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Hello everyone. We are at perhaps the most amazingly stunning place in India — GOA — for one of India’s biggest startup conferences this year — Startup India Rocks. We will be running multiple live blogs on The Tech Portal, this one being the Keynote one. Stay tuned for all the live updates.

17:29 by Vishal Srivastava

That was all from the Digital India Summit, 2016, New Delhi. Stay tuned at The Tech Portal for the latest coverage of Indian startups and tech stories. !!

17:28 by Vishal Srivastava

“Close cooperation with private sector is crucial to strengthen the program of Digital India and making it a success”- Rathore

17:27 by Vishal Srivastava

“Today’s rural population has a tele density of 50% and all of them are using the internet, even though if through 2G. Strength of rural India lies in providing them access to the internet and other digital services. “- Rathore

17:24 by Vishal Srivastava

“IT sector has been training 5.5 lacs student in the Telecom training facility. In all schools, cloud-based education system will enable education on demand any time anywhere, “- Rathore

17:23 by Vishal Srivastava

“Farmers generally face the problem of marketing their products. We have connected them to mandis in neighbouring areas where they can know the prices through technology. In future, they can even carry out the operations using tech.” – Rathore

17:21 by Vishal Srivastava

“Health, banking, education- all can be made easier by adopting digital technology”- Rathore

17:20 by Vishal Srivastava

“95% of gram panchayats in our constituency have broadband connectivity”- Rathore

17:19 by Vishal Srivastava

“Bringing digital literacy to grassroots level and expansion of digital services to every corner will in essence drive the Digital India dream forward.”- Rathore

17:17 by Vishal Srivastava

“MyGov portal has 18 lacs subscribers today having daily discussions and suggestions about improving India”- Rathore

17:15 by Vishal Srivastava

That was all from this session. Now we have MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore speaking on the Digital India and roll of skill development in it.

17:12 by Vishal Srivastava

Few states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have taken initiatives and emerged as the mobile phone manufacturing hub. Other states too need to follow their suit.

17:10 by Vishal Srivastava

“We are not clear about the policy directives or a proper strategy to encourage manufacturing which deter manufacturing activity which requires a high initial investment.”

17:08 by Vishal Srivastava

The government has introduced an Electronics Development Fund which is a fund of funds for supporting companies manufacturing electronic products.

17:07 by Vishal Srivastava

“We don’t encourage failure- the single biggest reason for the lack of innovation in our country”, a very valid point comes up in the discussion

17:04 by Vishal Srivastava

Energy infrastructure is not able to meet the demands of manufacturing industry at present- challenges to the Indian electronics manufacturing.

17:03 by Vishal Srivastava

“Huge domestic demand is there in India itself and we need to go for that before going for exports. So we need to push industries and encourage people to take up manufacturing to boost the manufacturing scenario.”

17:01 by Vishal Srivastava

“Introducing incentives for buying material from within the country is a solution to the problem of lack of manufacturing ecosystem.”- Discussion on Making India an Electronics manufacturing hub.

16:59 by Vishal Srivastava

“We do not have a good marketing strategy in place for attracting investments for electronics manufacturing and we also need to focus on that in addition to building infrastructure for manufacturing”

15:45 by Vishal Srivastava

Well, this was easily the best session of the day with eminent personalities debating and discussing about the challenges of building digital entrepreneurs. Coming up next is a session titled: Making India An Electronics Manufacturing Hub.

15:43 by Vishal Srivastava

Government needs to play its part in building the future digital entrepreneurs of the country.

15:37 by Vishal Srivastava

“The government should be selective and cautious in its approach to participate in the new industries and partnering with private companies”- Saurabh

15:35 by Vishal Srivastava

In India,in the last 15 years, there has been only 40% return on the investments, showing that we are yet to learn and grow.- Mahesh Murthy

15:31 by Vishal Srivastava

There are thousands of companies being created in the country but how many folks spend time to actually build and scale a company with proper building blocks. It is important to scale companies in India where at present, it is just limited to the explosion of new companies and startups.

15:26 by Vishal Srivastava

“I don’t think we should doubt the e-commerce in country like we are doing at present. It is too early to judge the new entrepreneurs and startups as mistakes are bound to happen and there will be failures as more people turn to entrepreneurship for solving the unemployment problems and building scalable tech solutions.”-Saurabh

15:21 by Vishal Srivastava

There are opportunities everywhere in India waiting to be identified and problems waiting to be solved which can be done with the help of technology.

15:18 by Vishal Srivastava

It is not about more money from foreign hedge funds. It is about building a company on a solid foundation in a traditional method.

15:17 by Vishal Srivastava

The time spent on Newshunt is almost 1,5 times the spent on Youtube and number of people reading vernacular content on Newshunt is almost 2 times the TOI readership, says a panelist signifying the scope of Bharat market rather than overhyping the Indian metro middle-class market.

15:11 by Vishal Srivastava

“15% of Facebook’s market cap is from India, 50% of Amazon’s market cap is from India, and India can well be worth 0 billion market for such companies. Indian companies can make use of it to build local indigenous solutions rather than bowing to western companies,” says Mahesh Murthy.

15:08 by Vishal Srivastava

“No model can be transplanted to other areas. Keeping an open mind to ideas which can solve local problems is crucial for disruption, ” says ShopClues CEO in a witty reply to Mahesh Murthy. This is turning out to be the most interesting session with Donald Trump, Amazon, Shopclues, Flipkart and everything being questioned and ripped apart by panelists.

15:04 by Vishal Srivastava

“It is more important to build a differentiated product and company rather than making duplicate products of Western counterparts, ” says the popular VC Mahesh Murthy coming down hard at Flipkart, Ola, and other Indian counterparts of Uber, Amazon, etc.

15:00 by Vishal Srivastava

In India, grocery has emerged as a great application which did not happen in other countries where Amazon was the only player in the segment.

14:58 by Vishal Srivastava

Digital market cap of China- 3 trillion dollars whereas of India- 30 billion dollars. So scale up is yet to happen in India where we can expect half a trillion dollar market cap in next 5-10 years.

14:57 by Vishal Srivastava

Retail and transportation are two universal areas which are disrupted by technology all over the world.

14:54 by Vishal Srivastava

“Disruption by technology is on multiple levels, and not just popular consumer internet companies. We can have lots of different ways to disrupt traditional methods with technology,” -Saurabh Srivastava, CoFounder, NASSCOM

14:50 by Vishal Srivastava

Another exciting session coming up for all the aspiring entrepreneurs- Digital India: Developing Digital Entrepreneurs. Stay Tuned.

14:45 by Vishal Srivastava

Some of the best minds of our country including policy makers, businessmen, entrepreneurs share a common stage to have an intriguing discussion about Digital India and Digital Economy at Digital India Summit.

