There is no arguing that the number of online casinos that accept players from multiple jurisdictions grows daily. Not all sites are worth it, and some are better than others, but clients can usually have an amazing experience.

Speaking about how some casinos are very different, playing online at the so called no verification casinos helps you maintain anonymity, which many people appreciate. Even though these sites may not look legit on paper, in reality, they offer tons of perks that many gamblers are not aware of or don’t appreciate, at least at first.

There are many benefits of using casinos that don’t require any verification, and in this article, we’ll take a look at them. Keep in mind that most online casinos will require verification, which means users must send a copy of their ID Cards/Passports, and the casino has to check them to use every feature it offers.

The fact that you can be anonymous

As mentioned earlier, the first big advantage of using online casinos that do not require any verification is that you can stay anonymous while gambling. Some people don’t see this as an advantage or don’t care whether they’re anonymous. However, others are very happy this option exists because it gives them the freedom to enjoy what they like without worrying whether someone will find out.

While discussing being anonymous in an online casino, the biggest names in the business that do not require clients to complete this process also provide special kinds of payment solutions. Since using credit cards may jeopardize users’ anonymity, these casinos usually only focus on cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and all of the other popular alternatives let gamblers make large deposits that are also safe and fairly fast. Moreover, they do not require them to use their real name or address anywhere, so they are free to make transactions that are hard to track.

You don’t need to wait to use some features

The fact that most online casinos will require their users to go through the KYC process is not a surprise. Clients who fail to do that won’t be able to use some of the site’s features, including withdrawal options. Needless to say, gamblers don’t want to play casino games if they won’t be able to pull out their winnings, so everyone goes through this procedure sooner or later.

Luckily, the things mentioned above are not an issue regarding the casinos that do not require you to verify your identity. As soon as you open a new account, you can start playing casino games and using all of this brand’s features. Furthermore, you can make withdrawals without having to wait for someone to review your documents.

In some cases, these kinds of casinos have multiple licenses

Contrary to popular belief, online casinos that do not require people to verify their accounts have licenses. The latter regulates these betting sites and makes sure they provide people with safe and fair products.

What’s interesting is that some top-tier casinos that do not require clients to verify their accounts also have multiple licenses. Usually, one of them is from a popular commission, such as the one in Curacao, whereas the other one is from a specific country. Since gambling laws are different in many parts of the world, casinos often need to get a specific permission to offer their services in some parts of the globe.

If you decide to use a casino that does not have a verification process and want to make sure the licenses are valid, check the sites’ T&Cs. Once you find some info about the permit, open the regulator’s site and check whether the license is active. The bad news is that some companies may operate with an expired permit.