People usually say that the most difficult part of any task is to start it. If we are talking about essay writing, the situation differs. The most difficult task in this instance is to choose the appropriate topic. It has to be interesting and eye-catching. Moreover, your topic has to grab the attention of any reader to make them interested in your paper. Don’t forget that you should not choose the topic, which covers too many possible problems. You will never manage to consider them and provide the appropriate analysis. It has to be specific, concrete and original as well.

So, what should you do? How to match these criteria and find the best alternative? In most cases, students just refer to online research paper writing services like You can hire professional academic writers to forget about this problem forever. However, there are still a lot of students who are ready to spend dozens of hours to write a research paper. They don’t want to transfer this problem to real professionals. If you are one of them, you should consider our list of most popular topics for research papers and term papers right now.

Research Topics on Jurisprudence

  • What is the difference between a common law system and civil law system?
  • The main institutions and bodies of the European union
  • Features and types of company formations in the US
  • Is it possible to protect your copyright outside the United States?
  • The most important features of tax systems in the US, UK, and Sweden.
  • The generations of human rights.
  • What is the difference between US immigration law and the same laws of other countries?
  •  Significant features of land law in China.
  • 5 main legal consequences of Brexit in the United Kingdom.
  • The main principles of law in different countries.

Research Topics on Politics

  • What are the main pros and cons of marijuana legalization?
  • Should we legalize euthanasia?
  • Should we prohibit the death penalty?
  • Is it possible to combine communism with capitalism?
  • The main benefits of liberal principles.
  • Should we decrease the drinking age?
  • Is socialism real? What are the main principles of socialism?
  • What did Trump do to decrease the number of unemployed people in the US?
  • What is the main goal of feminists?
  • Do we need feminists in the 21st century?

Research Topics on Psychology           

  • Why should you deal with mental problems?
  • How to understand that you need the help of professional psychologists?
  • Is it possible to stop mass shootings in our country?
  • Cyberbullying on the Internet: how to prevent and stop?
  • How to stay focused and increase your productivity?
  • Top 10 best ways to improve yourself.
  • How to recognize and prevent depression?
  • What should we do to stop child violence?
  • How to avoid destructive factors during your work?
  • The most popular mental problems in the US.

Research Topics on Science and Technologies

  • What does the Internet of Things mean?
  • How can we use the Internet of Things in our day-to-day lives?
  • What will be the next generation of smartphones?
  • Is it possible to use cryptocurrency every day?
  • Is it dangerous to produce self-driving cars?
  • Can cryptocurrencies protect your private information?
  • IoT and e-commerce: how to use it right now?
  • How to use mobile applications to make your life better?
  • Can alternative sources of energy replace traditional resources?
  • What is the future of the Internet?

Research Topics on Business

  • How to increase the effectiveness of your business?
  • How to use Facebook and Instagram to launch your own shop?
  • Is it possible to start your own business without any money at all?
  • How to create a successful start-up.
  • What is the impact of climate change on international companies?
  • 5 ways to find money to create your business?
  • Why should you use Amazon to make your own shop?
  • How to overcome competitors and increase your income?
  • 5 reasons to develop your family business.
  • How to find the best lawyer for your business?

Research Topics on Religion

  • Religion and millennials.
  • What is the perspective of religions in the 21st century?
  • The history of religions: from the very beginning till nowadays.
  • Women and religion.
  • Main features of the most popular religions.
  • What is the impact of Christianity?
  • Religion and sex.
  • Is it possible to combine religion and modern technologies in 2020?
  • What is the main purpose of religions in the 21st century?
  • Why is it important to save the main principles of Christianity?

Research Topics on Education

  • How to improve your soft skills at school?
  • How will modern technologies change our studying?
  • Simple ways to make your social networking skills better.
  • Why should you use new technologies during studying?
  • The most useful online services for studying.
  • How to stop bullying?
  • Sex education at schools.
  • 3 ways to remember long and difficult texts faster.
  • What should we do with metal detectors at schools?
  • Is it possible to make education cheaper?

Now, we are sure that you will choose the appropriate research paper topic without any problems. Just consider each alternative, choose the best one and start writing!