14:42 by Vishal Srivastava

Inclusion and scalability should form the backbone of spreading the usage of good smartphone devices to remotest parts of the country.

14:39 by Vishal Srivastava

Enabling the conversion of cash to digital is the first step which has already been taken and has the potential to change the face of digital India.

14:37 by Vishal Srivastava

In 2014 and 2015, more than 30% of electronic goods sold were counterfeit and fake- that is a big challenge to tackle as India has become a dumping ground for cheap, scrap based electronic equipments.

14:35 by Vishal Srivastava

Solutions to the challenges- all stakeholders such as telecom operators, government, and tower companies have to collaborate to launch projects in rural sites.

14:33 by Vishal Srivastava

For Digital India to succeed, it has to succeed in rural India. We still have over 19000 villages which are not or limitedly connected to the power grid or mobile networks.

14:32 by Vishal Srivastava

There are around 400000 mobile towers but only 15% of them are connected to optical fibres, rest of them being connected to microwave band. That is not sufficient to build a digital economy- challenges to Digital Economy in India

14:29 by Vishal Srivastava

Education, healthcare, jobs, payments are fundamental pillars to create a digital economy and private sector can play a huge role in it.

14:26 by Vishal Srivastava

We have one of the largest numbers of smartphone user base but we need more content to make use of such level of people interaction with the internet which has to go beyond just downloading Youtube content.

14:25 by Vishal Srivastava

400 billion people have internet access in India and 300 billion use them from mobile phones.

14:23 by Vishal Srivastava

Digital Literacy and public-private partnerships are more important than just giving devices in the hands of people for Digital India program to succeed.

14:22 by Vishal Srivastava

Mobile industry alone has contributed a 10-15% growth of country GDP. so it is the key to all Digital India initiatives  -role of the mobile industry in Digital India

14:19 by Vishal Srivastava

Skill building programs such as Skill India are going to play a huge role in expading the reach of Digital India.

14:18 by Vishal Srivastava

Penetration for wireless communication has been showing quarter to quarter growth as opposed to wireline or PC penetration as many people prefer using data on mobile. So large part of Digital India is going to happen through mobile revolution.

14:13 by Vishal Srivastava

India is a hugely connected country yet still a large number of population remains unconnected. In fact, the largest number of unconnected people are here.

14:10 by Vishal Srivastava

We are back with another fascinating session on Digital India. This time we touch upon one of the major part of Digital India dream- Building A Digital Economy.

13:10 by Vishal Srivastava

We will continue blogging from the Digital Summit 2016, New Delhi. Another session coming up soon on Building A Digital Economy. Stay Tuned.

13:08 by Vishal Srivastava

Government representatives in the panel term the discussion as pretty complex to discuss on the stage.

13:06 by Vishal Srivastava

An important discussion over taxation of global tech companies, like Google Tax undergoing.

12:59 by Vishal Srivastava

Solving last mile connectivity problems for small startups and MSMEs and SMEs as well as creating a local market for them remain a significant challenge for policy makers- challenges to Digital India

12:49 by Vishal Srivastava

Disruption by technology is the biggest challenge being faced by the policy makers of the governments all over the world in the digital world- challenges to Digital India

12:45 by Vishal Srivastava

In India, the cost of internet is still way too high. Thus pricing of spectrum, fibres should be kept at a moderate level by the government to make more people see the dream of Digital India.

12:42 by Vishal Srivastava

There are number of innovations specific to India which are happening in the country. Huge demand side in India will be able to augment the supply side of innovation.

12:40 by Vishal Srivastava

Talent is crucial for technological development and it is not enough to aim for just literacy. We have to aim for digital literacy expansion. – challenges to Digital India

12:38 by Vishal Srivastava

It is a massive and not easy transition to move from a cash to cashless economy and a lot more can be done. For example, introducing better payment experience by tech such as two-factor authentication.

12:35 by Vishal Srivastava

Mobile phone today is more important than a wallet in many countries of the world, says a panelist.

12:33 by Vishal Srivastava

Interesting points being made by the panelists in discussing the challenges and achievements of Digital india at present.

12:32 by Vishal Srivastava

Data is the biggest asset to move towards systems such as payments bank, cashless systems etc. By linking Adhaar cards of millions of Indians, we have already taken the first step to gather data.

12:30 by Vishal Srivastava

In India, we still have 60% of e-commerce payments through cash and hence, there is a long way to go for a complete cashless economy.

12:29 by Vishal Srivastava

Digital infrastructure should be developed with the help of collaboration between government and private parties.

12:26 by Vishal Srivastava

Digital India is about solving pressing problems of the country such as poverty with the use of technology.

12:25 by Vishal Srivastava

We are at the unique point where we have access to technology has the potential to bridge that gap. But we need to be prepared in terms of infrastructure and the policy regulations. Issues such as net neutrality need to be tackled by the government for ensuring open internet access.

12:22 by Vishal Srivastava

In India, we still have an average speed of 512 Kbps whereas in other parts of the world it is 5-10 Mbps so it is a huge gap to be filled.

12:14 by Vishal Srivastava

Apps are being made to propel our country to a cashless economy through Digital India. A big movement is happening to bring content in local language to more and more people in India who can interact with technology in their own languages.

12:11 by Vishal Srivastava

Why Digital India? Digital India is far beyond digital government- it has the potential to transform India, potential to add 20-30% growth in GDP over the next 10-20 years.

12:07 by Vishal Srivastava

Get ready to have a glimpse of the Digital India story so far in an interesting panel discussion- Delivering on Digital India Dream- Story So Far. 

12:06 by Vishal Srivastava

“ICT companies such as Huawei have a huge role to play in Digital India and we looko forward to play our part in it ” Jay Chen.

12:05 by Vishal Srivastava

“We are committed to offer innovative solutions such as 4G, even 5G, consumer home electronic products, and smart city safety solutions to the development of Digital India, ” Jay Chen

12:03 by Vishal Srivastava

Coming up next is the opening address by CEO of Huawei India – Jay Chen

11:55 by Vishal Srivastava

“We in India instinctively value the Internet as democratic, open and its access without discrimination”, Ravi Shankar Prasad on the government’s stand on net neutrality.

11:51 by Vishal Srivastava

Last year we manufactured 11 crore mobile phones in India, a growth of a hopping 80%. – Prasad

11:51 by Vishal Srivastava

India’s IT export has crossed 0 billion- Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communication and IT in his keynote address

11:49 by Vishal Srivastava

Welcome to another Live Blog session from The Tech Portal. We are at the Digital India Summit 2016, New Delhi witnessing the breakthroughs, achievements, and future of Digital India.

