the OTT platforms. These platforms have not only websites but also mobile apps that allow users to watch their favorite programs on the go. 

3) Digital Media Players

Do you wish to have multiple OTT services on your TV? It may sound weird, but you can do it with the help of digital media players. These are third-party devices that can support a bunch of OTT platforms. In fact, many video game consoles are now using this system to support various OTT solutions.

4) Smart TV

Many of the modern-day TVs have pre-installed OTT apps. You don’t have to use digital media players or anything to tune in to your favorite program. All you have to do is connect your TV with your home Wifi, open the OTT app, and start watching the shows you like.

Different OTT solutions

With the advent of so many OTT platforms, you can consider them the best Cable TV Alternatives. Their video-on-demand facility covers a range of web-based content. From audio to VoIP services, they offer a variety of services. Some of them are as follows:

  • Video

There are tons of TV shows that you can watch on OTT platforms. Most OTT platforms upload both classics, and original movies and TV shows that you can enjoy once you buy a subscription.

  • Audio

Apart from videos, many OTT platforms specifically focus on providing high-quality music and online radio. You can listen to thousands of songs, podcasts, and radio from anywhere. 

  • VoIP

Voice Over IP calls also use various OTT platforms that help to socialize with your friends and family. Merely audio and video are not the only two mediums that OTT can use. 

The entire concept of OTT lies in the theory of cutting the cord, meaning that it wants to eliminate or cancel your TV subscriptions. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that, especially when you have such a wide variety of content readily available online. You don’t have to wait for a specific show or have to rush home to catch the episode of your favorite TV program. You can do all these things from your computer or mobile phone. Plus, OTT services are cheaper compared to cable TV. That is another reason people are migrating to OTT platforms.