Instagram is one of the top social media networks along with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It has around 1 billion users and is a home to celebrities, brands, educators, influencers, artists, writers, journalists, just about every kind of person you can think of. Any individual or organization/company wanting to create an online presence to find an audience or to promote themselves simply cannot ignore this platform.

These social media platforms employ complex algorithms to drive audiences to relevant pages and accounts. Since there are millions of accounts and thousands of new ones being created, new accounts will require hours and hours of hard work and can take forever to find a strong following. This is where software solutions like Combin Growth come into place.

Growth is a desktop application by Combin that helps you “Target, Engage and Grow Your Instagram Followers.” The company Combin provides Instagram marketing and content planning solutions, and offers another tool called Scheduler and a service called InstaCheck which is an account audit. Scheduler is a software to schedule Instagram posts and stories, and it has built-in integration with Combin Growth.

As an individual who has struggled with promotion of social media accounts, and who hates doing the task of finding followers manually (which can be laborious), discovering this software solution was a huge sigh of relief.

Growing a page’s following is certainly the most important part for any individual or organization who are new to the platform. It could be a new artist account, a new brand, or a product. It is the most difficult part too. Now, anyone with a little bit of experience with Instagram can tell that there are specific ways or tricks one can use to gain attention of other users.

The tricks include finding people with similar interests as your Instagram page, and interacting with them. This could be leaving a like or a comment on their post, or checking their stories, etc. But it can be draining to perform these tasks on one profile at a time. Combin Growth simplifies this, making batch liking, commenting, and story viewing possible. Being able to select multiple profiles or posts and clicking the like button once and letting the software do the rest is a luxury that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Though it can take some time for the app to complete the given task based on the number of profiles or posts.

Targeting works in tandem with this, as finding the right audience is crucial if you want meaningful audience engagement in the future. The ability to create custom searches and have control over filters such as location, gender, number of likes, number of followers, etc, can be so powerful. It is almost like setting up your targeted audience when publishing an online advertisement. The fine control over the search makes finding the right audience a breeze. Though, again, my only gripe with this is that it can take some time to load the profiles or posts during an active search.

Once you gain a following, maintaining it is the next big task. Combin Growth’s detailed statistics, and insights into follower quality are incredibly useful. Finding out who is interacting more and who is not, can be very advantageous. Both the quality and the quantity of available information of user activity and page stats can be a lifesaver, and can be used to improve the page and steer it into the right direction.

The ability to maintain multiple accounts through one place makes life so much easier. As someone who has multiple accounts for different purposes, accessing them was a nightmare with the regular Instagram app. It no longer feels like an annoying and tedious job to work with multiple accounts. This has made the overall promotional and marketing work a lot more manageable.

Overall, the software is great. It works, because it is based on the tried and tested methods of social media marketing. It gives the users a lot more control over how things work and empowers them with helpful stats. The UI is very clean and minimal, which makes it pleasant to work with. The subscription is fairly priced, and the free ‘starter’ option is excellent for people like me who dislike investing their money before they personally try the product out.