14:10 by Pawas Jain

So that was all from our side! An awesome event pulled off by #Google! As a matter of fact, this was first of its kind event ever organized by Google in any country! Hail the initiative #GoogleForIndia ! This is The Tech Portal signing off!



12:54 by Pawas Jain

Google for India holding simultaneous events across India for Educators, Entrepreneurs, Developers and Advertisers!

12:49 by Pawas Jain

Using Chrome, any developer can create their own mobile experience using universally available tools. Caesar Sengupta, VP Chrome and Android, tells us that they look forward to working with developers across India to make more mobile-enabled websites!

12:48 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Caesar, VP for Android and Chrome, now talks about Chrome.

12:48 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Caesar talks about “Tap To Translate”, a new feature coming up soon which allows you real-time translation in WhatsApp and various other apps.


12:46 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tap to translate is in fact amazing — works offline too — and gives you near-perfect translation in real-time.

12:43 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Caesar talks about the fascinating image translation feature on Google Translate.

12:33 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Marian talks about Google’s partnership with RailTel — its project to spread wi-fi across India;s railway stations.

12:32 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Marian talks about current technologies find it difficult to operate in India, owing to the geographical vastness, economies and various other factors.

12:29 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Marian talks about Google’s partnerships across, to develop internet access technologies to address different densities.

She now, finally, talks about Project Loon

12:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Marian Crook, Google VP for Access comes on stage, to talk about one of he projects Google is working in India — perhaps Project Loon

12:22 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Youtube to soon announce a pause buffer feature for indian users.

12:21 by Pawas Jain

More #takeaways from the #keynote of Sundar Pichai –

  • Using Google Business, 200,000 businesses have come online and used products like adwords to scale up their products.
  • Google Capital has already invested a few startups in india. 20 million USD has been announced to be funded in startups and each will be given 20,000 USD of Cloud Credits.

12:19 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


12:19 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Eyal talks about how watching Youtube should be “entertaining and not nerve-wrecking” — talking about how indians conserve data packs — obviously due to those exorbitant prices.

12:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Eyal Manor, VP engineering at YouTube now up on stage.

12:15 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


12:15 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

A splendid YouTube video just played.

12:15 by Pawas Jain

Key Takeaway from the keynote of Sundar Pichai –

  • 2 million new Android developers to be trained in partnership with 30 universities and skill development ministry over the next 2 years!
  • New Google campus in Hyderabad coming soon

12:13 by Pawas Jain

Stay Tuned for the Key Takeaways from the keynote of none other than Sundar Pichai, right here –

1. Wi-Fi infrastructure is being setup at Mumbai Central, while we sit here, and is being tested to launch by January 2016!

2. Less than 1/3 of internet users in India are women and the number is far lowed in rural India. In partnershup with Tata Trust, Google is going to give bicycles to Indian women, which has already been done in over 1000 villages across 3 states, who will go from area to area teaching other women about internet usage. Google aims to cover 300,000 villages over the next 3 years, which spans half of Indian Villages!

12:12 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Google brought up schedule for 12K trains on Google now.

12:11 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Google looking to provide a digital record of india’s rich and cultural heritage.

12:11 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Now Jen talks about how MapMaker has been able to put India’s cultural heritage online. Google worked with Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India to give 360 degree views of these monuments.

12:10 by Pawas Jain

And Yay! That is Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, in the house! Stay Tuned in as we bring the [live] on ground coverage, wired in at Hotel Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi!


12:10 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Jen talks about Mapmaker in detail. No new announcements here.

12:09 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Jen talks about how mapmaker helped SMEs in India to go online an put their places on map — thus helping people find their locations easily and effortlessly on Google.

12:07 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Jen talks about offline maps – introduced rather recently. Offline maps lets you navigate without connections as well.

12:06 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

A super cool summary coming out from Pawas, on announcements made by Tamar.

12:05 by Pawas Jain

Tamar Yehoshua, VP, Google Search made some staggering remarks. Summarizing her amazing note:

There will be 5 billion global internet subscribers by 2020.

1. Google Search to be refined and more comprehensively to be made available in Hindi, because new people coming online may not know English
2. Google Search needs to work on slower networks too, and the entire team is working to make this experience better from any kind of network.
3. Search needs to be customized as per users’ interests and needs to transform into an exploration journey!

12:05 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Jen talks about Map Maker — A tool built by two Google engineers in Bangalore. Thats how india got its first, comprehensive digital map.

Mapmaker now available in 52 countries globally — thus giving google a lesson on how community map making is quintessential.

12:03 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Jen Fitzpatrick — VP for Google Maps up on stage.

On a personal note, this is my favourite product google has ever built.

Jen talks about how difficult it has been to map India, but at the same time, the kind of learnings their team got from here, were successfully applied globally.

12:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Some announcements finally :

Google will be launching live highlights via card for IPL and international cricket matches.

11:54 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

When you search for a movie, Google also shows showtimes

11:53 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Its basically a demo of Google cards, nothing new in here though. The feature has been launched quite a while back.

11:52 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

starting up with Shahrukh Khan, Google demos its streamlined search for India

11:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Yay !!! exciting stuff finally…a few cool demos.

11:50 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Streamlined web pages via search are 4x faster, consume 80% less data and 50% more traffic. The search was first launched in India, subsequently rolled out to Indonesia, Brazil.

11:49 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tamar talks about Network Speeds. She is talking in more detail about Streamlined search.

11:48 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tamar talks about how Google has made better, typing in Hindi. On November 4th, Google launched an indic keyboard on the play store — available in 11 different languages.

11:46 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Google is making sure that search and all of its products work in the language you speak. Tamar admits how using Google’s products could have been difficult to use in Hindi. But now, Hindi sees 3 times as many voice search, much more than global figures.

11:45 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Worldwide, searches on mobile have taken over Desktop, but in India, mobile searches crossed desktop searches way back in 2013 — Tamar

11:43 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Google’s VP for Product Management Tamar Yehoshua up on stage, who primarily looks after Search. She talks about how Google has evolved their search product to work on every phone and every connection.

11:35 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

A film which talks about SMEs have used “Google products” to increase business. Its actually taken from that Google Digital India web presence.
Focus is currently on one of the partners — Craftvilla

11:34 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Pichai talks about Stremalined search — a lighter version of search for those dreaded data connections in India

11:32 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The android keyboard now supports 7 indic languages, with Youtube too available in different Indian languages.

Next up is Google Translate, for which Google organised “Translathon”

11:31 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Pichai talks about the Android One program — a program developed on lines similar to the nexus one in the US. He talks about how Marshmallow has been optimised to suit better battery life — in line with Android one.

11:29 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

This new initiative deals with women entrepreneurship and helping women realise the scope of internet. The project, in its pilot is already across 1000 villages, and will go to 300K villages in the next 3 years.

