The IPod touch 7th generation has been out for a while now, although the recent release of IOS 13 and the all new Apple Arcade, a subscription service which gives you access to hundreds of fun filled arcade games for just 5 dollars a month! The addition of this service has certainly given the newest IPod a new purpose, making it the ultimate mobile arcade gaming machine.

The biggest lure of the IPod touch is it’s unbelievably cheap price, only $199. This is the most price efficient way to get a new apple device that supports the latest IOS version. 

Featuring the A10 Fusion System chip, a 1.63GHz processor  and 2 gigabytes of RAM, it’s specifications are more than enough to run any game on the market. 

Besides it’s price and specification, it’s portability is also a great aspect for the device. Being the smallest apple device which supports all the features on IOS. 

When it comes to portable gaming, the IPod does the job perfectly, and being the cheapest way to do it, it’s a no-brainer, Any Apple device lover with a low budget and a liking for mobile arcade games would want to try it out.  

Although, Apple arcade isn’t the only way gamers can enjoy arcade games on the new IPod, There are countless sources where one can find countless types of arcade games, like for example interactive slots games

Besides being the cheapest way to get IOS 13 and the most portable Apple Gaming device out there, it does have a small downside to it. Featuring a 4 inch screen to support its portability, it’s more than enough for most games, but some require a larger display for more comfort when playing. It also has no means of a cellular connection whatsoever, so to go online, you need a wifi connection. 

Another good thing about the IPod, is the 3.5mm headphone jack, a trait which caused massive propaganda when removed from the traditional IPhone a few years back.

The transformation of the IPod was an interesting one, starting off as a simple music player and upgrading into the ultimate portable Apple Arcade gaming machine. According to professional reviewers, “Overall, it’s a highly impressive device, with great specifications in a cheap, tiny package, you can never go wrong. It feels like great value for money, especially if you compare it to the cost of an IPhone”.