The world is dealing with a deadly coronavirus epdidemic. And due to the epidemic, governments all over the world have enforced lockdowns and stay at home orders, to ensure that the virus does not spread. During such times, most people are now working from home and getting entertained using online gaming and video streaming.

In times like these, experts suggest that online gaming and leisure activities need to go hand-in-hand with work, so that there is less mental stress due to lockdown. We now carry smartphones on us pretty much all the time, with many tech-savvy individuals also have a tablet or laptop. These devices are useful in many lucrative and serious activities, but they are also ideal for having fun with online casino games.

Perfectly suited for the tiny displays of handheld devices, these games can be played for real money or for free and all it takes is an Internet connection. In fact, some games can be played in single player mode while being offline.

Where can you find casual casino games?

There are so many Online Casinos providing their members with free access to the finest slots, table games and video pokers that the search ends immediately after it starts. Most of them require players to sign up for an account, while others enable visitors to try the games without joining. Since the registration process doesn’t take more than a few minutes, it is definitely worth spending the time to sign up for an account and enjoy all the resulting benefits.

Such casual online games can be played straight in the browser, so people who use the devices for work don’t have to download third-party software. An Internet connection is needed to play multiplayer games, especially those that involve real money. The good news is that the software provided by top casinos is stable, runs smoothly even on less powerful devices and requires minimal resources. A decent connection will suffice for players to enjoy the thrills of casino games while commuting to work and back home.

In the absence of an Internet connection players can try the games in demo format at many of the online casinos offering them. Through a dedicated app, they can access all the casual games except for those played against real dealers. These are streamed in real-time from glamorous studios and real casinos, using the latest WebCam technology to re-create the thrills of traditional gaming. Except for these versions of roulette, blackjack and baccarat all the other games can be played in offline mode.

Is it worth downloading casino apps?

Players have a real choice when it comes to download the dedicated casino applications on their tablets and smartphones. They have the option of instant-play gaming, so there’s no pressure on them to install an app on their handheld devices. The advantage of downloading the app is that you gain immediate access to the entire bundle of services offered by the casino. Registering an account is needed to access these features, but once players sign up they can use the apps as fast gateways to the online environment.

Casual casino games such as slots and video pokers are played in single player, but there are many other options for those who seek social interactions. Bingo, keno and many table games can be played against real people and the live chat feature enables facilitates and encourages conversations.