11:27 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Pichai talks about this new initiative — wherein women are getting bicycles to spread internet usage — in collaboration with Tata Trust.

11:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Pichai to talk about various new initiatives Google is taking up in India.

The first of them is world’s biggest public wifi system ever, 400 railways stations in partnership with Indian railways. Then comes up Project Loon — to provide internet to rural areas in India.

11:24 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

At Google, we have this mission to organise world’s information and put it to use for people across. — Sundar Pichai

11:23 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Google CEO Sundar Pichai now walks on stage…perhaps for the first time for such an event in India

11:21 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The Film shows how Indians across regions are using whatever meagre internet access they have, to improve quality of lives — including farming, education etc.

11:19 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

A video plays up on the screen, shot with smartphones (presumably Androids)

11:18 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Rajan Ananadan talks about how Google’s initiatives have helped Indians get online — especially the more neglected class of netizens.
He also talks about what Google has done in the startup scene — NASSCOM 10K startups, Google Capital India a few of them.

11:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

At Google, we want to make Internet work for all of India’s newest internet users. We will soon see Sundar Pichai talk about what Google is doing for the next billion internet users in the country.

11:15 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Rajan talks about how vernacular content is what will drive India’s internet. Only 200 Million indians to actually access internet in English.

11:14 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Rajan, who himself has been a prolific angel investor, talks about India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. He talks about how India did not have single Billion dollar company six years ago, and now has multiple unicorns.

11:13 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We are now live from Google For India event. Rajan Ananadan, Google’s VP for India and South East Asia. He talks about Internet penetration in India

10:44 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


10:36 by Pawas Jain

Yogesh Andlay, the promoter of Nucleus Software and an IIT Delhi alumni, now takes to the dais for his speech!

10:30 by Pawas Jain

All that you need to open a branch in USA – USD 2500!!

A Wow-Fact by Anu Peshwaria!

10:28 by Pawas Jain

Any Indian business can start an American branch, without any passport or barriers or even traveling to America. It only depends on the type of your business and you need to consider the tax relaxations!

10:27 by Pawas Jain

Silicon Valley is what it is today because of immigration and because it has people from all across the world coming in!

-Anu makes a valid point!

10:26 by Pawas Jain

India is a smart and intelligent country, which just needs a few more people to mentor the talent!

10:25 by Pawas Jain

Anu Peshwaria, Lawyer is joining us now, all the way from California!

10:22 by Pawas Jain

We have Mr. Banesh Prabhu, ex-COO of Citibank is now here for his session!

10:18 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Lakshmi talks about Chennai angels —  a group of 70 angel investors in Chennai working towards betterment of entrepreneurs. Chennai Angels’ investment ranges anywhere between 50 lakhs to 2 crores.

10:15 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Lakshmi Potturi, co-founded Jabong and is also a part of The Chennai Angels. She is up on stage talking about her journey.

10:13 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Indian Innovation Growth Programme started with 150 applications, and now receives 1300 applicants.

10:06 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Sid Burback, IC2, University of Texas at Austin talks abut his experience with Indian entrepreneurs.

10:05 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Dr. Sunil Rao – VC at Kaziranga University ends his speech with great words — ‘My University, your office’

10:04 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Dr. Sunil Rao, VC Kaziranga University invites entrepreneurs to work from Assam. “My University, your office” — well said Dr. Sunil

09:40 by Pawas Jain

Most of the government policies and schemes do not reach to the people for whom they are meant! This guy has made a searchable database, to fill the gap and make such policies more accessible!

09:38 by Pawas Jain

A suggestion to make 2 years of army service or entrepreneurship courses compulsory / voluntary / recommendatory to General V.K. Singh to take to the government!

09:34 by Pawas Jain

The Tech Portal, www.thetechportal.in brings you all the LIVE updates and a comprehensive on-ground reporting from #eCafeAGC! India’s leading website for global tech coverage and startup news, The Tech Portal is happy to be the Digital Media Partner of this event!

09:32 by Pawas Jain

As an entrepreneur, you need to take calculated risk!

09:32 by Pawas Jain

Setting up new enterprises and developing the business opportunities, will help in development of North-East!

09:31 by Pawas Jain

North-East offers you great amount of opportunities, it has tremendous possibilities and it can become a power-house for the country!

09:30 by Pawas Jain

As an MoS for development of North-East, what are the strategies that the government is following? Although Gen. V.K. Singh has left the charge six months back, but he decides to answer nevertheless!

09:28 by Pawas Jain

Gen. VK Singh takes an exit on a high note, and its time for a Q&A

09:27 by Pawas Jain

If we can find, recognize and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, then it will make a lot of difference to the country and the world, at large!

09:26 by Pawas Jain

Ideas keep on refining, ideas keep on innovating and that is the best thing about India!

Technology must get more value addition to it on a continuous basis, to make sense!

09:25 by Pawas Jain

And Gen. V.K. Singh comes on to ‘Make In India’, which has been the star project of the current government! Make In India is not about people from outside coming to India for manufacturing, but it is about making in India, by Indians themselves!

09:23 by Pawas Jain

Initiatives succeed when people come together and make us of the initiatives!

09:22 by Pawas Jain

Focus needs to be on changing things for the better. And this was the idea behind bringing Anna Hazare to the forefront after being dumped by his old allies!

-Gen V.K. Singh says

09:19 by Pawas Jain

Entrepreneurs succeed because they never follow the old paths, they create new ones for themselves through innovation!

-Gen. V.K. Singh

09:18 by Pawas Jain

In politics, you never know whether you are within friends or foes! It is a part accident that Gen. V.K. Singh landed up in politics!


09:16 by Pawas Jain

As a Minister of State for Statistics & Program Implementation, MoS for External Affairs, MoS for Overseas Indian Affairs, Gen. V.K. Singh tells us how understanding the pain of other people and empathizing is what makes you a good entrepreneur and your enterprise successful!

09:14 by Pawas Jain

With delicious breakfast and a soul stirring Sitar Performance, the first session has started! General V.K. Singh is here!

09:13 by Pawas Jain

And we are back at Kempinski Ambience Hotel, New Delhi to bring you LIVE coverage of #eCafeAGC 2015, Day 2!

21:42 by Pawas Jain

Those nail biting moments now, where jury will be deciding on the final verdict of which startup is funding-ready!

21:41 by Pawas Jain

Thats the last one for #SharkTank! And we move on to the closing note by Nikhil Agarwal

21:35 by Pawas Jain

Targeting a market of over 500 million USD, Butterfly aims to disrupt the hobby / extra-curricular industry! Sounds interesting and highly scalable, this is a fresh idea if execution is done properly!

