With the growing pace of the digital revolution, businesses from around the world are inclining more towards digital platforms and ethical hacking experts. The digital world’s existence has led them to establish a global presence and perform various tasks such as operations, marketing, storage, etc., with much ease.

However, it has also given rise to the threat of security breaches which leaves the digital infrastructure vulnerable to cyber-attacks, fraud, etc. Hence arose the need for experts in ethical hacking, who can think like malicious attackers to build and maintain a solid defence system.

Ethical hackers can be genuinely referred to as defenders of digital and software infrastructure. If you also want to become a white-hat hacker, you can opt for the following hacking courses, which are primarily popular among professionals and students:

Certified Ethical Hacker V11 -CEH-v11 By Koenig Solutions

First on the list is the CEH V11 certification training by Koenig Solutions. The CEH V11 is among the widely recognized ethical hacking certification courses and its course structure is embedded with modules related to cybersecurity aspects across the whole IT infrastructure overreaching physical, cloud, and hybrid environments.

The 5-day course is ideal for students as well as professionals who want to take up ethical hacking as their primary expertise and are looking forward to clearing the prestigious CEH V11 exam.

Learn Ethical Hacking Online By LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn’s ethical hacking course comprises twenty courses, which are ideal for professionals and students of all skill levels. The best thing about the course is that it trains you based on industry requirements, which is the USP of LinkedIn’s professional courses.

The course has training sessions and modules by renowned experts like James Williamson, Lisa Block, Malcolm Shore, and Scott Simpson. They teach topics like Network Scanning, Enumeration, Session Hijacking, Kali Linux, Footprinting, and much more.

Cybersecurity For Managers: A Playbook By MIT Management Executive Education

As the name signifies, it is a simplified ethical hacker certification course by MIT which mainly specializes in cybersecurity. It is not a hidden fact that hacking is generally possible by exploiting glitches in cybersecurity.

Therefore, this course is meant for executives to enable them with the necessary skill sets to keep their working environment and data storage secure from external attacks. Also, you get a verified digital certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management after you complete this course.

Become An Ethical Hacker By LinkedIn Learning

This is an ethical hacking training course and cybersecurity certification, so it begins with an outline of the subject overall. This course’s intriguing thing is that it contacts over plenty of themes under ethical hacking like system hacking, denial of service, network security, etc.

This course will assist you at the beginning with a profession in data security and ethical hacking. Being available on LinkedIn Learning for all intents and purposes makes this preparation accessible for free.

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner To Advanced By Udemy

Created by Ermin Kreponic, this is a more comprehensive ethical hacking course that trains the students with the application-based approach in ethical hacking by introducing several tips and tricks of hacking and penetration testing.

The whole course is divided into twenty-six smaller fragments, and you can get started at any level. The course has recognition from the EC Council, and it imparts you a comparatively vast amount of knowledge compared to other courses on the list.

Also, you get the chance to interact with experts and grow as an ethical hacker under their valuable guidance. To date, around 240000 students have already enrolled in the course.

Hacking And Patching Certification By University Of Colorado (Coursera)

This course is modelled for those interested in network security and fascination with hacking web apps and Wi-Fi passwords, and other credentials. It is well known that network breaches are the most common type of cybersecurity threats.

Hence, this course may open the door to several employment opportunities for you. The course has been created by Edward Chow, a senior Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado. Besides the lectures, modules, and assignments, you also get some hands-on experience with scanning and penetration tools.


The world of computer science is proliferating, and with innovation in technologies, the need for trained professionals keeps the job market open for professionals from the field.

As a matter of fact, the IT field is not short of qualified professionals, but only the best ones make it to organizations’ top roles and responsibilities. Ethical hacking is not only a trendy and high paying software job; it also gives you the satisfaction of doing something to keep the software world safe from malice practices.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few more popular ethical hacking courses like Certified Information Security Manager (Koenig Solutions), Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking (Cybrary), Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners & Experts (Pluralsight), and Cyber Security Course by uc3m (edX).