Mobile gameplay has taken the world by storm over the past decade. The world of online slots and online gambling has grown hugely and at the end of 2020 the industry is on target to hit a worth of USD80bn with the remote industry seeing a 300% increase since the change in legislation in 2014.

With the introduction of new technology over the past thirty years and the progressive growth of it all playing online slots without visiting a casino is almost the norm these days and you can not only play slots that can now be accessed via an online casino but table games as well in the traditional land based casinos can also be experienced this way.

There are a lot of facts, figures and stats out there about online slots. We have picked some that will most certainly blow your mind.

Time on Device

This is the number one metric. Online slots developers and casinos too have developed games so that the player has to stick to the game for a specific amount of time. This can be sometimes known as The Magnetic Effect. It ensures that casinos, whether online or traditional land based, can earn more money and therefore increase their profits, as players will stay on line for longer. Be warned though, as a player the online slot developers won’t make you aware of this, as they do not want the players to know of their motive.

Slot Machines with Opaque Odds

All online slots have a house edge, the term used to describe the mathematical advantage that the game and therefore the online casino has over the player as they play. The advantage results in an assured percentage return to the venue over time and for the player an assured percentage loss of what they bet. Players cannot calculate the odds of winning due to the RNG (Random Number Generator) in the slot machine.

Online Slots Generate Maximum Revenue

Can you believe that the average slot machine whether in a traditional land based casino or an online casino makes up for 85% of the revenue generated by the casino company. Slot machines, whether online or land based are no longer just a casual distraction.

Attractive and Huge Jackpots

With a progressive slot machine the jackpot will keep growing and growing until such time as it pays out. There is no logic to when the machine will pay out so it is near on impossible to try and anticipate this but the general rule of thumb is that the higher it gets the more likely it is that it will pay out. There is no ceiling to a progressive jackpot and therefore the majority of wins change lives.

Modern Slots differs from Original Games

Indeed they do. The original slot machines were basic and paid out in sweets and drinks. Today an online slot machine can pay out a vast sum of money if it is a progressive jackpot and doesn’t just do so on matching a few pieces of fruit. The slot machines of today have more mechanical parts than the slot machines of old, they have Random Number Generators as part of their make up and offer different themes and challenges.

Legal Slot Machines in Forty One States

Online and traditional land based slots are only legal across certain parts of the world. Where they are illegal, the games are available under different descriptions such as ‘amusement devices’ and ‘sweepstake games’. The original slot machines paid out in sweets and soft drinks because it wasn’t yet legal. With online slots sometimes it is easier to get around the legalities.

Slot Machines are More Popular in Japan

They aren’t, however, they do have over five million slot machines. The global share of online slot machines, however, as well as other casino games is rising dramatically throughout the world. Europe holds a large share and is attributed to the legalization of betting in various European countries. The UK was one of the first to legalise slot machines and other betting machines. Asia Pacific has also seen a huge growth; perhaps this is where the above fact comes from, China being the main market. And about 34% of the overall spend and activity takes place in Australia where the main activity takes place on a smartphone.

Its Probability not ‘Hot or Cold’ Machine

Yes unfortunately if a game keeps paying out it is can sometimes be seen as a ‘hot’ machine and if the game doesn’t pay out then it’s seen as a ‘cold’ machine. Alas, it’s not that easy and in fact it is all down to probability, random number generators and luck.

Slot Machine Players Get Hooked Very Fast

Who doesn’t love a slot machine? According to various studies, players get hooked on slot machines quicker than any other casino game. In fact research claims three to four times more than any other type of casino player. It’s not hard to see how though. They are easy to play, whether online or at a traditional land based casino, and offer a thrill with great graphics, soundtracks and flashing lights.

We’ve stopped at nine top facts and didn’t go on to ten but thought these nine were by far the ones that would blow your mind! The world of online slots is a mysterious one and has evolved since the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was borne all those years ago. From the basic three reel fruit machines to the excitement of a progressive slot machine, the thrills and challenges are a plenty. Today the graphics, the soundtrack and the animation entice players sometimes more than a win.