21:34 by Pawas Jain

As for the service providers, Butterfly gives them an online presence, manages payments for them and streamline the offerings in a perfect manner!

21:33 by Pawas Jain

Butterfly tries to provide a solution till the last mile as long as hobby sciences are concerned. You can search, scout, pay and even book these activities with the service providers!

21:32 by Pawas Jain

Pain points that this startup tries to address include online search throwing irrelevant results, no single source of accurate data and user is unable to find the right answer to precise requirements!

21:32 by Pawas Jain

It is a marketplace for extra-curricular activities and hobby sciences providing end to end solutions targeting close to 400 million internet and mobile internet users in India!

21:31 by Pawas Jain

Next participant is Luv Gupta, fro Butterfly who will be presenting his pitch now!

21:27 by Pawas Jain

Already a patented product in their name, this startup plans to outsource the manufacturing to China!

21:26 by Pawas Jain

The ECG gets reviewed within 5-10 minutes through this device! This can truly fill a gap in the market. Where hospitals and medical facilities can’t reach, this device can! This is where technology can play a great role in development of the country largely!

21:24 by Pawas Jain

While individuals are also buying the device, the real demand of the device lies in rural areas where one person can own the device and it can be used by people in the surrounding areas.

21:23 by Pawas Jain

Revenue projections for the next one year is 3-4 Crores for this healthcare-hardware startup! Funding requirement at the moment is focused on building the product further and developing it. While 50 odd pieces have already been sold, this startup wishes to add more features to the device and move towards big data.

21:21 by Pawas Jain

Connecting non-cardiologist doctors toothed cardiologists through a hardware device so that if a patient comes to the non-cardiologists, they can take an ECG at the least and go ahead with the treatment

21:18 by Pawas Jain

The next participant is Rahul Rastogi, CEO of Agasta! Another healthcare-tech startup on the block! This sector seems to be growing faster than even e-commerce did till some months back in India.

21:16 by Pawas Jain

At 13 years of age, it is a celebration of entrepreneurship to have the seed of entrepreneurship planted inside you! Keep Going, Max!

21:15 by Pawas Jain

At an idea stage right now, mKoop wants a funding round for development of the app and initial marketing!

21:13 by Pawas Jain

It aims to use human greed tomato things cheaper for everybody! More the people bid on the product, the price of the product would keep coming down!

21:12 by Pawas Jain

The idea being not very clear, Max plans to bring deals in the e-commerce space all year long through auctioning of products online!

21:09 by Pawas Jain

Next up is Max Khurana, a 13 year old boy who is going to pitch his idea! Cool, eh?

21:05 by Pawas Jain

The differentiating factor that Vineet feels is in the verification process of the company. Every activity and information on their platform is verified. But the point needs to be kept in mind that the company is only in Rajasthan and Goa travel planning as of now.

Will such verification be possible at a large scale when they expand into the national market? Let’s analyse realistically!

21:04 by Pawas Jain

Time is up as the bell rings! Jolly Go Round opens up for questions! The obvious question comes up first, about the existing competition in the market. The online travel planning space is highly cramped up already! Let us see how Jolly Go Round passes through that!

21:03 by Pawas Jain

It is an end to end travel service provider right from information to places to stay, from travel rental options, activities to do in a city to social media sentiment about the city! It is one of the first platforms to integrate social media into the travel planning of consumers!

21:01 by Pawas Jain

Jolly Go Round, is a startup which aims at making everybody a travel expert! A traveler has to visit an approximate of 17 websites to plan a travel, as per Google!

21:00 by Pawas Jain

The next participant is Vineet, with his startup idea revolving around travel planning

20:58 by Pawas Jain

End goal of Cloudrino is rightly being acquired by a big player of the market. Practical goals, bigger dreams! Just the right way to go!

20:57 by Pawas Jain

Hard working round the clock and the success that Cloudrino has achieved in 4 and a half months, are the reasons Mohit believes an investor must invest in them! Facing the Q&A now!

20:56 by Pawas Jain

Mohit Madani, the Founder and CEO of Cloudrino is up on the dais now! Already fairly popular in providing affordable and simplified cloud based servers, Cloudrino presents a very crisp and quick pitch!

20:52 by Pawas Jain

Almost 11 minutes of Q&A by the investor panel, Medioctre faces some tough questions from the judges and finally the time is up!

20:44 by Pawas Jain

And the time is up! This was a crisp pitching session by Medioctre, and it will be tough explaining the competitive edge in the market to the crowd!

20:43 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Medioctre provides people with contexualised condition of a patient’s health. The data is also fed to doctors

20:43 by Pawas Jain

Designing an electronic health record using IT to provide insights to lead a healthy life, post that the entire healthcare ecosystem is connected using this data! Thirdly, contextualised content is provided to the individuals and healthcare practitioners using these data! Medioctre is disrupting an industry with tough competition!

20:41 by Pawas Jain

Medioctre, helps people lead a healthy life as per the founder of the startup!

20:41 by Pawas Jain

Pratap Mehra, the first startup from the healthcare-tech sector!

20:39 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

And I’m accompanying Pawas in this exciting startup pitching session.

20:39 by Pawas Jain

There can be a Q&A from the audience as well, but only after the sharks have their chance to gulp!

20:38 by Pawas Jain

Prof. Siddharth Singh, Profession at ISB Hyderabad, introduces the reputed panel of jury, or the sharks, if I may –

  • Naveen Ansari, Microsoft Ventures
  • Sanjay Enishetty, 50K Ventures
  • Vikram Duggal, Unitus Seed Fund
  • Prof. Sridhar Balaraman, Pearson

20:34 by Pawas Jain

And it is probably the most exciting time of the event now! Starting #SharkTanks, where each shortlisted startup would get less than 3 minutes to present an elevator pitch! And as rightly said by Nikhil Agarwal in the introduction, these 3 minutes can probably land you into a pitching session with the analysts of the investor firms!

20:09 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


20:01 by Pawas Jain

And now we have an international dancer trained by Shiamik Davar, Kshitij on stage!

20:00 by Pawas Jain

Whatever ideas you have in mind, collaborate and capitalize in ways you can never imagine! Manish ends on that note!

19:58 by Pawas Jain

There have been numerous examples where crowdfunding has made a lot of difference!

19:55 by Pawas Jain

P2P or Peer-To-Peer crowdfunding has been simplified through online platforms, on a single click!

19:54 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

In India, we have a second arm of crowdfunding — equity-based crowdfunding.

Manish Hirodia

19:54 by Pawas Jain

SEBI’s White Paper on equity- based crowdfunding is still stuck! There are no proper guidelines regarding the same!

19:53 by Pawas Jain

Globally, 20% of crowdfunding is done for tech and startups, in India the same is 0%! There is definitely a gap in the market!

