It might sound unlikely that apps could actually help to boost your income, but it’s true that money-making apps really do exist! They won’t be able to scoop you a fortune, of course, but if you’re looking for a little extra cash for treats or to supplement your monthly wage, these apps could be just what you need. Are you ready to find out which apps are worth downloading and installing to help you bring in the cash? Then read on!

The Money App

This app for both Android and iOS devices is from a market research company which gives you rewards whenever you complete a task. You may be asked to play a game, check a store display, become a mystery shopper, test a service, participate in a trial or offer your opinion and receive rewards which can then be turned into cash through your PayPal account. You get paid very quickly two, within just 2 or 3 days of redeeming your reward, so it’s a speedy way to make a little extra.

BetMGM Sports Betting In NJ

If you think of yourself as a sports fan, you should definitely consider downloading the BetMGM Sports Betting app to your tablet or smartphone. This real cash betting app allows keen punters to place wagers on all their favorite sporting action right there in the palm of their hand. Whether you love football, hockey, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball or MMA, you’re sure to find something to bet on and make a profit with this app.


This money making app allows amateur and professional photographers alike to make a little extra cash by selling images they’ve taken themselves on their phone. All you need to do is take high-quality photographs, upload them to your Foap user account, add some tags and then your images will be rated by the community. Every sale you make will bring you $5. Alternatively, go on a mission, taking images that have been requested by agencies and brands. You’ll be getting paid for doing something you enjoy and have fun too!

Fluid Truck Share

If you have a car, SUV, truck or van that is sitting idle on your driveway, you could make some money out of it thanks to the Fluid Truck Share app. Rent out your vehicle to other drivers by the day, hour or week and you could earn as much as $24,000 a year. That’s some serious pocket money! Not only that, if you have tools like saws, drills or hedge trimmers, you could rent those out too. You can even look for other more unusual items in your home that you’re not using and rent those out to would-be users. Items as unusual as rowing boats, tandem bikes and platform shoes have been seen on this app!


This app pays users for looking at ads on their lock screen. If you see something that interests you, you can swipe left, to see more, you can swipe up and to get rid of the ads you can just swipe right to get back to your home screen. Even if you choose not to engage with the adverts, you make passive income anyway, and there are other things like surveys in the app that help you make more cash on the side. You can get paid by either PayPal or Square Cash, or if you’re generous, you could donate any earnings to a charity.


Do you have a lot of books lying around your home that you’ll never read again? Bookscouter is the app for you. You can sell old and new books by scanning their barcodes and checking the buyback prices offered by book-buyers. Even the shipping is free and you’ll be making money by getting rid of clutter!


The Musely app which is downloadable to both Android and iOS devices is a marketplace and online community app for environmentally friendly home and beauty products. It’s also a social platform which encourages women to share their own lifestyle advice and receive healthy tips in return on a range of subjects from fitness and skincare to parenting. You can also use this app to shop for eco-friendly, up and coming and organic products. So, how can you use this app to earn money? Essentially, you can become an influencer known as a Muse and create a store of your own. This will allow you to earn 20% commission on the sale of any products that you’ve recommended.

Make Money In The Palm Of Your Hand

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways to make a little extra cash from your tablet or smartphone. Whether you want to make some extra money from your hobby, whether you have some time to spare to complete surveys, or whether you’d just like to generate a little passive income, money-making apps are well worth downloading to your device!