Some of us love gambling for the sheer thrill of taking a chance. Others believe that a night out at a casino is as much a social occasion as it is an opportunity to relax and win money. For the second group, social casinos have become a lifeline since the beginning of the 2020 lockdown. Everyone who enjoys gambling but would much rather play with friends than strangers online should definitely give social casino games a try.

What Is a Social Casino?

Online gambling is constantly developing, and players can not only play with live dealers now (which is a lot of fun too) but also share a game with their real-life friend group. A social casino is not unlike a poker night with your friends, except online. The difference from other types of online casinos is evident: you are not playing against the Random Number Generator or strangers but people you know and chose to play with. This interactivity element makes all the difference in the world – social casinos may well be the most engaging form of online gambling.

However, keep in mind that technically, social casinos are not ‘real’ gambling, meaning you do not get to bet and win money. They are an imitation of actual online casino games and, for most people, serve the purpose just fine. Still, if you think that the thrill of iGaming comes from the chance of winning, social casinos may not be for you.

The Perks of Social Casinos
  1. Social casinos are not considered gambling, which is why you can usually play at a social casino, even in a country where actual gambling is prohibited.
  2. Social casinos are immensely fun because you get to share the experience with people you know well.
  3. Social casinos are a great bonding activity if your family and friends are into gambling as well.
  4. When playing at a social casino, you are not at risk of losing your salary’s worth on bets.
  5. Social casinos are a great gateway to actual gambling. You can taste the waters before diving into the world of online or live dealer casinos and placing bets.
  6. Social casinos are one of the newer trends in the iGaming market, which is why they are among the most rapidly developing forms of online gambling.
  7. Social casinos are the salvation from isolation, hence their increased popularity during the 2020 lockdown.
They are often tied to social media.

Social media have been one of the biggest components of the World Wide Web for a while. Since social casinos emerged on social networking sites, they benefited from the popularity of the like-share-follow universe as well. When playing at a social casino, you can often share your progress in the form of infographics on your social media page. This is a great way to engage your online friends and get a company.

They offer a solution to the biggest problem of online gambling.

Most online gambling lovers admit that the lack of human interactions is the most frustrating part of iGaming compared to land-based casinos. Sure, some people enjoy placing bets for the sake of placing bets. However, for most, a visit to a casino is also an opportunity to communicate with others and connect over the shared love for gambling. Social casinos solve this and allow gamblers to play online without sacrificing human interactions.

Social casinos have been incredibly relevant during the lockdown.

This is the most important reason why social casinos suddenly grew in popularity in 2020. Because of the pandemic, sociable players across the globe lost the opportunity to visit land-based casinos for a fun night of gambling and communication. Sure, many of them switched to online casinos, but that got them only one of the two major parts of gambling (placing bets but no social interactions). So, those players who value the latter more got into social casinos instead. It is safe to say that as long as the lockdown continues, social casinos will keep rising in popularity.