19:53 by Pawas Jain

A typical VC / Angel would look into the business proposition for long term perspective, but crowdfunding is an area where people can raise funds for one-time projects as well!

19:52 by Pawas Jain

Crowd is more effective than a single soul! Manish says about crowdfunding.

19:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Manish talks about Dream Wallets’s strategy of crowdfunding.


19:44 by Pawas Jain

Manish Harodia, the co-founder of DreamWallets is now on stage!

19:39 by Pawas Jain

Investors need exit opportunities / options. A startup should be clear of the exit options that it will give its investors!

On that insightful note, Naveen ends his speech!

19:37 by Pawas Jain

The important point if how big are you thinking? The scalability of your idea and the opportunity is what matters!

19:36 by Pawas Jain

Timing is all about being the head of the curve and what you are willing to pay for that. How are you different? How are you going to protect your turf? How are you going to remain different?

These are the questions a startup needs to answer, as per Mr. Naveen!

19:34 by Pawas Jain

Many startups fail due to timing – Naveen hits bang on point!

19:30 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Naveen talks about how some of India’s biggest startup founders focussed on problems, stayed attached to them and built brilliant companies. Ola’s Bhavish is a prime example of that.

19:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Microsoft Ventures is present in 7 countries as of now.

19:25 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Microsoft Ventures, as you must be aware, has an accelerator in Bangalore. They also have partner accelerator programs across India. MV also has investor partners.

19:23 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Naveen Asrani from Microsoft Ventures up on stage.

18:50 by Pawas Jain

Its time for a quick break before we start with #ShowMeTheMoneyHoney session!

18:47 by Pawas Jain

Ketan, all the way from Nagpur, runs a mobile platform empowering citizens to let them know about the local happenings around them in real-time!

Vartika says that the product needs to be built from the users’ eyes! It has to solve a real problem!


18:45 by Pawas Jain

One branding strategy or hack is not applicable uniformly on all companies alike! The strategy needs to be modified from company to company!

18:44 by Pawas Jain

It depends on whether you want unnecessary customers or relevant customers? Growth Hacking is all about gaining customers who will use your product / service again and again!

18:43 by Pawas Jain

A listener asks a question on whether Growth Hacking is the right step for a startup?

Vartika rightly responds that Growth Hacking is not to market the brand but to acquire long lasting customers!

18:42 by Pawas Jain

With tips on marketing and growth hacks, Vartika Manasvi takes an exit!

18:39 by Pawas Jain

Branding & Marketing is not about bringing out huge ads or digital marketing! It is about giving an amazing customer experience!

Truly pointed out, Vartika!

18:38 by Pawas Jain

Brands have started connecting to people, prompting them to use the brand! Thus Brands are now YOURS!

18:37 by Pawas Jain

The video shows how Coca Cola grew from selling 9 bottles during 1886 to billions of bottles sold in 2010, enough for each person in the whole of London to drink 206 bottles each day!


18:36 by Pawas Jain

And Vartika starts with a video to show how brands are there everywhere in our everyday lives!

18:35 by Pawas Jain

Vartika talks about the change in marketing trends for companies and startups!

18:35 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Vartika Manasvi from NASSCOM 10K startups up on stage to talk about Innovative Marketing Hacks.

18:34 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Showing a video which details your entire process, helps give a mire humane touch to your prospective consumers.

Shantanu Gupta

18:18 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

From 3.5 Lacs – 55 Lacs followers on Facebook

From 5k – 5.3 Lacs on Twitter.

All done without the use of paid marketing strategies.

18:17 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Biggest advantage — Baba Ramdev’s reach to even the remotest corners of the country.

18:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The biggest challenge in managing baba Ramdev’s digital identity — fake perception among people, largely created by english media

18:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Shantanu talks about his experience in managing Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s digital personality.

18:12 by Pawas Jain

Shantanu Gupta, the Founder of YUVA Foundation to speak on leveraging social media!

18:11 by Pawas Jain

Mekin exits amidst a round of applause for his awesome insights on HR strategies!

18:10 by Pawas Jain

Intellectual Honesty is what Flipkart has regularly followed for execution of its ‘People’ strategies!

18:10 by Pawas Jain

The challenge is in execution of these wise words shared by Mekin! A valid question raised by one of the listeners!

Mekin answers rightly that it boils down to “decisions”! Right decisions need to be taken at the right time for proper execution!

18:06 by Pawas Jain

Treat and expect employees to act like owners and drive meritocracy (hiring the best) are the two key takeaways from Mekin’s talk on People as the most important resource for a startup!

18:01 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Close to 3500 people have equity in Flipkart. Mekin’s advise — Reward your employees well and award them equity if they’re doing well.

17:59 by Pawas Jain

Empowering your people is a must! Communicating with them and being transparent with your team is the foremost requirement that a startup must fulfill!

-Mekin Maheshwari makes a valid point!

17:56 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Pedigree is often overrated — Mekin’s advise on hiring.

17:55 by Pawas Jain

As a startup, the most common challenges in HR is to attract good talent, with a honest vision! Also, hiring needs to be done for commitment, can-do attitude and competence!

17:55 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Mekin is talking about HR People Strategies For Startups to scale — a topic mostly ignored, but one of the most quintessential ones.

17:54 by Pawas Jain

One of the key reasons that made Flipkart this big, is ‘People’! Mekin tells the crowd!

17:52 by Pawas Jain

One of the core team members of Flipkart, Mekin Maheshwari largely works in the HR of the company!

17:51 by Pawas Jain

Mekin Maheshwari, the Chief People Officer (CPO) of Flipkart is now on stage!

17:51 by Pawas Jain

Protecting your IP is a short term expenditure but a long term value!

Ambalika Banerjee, Managing Associate of Anand & Anand sums up perfectly on Intellectual Property Rights!

17:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The ever-famous ‘The Last Lecture’ video plays on the big screen.

17:23 by Pawas Jain

It is self belief and passion that will work for your venture! Giving the example of One Pound Fish Man (check YouTube) who got 2 million hits in a period of 2 months, Annurag Batra explains how continuing to believe in yourself yields the final results!

17:13 by Pawas Jain

A lot of people do it, but very few people do it right and properly! Annurag Batra gives his own insightful answer!

17:12 by Pawas Jain

What is the similarity between sex and entrepreneurship? 

-Annurag Batra asks!

17:10 by Pawas Jain

A question thrown at the entrepreneurs at the outset, Mr. Batra asks the number of struggling entrepreneurs in the crowd!

17:09 by Pawas Jain

After Jim Vance, Its Mr. Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in Chief, BW Businessworld, a serial entrepreneur, media mogul and journalist! 2.5 hours late, but here nevertheless! Welcome Mr. Batra!

