Memories making is human nature. Previously, the memories were captured in hefty photo albums. With the intervention of tools like slideshows, the concept of photo albums has gone digital too. And accordingly, the online albums are in vogue. These can be stored in compact devices as files and are easy to share and upload.

You must be thinking, ‘How to make a slideshow?’ ‘Will I require joining any course?’ The good news is there is no technical knowledge required for making a slideshow. Thankfully, the job has been reduced to selecting a picture and adding it to the slideshow due to the emergence of tools like a free slideshow maker.

So, next, you would want to know about the best slideshow makers available online. Here is the list of top trending online slideshow makers that can serve your purpose with ease.

1. Filmora 9 Photo Slideshow Maker & Video creator

The makers of this free photo slideshow creator market it as a video creator that can give you a tool to make Hollywood-grade slideshows.

It offers advantages such as:

  • Built-in transitions: Select the clip and apply transitions of your choice. The transitions can be vertical slide, horizontal slide, diagonal slide, and others by making this choice.
  • Sound and music effects: You can integrate audio files of various formats to add sound or music effects that can add a dramatic feel to the slideshow.
  • Many user-friendly options: There are options like Crop-to-Fit, Pan & Zoom that allow you to add the Ken Burns effect smoothly to your creation.

2. SlideLab

SlideLab offers a handy tool for making very engaging slideshows. There are many filters provided in this tool, which can help create unique slideshows with pictures having nothing but the best feel or effect. Some of the interesting advantages of this tool are:

  • Transitions: Let the audience absorb the current photo’s message or savour its features and leave the room for imagination for the next one. This effect becomes possible to achieve with transitions.
  • Music library provided: This app knows that pictures create a marvellous effect when supported by music. Thus, to help select the best-suited music, a library is provided from where the background music can be added in an instant.
  • Easy sharing on Social Media: This slideshow maker also comes with buttons for various social media platforms and has a share option. Thus, the creators can share the work on social media with no fuss or delay by just clicking on some button.

3. Flipagram

Flipagram is not merely a slideshow maker online; it is a video maker too. The tool has impressive features that can contribute to the engagement quotient of your video/slideshow remarkably. Some of the best advantages of this video cum slideshow maker are:

  • Regularly updated music library: In fact, the music library is being updated religiously daily. So, the moment any new song or music piece comes out, it is available for users to add an arresting feel to the slideshow.
  • Filters for music and photos: When you make a slideshow, you want it to have a customised look. This becomes possible to achieve with various filters for the pictures and music. So, you not only apply the filter to photos, but you can also make the music more entertaining with the beatbox or other filters provided.
  • Photo editing features: You can make everybody’s photos look the best, and the videos super engaging with the use of editing and effects. The ease of creating lip-sync videos is provided with an in-app camera that can fit the picture or video aptly on to the music.

What more, you can share your work with other Flipagram community members and improve it with feedback; you can help others, too, with your knowledge.

4. Spark Abode

Spark Abode is a web and mobile application. Its main function is to help create a slideshow. This tool allows you to create compelling stories from the material available to you. Its main features include:

  • Since available to access through a mobile phone, you can create slideshows wherever you want.
  • Free music and photo album support are provided to add creative enhancements to your creation.

It does not come with transitions, which can be a pain point when you do not want the photo slideshow to look put together haphazardly.

5. Movavi Slideshow Maker

It is an online video and slideshow maker tool that users can employ to convert photography passion into a more presentable form. Its main features are:

  • Animated texts and titles with transitions – The slideshow makers find the bonus feature of adding animated texts and titles apart from transitions.
  • Template support – You can select the slideshow template that is closest to your vision of presenting the videos or pictures.
  • Filters, overlay effects, and background music – You can fiddle with your slideshow as many ways as you want and get the outcome that stands apart in engagement and entertainment.

The slideshows or videos created using this tool can be exported in popular file formats such as .mp4, .avi, and others.

6. Proshow Gold

Don’t you want to use the most interesting or long-forgotten pictures to create slideshows that can stir up many memories? The idea sounds exciting but may turn out to be cumbersome when the material is to be picked from various sources. It is where Proshow Gold steps in and proves its worth.

  • It allows selecting and uploading photos from all social media platforms and applications like Picasa, apart from the device’s library.
  • Allows integration of themes that can make the slideshow more relatable
  • The tool moulds automatically when you register as a beginner or an experienced slideshow maker to make you comfortable.

So, next time when slideshow making ideas crosses your mind, take the help of a reliable video maker. With sound, music, or filters, your work can become engaging and relatable and can have a high entertainment quotient too. You may get the best support possible to create slideshows that can become no less than History.