On most years, National Leave the Office Early Day takes place on June 2nd, but since this year the date happened to fall on a weekend, it moved to the closest working day, giving us a few extra hours to come up with ideas for celebrating it. In order to help you do just that, here are 3 recommendations for using your spare time in the best way possible.

Hit the beach

It’s no coincidence that National Leave the Office Early Day happens during summer, because that’s when we look outside, see the many possibilities of fun in the sun, and wonder what in the world we’re doing at work?! One of the easiest ways for maximizing your spare time on this day is to enjoy a happy tan session at the nearest beach. It’s free, easy to do, and it will give you a much needed R&R. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, otherwise the day after National Leave the Office Early Day might become national sunburn day. Oouch!

Play to win

Not in the mood to go outside but still looking for fun activities near your beloved air conditioner? Download a fun casino app and become a slots master in no time! Play fun casino slot machine games such as 88 Fortunes, win awesome rewards, and do it all in a tap! The great thing about choosing this fun activity is that you can do it anywhere (yea, even at the beach) and in your spare time on a busy work day as well.

Do nothing

When was the last time you had a chance to do absolutely nothing? Well, this is it, my friend. Use National Leave the Office Early Day to stare at the walls and think happy and deep thoughts, binge-watch your favorite show, take a nap, or do none of the above!

We know that many of our readers will not have the opportunity to take a few hours off work to celebrate National Leave the Office Early Day, but we can still dream, can’t we? The above suggestions will work any day of the year, so keep this article bookmarked and take our advice someday, even if not necessarily today. If you can’t leave work early, we hope that you at least didn’t stay at the office too late!