17:07 by Pawas Jain

As a tech entrepreneur, you really got to be humble! The kind of human being you are, brings it out in your venture!

These are the golden words that Indian Startup founders should follow! Well said, Jim!

16:56 by Pawas Jain

Srishti, Founder & CEO of #WeLoveHiring is on stage to share her experiences! We love Hiring is a SaaS based platform which not only focuses on hiring and talent acquisition but also retaining it. It is an end to end career development startup!

Srishti shares her startup woes with Jim Vance!

16:47 by Pawas Jain

Jim Vance throws a question to the crowd, if anyone has a tool to analyze the competitive landscape that they are dealing it and the companies they are going to compete with.

16:44 by Pawas Jain

If I had to pick one area, where Indian entrepreneurs & innovators are weak, is that most of them have not taken the time to analyze the competitive landscape with regards to the business & sector that they are in, as per Jim!

16:42 by Pawas Jain

As a startup entrepreneur, you would not be very picky about a partner. You need somebody who would be ready to invest money, efforts and will have the skill set that you do not have!

16:41 by Pawas Jain

If your country has more tech entrepreneurs, economic development that India will witness, will blow away every other country!

Rightly said, Jim!

16:40 by Pawas Jain

When we talk about India, among a lot of innovators, it is noticed that there is a lack of experienced tech entrepreneurs!

16:39 by Pawas Jain

Having worked with innovators from India in the past, Jim shared with us how he has never seen such vast quantity of talented innovators across so many events in other countries!

16:37 by Pawas Jain

We have Jim Vance all the way from University of Texas to address the crowd at #ecafeAGC

16:34 by Pawas Jain

It will be available on Android from Monday onwards! Don’t forget to download the E-Cafe App from Play Store!

16:33 by Pawas Jain

Mr. Amit Jain ANNOUNCES to make an APP for E-Cafe, to manage all the events across the globe and let a startup enthusiast be a part of an event from anywhere in the world! Woohoo! A Mobile App Coming Soon for Entrepreneur Cafe!

16:32 by Pawas Jain

For an exciting secret announcement, we have Mr. Amit Jain!

16:31 by Pawas Jain

After a quick break for tea, the power packed E-Cafe AGC 2015 is settling back for the next session! We hope you did not miss to go to the loo because there are going to be a action packed hours now!

15:34 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Some announcements : 

2nd AGC to happen in Casablanca, Morroco on December 3rd-4th.

15:33 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We are now up for a session “Global Entrepreneur Cafe“, moderated by co-founder Sara Oueld El Hachemi.

City Mayors at various E-Cafe branches will share their exciting journey.

15:32 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

This government is supportive of entrepreneurship. Right from our PM to every department down. lets celebrate entrepreneurship !

Thats a really good message sir.

15:31 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

And it is entrepreneurship which has helped in this massive wealth creation.

15:30 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

More insightful stats from Mr. Bawri :

It took China 900 Million people and 8 years to double per capita. Thats hyperlocal speed !

15:29 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Mr. Binod Bawri, Founder- Calcom Cement up on stage.

15:29 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Padamshree Alok Mehta exits after an insightful speech. Great to see how people wish to appreciate government efforts, instead of jus t mocking them around.

15:28 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

There’s scope outside India too. Africa Summit is an example. They are looking Indian ideas for agriculture.

Padamshree Alok Mehta

15:27 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


15:27 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We should acknowledge the efforts previous and current governments. We shouldn’t just talk about correction.

Padamshree Alok Mehta

15:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


15:22 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


15:21 by Pawas Jain

Padamshree Alok Mehta, Noted Journalist and editor-in Chief of Governance Now is on stage now!

15:20 by Pawas Jain

Mr. Amitabh Kant exits after his amazingly powerful and informative speech!

15:18 by Pawas Jain

Women entrepreneurs are doing amazingly well across manufacturing, fashion, digital space etc., and even overpowering male entrepreneurs, as per Mr. Amitabh Kant!

This is truly an encouraging fact and we are glad to know this! Women Power!

15:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Its important to understand India is different from other nations. We have 950 million mobile subscribers, 9.5 Million added every month, young nation — over 65,000 crores worth of e-commerce, by 2017, close to 500 Billion worth of e-commerce. Whoa! Thats some numbers.

15:14 by Pawas Jain

If Gujarat doesn’t continue with its speed of innovation, Andhra Pradesh will beat Gujarat next year! This competitive space of innovation is very powerful and volatile as a trend.

Totally Agreed, with Mr. Amitabh Kant! State governments need to catch up! While we have already seen Startup Policies from Rajasthan and Kerala, Karnataka is soon to follow along with Maharashtra! Other governments need to catch up, while Central Govt. is also known to be in the process of creating a much-needed National Policy for startups! This process needs to speed up!

15:14 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Competitive spirit among states within India. We will be judging states on 340 points — 130 of which will be on startups.

Amitabh Kant

15:13 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We’ve made India a complicated place to do business. And this has happened over the past so many decades. 

You need to do away with these ancient rules and regulations. All forms need to a 1-pager and everything needs to be online.

The current Government is doing it and hence India has jumped 12 places in the Ease of doing business Index

Amitabh kant

15:11 by Pawas Jain

As an entrepreneur, you are adding value and thus VCs and Angels invest in your business to spur your valuations! But India, as a country needs to create more incubators and support system for entrepreneurs of this generation! 

15:11 by The Tech Portal

Tune into thetechportal.in/ecafeagc-2015 from your smartphones to follow this exclusive #liveblog. Follow us on @techportalntw

15:10 by Pawas Jain

“Make India a nation of job creators!”

15:09 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Our own story of Mangalyaan is the biggest example of tech meeting frugal engineering. Its actually cost of one bus ticket paid by every Indian.

Amitabh kant

15:09 by Pawas Jain

“The story of India is about young Indians and vitality and story of innovative engineering!”

-Mr. Amitabh Kant

15:09 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

There’s a unique combination of tech, frugal engineering happening. And India is becoming a centre of the same. 

Amitabh kant

15:08 by Pawas Jain

Angel investors are supporting successful enterprises, which is a very positive trend as per Mr. Amitabh Kant! India is becoming a center of unique competitive frugal engineering, as per him!

15:07 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

By 2050, 700 Million Indians will move into Urbanisation – Report. Hence challenges for India are enormous.

Amitabh Kant

15:07 by Pawas Jain

Young people will move from rural to urban areas and cities will become centers of growth and innovation! This urbanization is going to spur change in India!

Mr. Amitabh Kant enlightens the crowd!

15:04 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Failure is an essential part of this journey. Most of world’s biggest entrepreneurs have failed and then made Billion dollar companies. 

