YouTube continues to be one of the most popular websites on the internet. It is not a surprise to see such growth. More people are getting connected to the internet worldwide, and more content creators are joining the platform.

Since so many people are watching videos daily, it means that you can take your time and slowly build yourself a steady source of income. There are already plenty of individuals on YouTube doing just that. If you have thought about this but have no idea where to start, this article is for you.

Print On Demand

When you have a decent number of subscribers and establish your brand, selling t-shirts certainly becomes one of the most prominent ideas.

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The purpose of having a YouTube channel is pretty clear – building an audience which can turn into clients. Once you see that the number is good enough to profit from, dropshipping could be a perfect opportunity.

Setting up a dropshipping website is extremely simple, especially thanks to extensions like Oberlo for Shopify

As for the product to sell, you will need to choose something that is related to your channel and is acceptable to your audience. But given how many different things there are to sell, it should not be a problem to find something worthwhile. 

Tutorial Videos

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One of the most popular forms of videos on YouTube is tutorials. You have a lot of individuals out there who are eager to learn new skills but cannot force themselves to read books. On the other hand, watching something in a video format is much better, as you will see everything explained step by step and see how it is done at the same time.

Gaming Channel

Gaming has become one of the most popular pastime activities ever since the first video games were introduced. However, these days a lot of people like to watch others play games instead of doing that themselves. A good indicator of that is the presence of e-sports.

The most popular gaming channels on the likes of Twitch TV and YouTube have millions of followers. Not making money from these numbers is simply impossible.

Video Editing

If you do not have a creative side, then it does not mean that the doors of YouTube are shut for you. There will be plenty of opportunities if you can master the art of video editing.

Even channels with an average number of subscribers tend to have dedicated editors. After all, it is always better to leave such matters in the hands of a professional because they know what a good video needs.

AdSense and YouTube Partner

The oldest method of making money on YouTube is running ads and becoming their partner. However, before you can expect to make money from this, you will need to get a decent number of people who watch your videos and are subscribed to your channel.

Since ad revenue depends on the demographics and sheer numbers, you will have to make sure that the majority of your audience is from the first-world countries, like US, Canada, Australia, and West Europe.

Product Review and Affiliate Marketing

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Growing a channel to a point where you can consider yourself to be an influencer means that you do not need to worry too much about your own content and focus on promoting other people’s products by reviewing them.

Join an affiliate program or make a deal with a company. Decide how much you are charging for X number of views for each video, or get an affiliate link and see money coming your way from conversions.

Makeup Artist

Another niche that is becoming really popular is showcasing makeup skills. You have probably seen such videos shared on social media platforms, but YouTube is no exception. 


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This particular idea is very similar to running a podcast. But instead of just having audio, your listeners will also have a chance to look at the person you are interviewing.

It does not necessarily have to be someone famous. There is a hefty number of channels on YouTube where the person behind the camera is interviewing strangers on streets, asking their opinions on certain events, and so on. As long as you have interesting questions and responses, people will be looking forward to your videos.

So in summary, YouTube is the perfect place for anyone who has some creativity and is willing to invest their time and other resources. The website continues to grow and expand, and such improvements can only mean good things for those who are looking to make money on it.