If your remote business still uses a traditional fax machine for communication, you might want to upgrade it and consider an online fax service instead. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

For that reason, even if your traditional fax machines still function well, embracing new technological innovations like online fax can offer your business various benefits. With online faxing, it’s easy to learn how to send fax online. It’s also a convenient way of sending and receiving faxes through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you doubt how online fax can benefit your remote business, below are some of the reasons why you should consider it over the traditional fax machines:

  • Helps You Organize Your Faxes

If you receive countless taxes during the daytime, you can benefit from having an online fax number. As a matter of fact, other than getting rid of the need to store hard copy forms in a file, you may get your online fax number to help you with your business.

For example, you can store them in the cloud rather than keeping the faxes that you receive in your desk drawer. It means you can easily retrieve any document you need anytime without spending more time browsing your pile of faxes. This may also boost productivity in your workplace.

  • More Affordable

It can be costly for any remote business with a limited budget to maintain a traditional fax machine as you need to spend more on ink cartridges and papers. With online fax, you don’t have to worry about such expenses.

You don’t even need to think of the repair, maintenance, long-distance charges, or local phone line services. The reason behind it is that most online fax services allow you to pay only for what features you use. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary expenses, allowing you to enjoy more savings in the long run.

  • Enables You To Get Rid Of Paper Copies

Sending faxes from your business address to another location isn’t always a simple process. This is true for some who might require hard copies of documents to transmit by physical fax machines. In addition, if your desk is located from your fax machine, it might take a few minutes to get the document.

By using online fax, you can quickly access the documents sent through fax without the need to move from your desk. In short, online fax will help you get rid of paper copies, keeping things more convenient for you and your personnel.

  • Scalability

In comparison to traditional fax machines, online fax offers a scalable solution for remote businesses. Whether or not you’re planning to expand, you have to open several fax lines, send more faxes, and add different users-all of which can be challenging if you’re using a traditional fax machine.

With online fax services, faxing is made easy. You don’t even need to add more hardware systems just to keep up with your growing and changing faxing needs. The only thing you should do is to choose a plan perfect for your business requirements. In fact, some providers offer a pay-per-use pricing model that requires you to pay only for what features you’ve used.

  • Accessibility

Another reason why your remote business should switch to online fax instead of sticking with fax machines is accessibility. As more people prefer things that can be used on the go, online fax is believed to be beneficial.

Online faxing can help you send or receive faxes from anywhere. You only need a mobile device with an Internet connection. You can also use a mobile application to receive or send faxes with your digital signature, depending on your chosen provider.

  • Allows You To Go Green

If you want to go paperless or go green, it’s a feat that you can achieve with online faxing. Since all faxes are stored online, you don’t need to print more hard copies unless necessary. It won’t only help you save more physical storage space, but you’ll also lessen the number of files and paperwork. Plus, it enables your remote business to reduce its carbon footprint, which can positively impact your public reputation and establish your company as an eco-friendly establishment.

  • Enhances Your Company’s Security

In today’s business world, the competition is high and your competitors may do anything to outmaneuver you. So, the last thing you’d want is to prevent your confidential documents from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. If you’re still using a fax machine, there’s a high chance that your company may fall victim to this concern.

To avoid that and keep your mind at ease, consider investing in online faxing instead of traditional fax machines. It’s an excellent solution for any remote business since only the recipient and sender can access the faxes online. It’s because most online fax services use encryptions for all transactions.

Once you start using online faxing, you can’t send fax documents after entering the wrong fax number. Also, the faxes are stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed by authorized individuals only.


Those are just some of the many reasons why remote businesses should opt for an online fax service instead of traditional fax machines. The good thing about online faxing is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any hardware installation. All you need is to find a reliable provider and choose the best plan suited for your unique faxing needs.