iPhones have been here since 2007 and have only gained massive popularity in the last 13 years. They are the most trusted and loved phones for millions of users, and the feeling of using an iPhone is just incomparable.

The best thing about having a phone is the apps in it. Both the inbuilt apps and the numerous apps one gets to download from the App Store make the experience of using an iPhone incredibly better.

With 64GB of expandable internal memory, the latest model, the iPhone 12 Pro makes it only more comfortable to store and enjoy apps on your phone. Since you won’t be encountering strange issues such as when your mac cursor disappears, the iPhone user experience is generally ultra-smooth.

It is 2020; it is the year of massive transformations for everyone. So, let us check out a few entertaining, useful and informative apps that you could download immediately and start using.

Monument Valley

This exciting game by Ustwo studio is a puzzle game in which you manipulate the world around a princess named Ida. You lead her through optical illusions and mazes to reach different platforms. In Monument Valley 2, you will be guiding a mother and her child through such mazes.

The ASL App

The ASL app will teach you the basics of American Sign Language free of cost. If you do want to get more proficient at ASL, you can purchase different packs that cost 99 cents. It was developed by those skilled at both English and ASL and made use of more than 1000 videos to help you converse better in ASL.

Star Walk

As is evident from the name, this exciting app will help you stargaze and explore numerous celestial bodies while also learning. The app provides you with real-time tracking of stars and planets and even amazing space pictures that were taken that day.

Google Cardboard

This app provides you with a Virtual Reality experience by connecting to your suitable VR headsets called viewers. The viewers and the app intended to make VR experiences more affordable and more straightforward for a more significant number of people. It lets you play several incredible games, including Flats, Hardcode, Trinus, etc.

IKEA Place

This excellent app shows you how a particular piece of furniture will look in your space. The developers make use of the latest AR technology and create true-to-scale models, so you’ll know precisely how a chair or a table will look in your home before you purchase it. Pretty ingenious, right?

Lego AR Studio

This app makes use of Augmented Reality and lets you have fun with digital Legos on a real-life location next to you. This app will be extremely beneficial to those who do not enjoy the clean up that accompanies playing with Legos.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This game also makes use of Augmented Reality to fashion out impossible scenarios in your surroundings. It is based on the Harry Potter series, and players get to fight mythical creatures as they walk through the real world.

The players can also stop at inns and greenhouse to replenish their energy and ingredients. This is a fun game for those who enjoy a stroll through their neighbourhood while they look out for magical creatures.


This exceptionally creative app lets you leave messages in the real world. Anyone or just your friends can see it. You take a picture of something near you, such as a wall, and scribble or draw on it. Once you are done, the message will be up and available for anyone passing by. You could make the message private, so only your intended recipients will see it.


Acorns app helps you invest your extra bit of money. If you have no experience when it comes to investing, Acorns will help you. It’s a great starter app for those stepping into the world of investment, and once you gain familiarity and experience, you can earn a fair amount of money.

Alto’s Odyssey

This mesmerizing game developed by Team Alto is an endless running game with fantastic music and gorgeous visuals. You play as a snowboarder named Alto, or one of the other characters, rushing up and down snowy slopes, jumping off of broken bridges and improving your techniques.

This is the sequel to the first game named “Alto’s Adventure” which will also captivate you with the stunning graphics and audio.

HQ Trivia

This fun game from Intermedia Labs allows the user to play several live trivia games and win money. The app shut down at the beginning of 2020 but has since been revived.

Winding Up

New apps are released into the world daily, and 2020 is not an exception. Several of these games have been around for a while. But they will be a fun addition to your phone this year. They can teach you, entertain you and even earn you some money.