India is an oasis of growth among the largely barren economic scene across the globe.

Amitabh Kant

15:03 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Startups is about being able to put our resources together. We work as a family and friends, pool in our resources together.

Amitabh Kant

15:02 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Mr. Amitabh Kant, Secretary at Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), GOI up on stage. In short, he’s who looks into Indian government’s startup policy. “HAVE TO HEAR HIM”

15:01 by Pawas Jain

Mr. Rajat Tandon takes an exit after his golden words on entrepreneurship!


15:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

NASSCOM has been approached by 11K startups since April 2013 – Rajat Tandon, VP NASSCOM

14:59 by Pawas Jain

Tune into www.thetechportal.in for all LIVE updates of E-Cafe Annual Global Convention 2015!

14:59 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

*correction – 6.5 Billion Dollars

14:58 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Close to .5Bn invested in tech startups in India. 3-4 tech startups forming in India everyday.

Rajat Tandon, VP-NASSCOM

14:57 by Pawas Jain

Live your dreams and Live them fantastically!

Rajat Tandon tell the entrepreneurs in the crowd!

14:56 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

At 10K Startups, one of the most successful events took place on ‘Valentine’s day’.

Rajat Tandon, VP Nasscom

14:56 by Pawas Jain

Rajat Tandon from 10,000 startups shares his vision of creating successful entrepreneurs in the country and how he shares this vision with Dr. Nikhil Agarwal!

14:55 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Rajat Tandon, VP at NASSCOM coming up on stage to share his views on entrepreneurship.

14:55 by Pawas Jain

Nikhil and Sara exit amidst a huge round of applause! Stay tuned into www.thetechportal.in for LIVE updates!

14:53 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Sara shares Ecafe’s vision : “Wishing to create ecafes in over 100 more cities in the coming one year and create millions of new entrepreneurs.” Good luck from our end Sara ! Great initiative !

14:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


14:50 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Nikhil shares his insights on how he conceptualised Entrepreneur cafe. He got a lay-over at Heathrow for six hours, and thats where he conceptualised the whole idea ! And now, its spread over 100 cities across 7 continents.

14:48 by Pawas Jain

Sara from Casablanca initially invited Nikhil to take a workshop in her city, when both of them met and decided to start the initiative to share ideas and experiences.

14:47 by Pawas Jain

E-Cafe started one year back, with the aim of becoming a dream for thousands of entrepreneurs across the world. Nikhil and Sara jotted down pointers and thrashed the idea of starting the E-Cafe!

14:45 by Pawas Jain

Welcoming Dr. Nikhil Agarwal on stage, the Founder of Entrepreneur Cafe who is currently the CEO of Innovation society of Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh, along with Sara Oueld El Hachemi, the co-founder of E-Cafe and is a young entrepreneur and CEO of CasaEducation!

14:42 by Pawas Jain




14:38 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

First up, is a panel discussion, which has panelists from Lockheed Martin, DST Global and others. we’ll be live blogging all the talks, right here. Stay Tuned.

14:37 by Pawas Jain

The Journey of Entrepreneur Cafe is now Live on Video for the viewers to know!

14:36 by Pawas Jain

Annual Global Convention KICKSTARTS now with the esteemed panel of speakers on the dais!

14:21 by Pawas Jain

A few more people introduce themselves and their exciting journey of being associated with Entrepreneur’s Cafe!

14:18 by Pawas Jain

#ecafeAGC2015 starts with new people introducing themselves from the crowd! The kind of diversity that we see of people who have come down to New Delhi for this event is amazing!

13:27 by Pawas Jain

India’s first of its kind 24 hours Non-Stop Startup Event is brought to you by Entrepreneur Cafe! Stay Tuned In as the event is about to begin!

13:25 by Pawas Jain

Hello Everybody and Welcome to #ecafeAGC! Our team is wired in at Kempinski Ambience, New Delhi to bring you all [LIVE] coverage and on-ground reporting! Don’t miss the opportunity to catch some reputed investors, mentors and delegates at Entrepreneur Cafe’s First ever Annual Global Convention 2015!

23:03 by Gaurav Maheshwari

The event ended up with a lot of appreciation and now people can donate there part of money to startups through online wallet.

Results to be out by Monday.

21:19 by Gaurav Maheshwari

There is a lot of networking going on backside….investors meeting startups!!

Meanwhile zumba on stage

21:16 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Ensuring everybody comes on stage

21:15 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Pitches end and now its time to do some zumba….

20:53 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Here is the host of this event who narrarted his story of selling 40000/- worth ice cream in a day

He stated that it is not the taste that makes people buy …but the connection you make with the buyer knowing about his need!!

It’s definitely hard to understand but an important learning

20:40 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Here was an amazing person who randomly came on the stage told a lot about his idea and forgot to mention name of his startup!!

This is interesting

20:37 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Here comes butterfly

A platforms that showcase all the local activities happening around your area ensuring business growth for local or house based vendors

20:29 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Now we have another set of startups

We are expecting something amazing to happen….


20:24 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Now comes something interesting. A table that can move

An amazing combination of mechanics and technology

This table have got WiFi and paired up with mobile to get instructions

This looks like a real-time video. game

But feasibility is still to be checked

20:13 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Next on is DIKY

Do I know you –  presenting a crowd sourcing platform where people can place there profile and be identified amogst like minded people instantly

This looks amazing!

20:10 by Gaurav Maheshwari

A normal analysis that figured out half of the people sitting here are without tickets!!



20:03 by Gaurav Maheshwari

3rd is awake Y – ankit Jain and yeah he is from Jaipur

A smart lock which does not needs a key to unlock the door

With amazing features like motion sensing, lock temper notification.

And yes over here everyone needs one !!

19:56 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Abhinav Chauhan – chakra

On no.2

We interviewed him today on our startup trek!!

Creating a social platform where people can select amongst a lot of social initiatives started and can donate in it by buying some products from there online store out of which a part goes to social initiative selected

19:52 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Here comes pitch1

Priyank mehta-owner

Istandout a portal where new comers , freelancers etc can come and upload their talents and might get noticed resolving the problem of finding the right talent….I am still confused what is YouTube for!

19:43 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Hema sharma and aryaveer creating a fundraising film along with director of films like kabir and gajni

Promising funds raised to be devoted to celebal palsi affected kids

A story about kids being hated by all due to diseases and still could make there ways to glory

A team member actually put in this amazing quote

“Safar me agar mushkilo ho to zururat aur hoti hai

Rasta agr mushkilo ho to himmat aur hoti hai”

Here we go

Pitching starts


19:36 by Gaurav Maheshwari

This amphi threater is one of the most amazing venue they could have did this event at!!!

Doing it right!

Seats filled up

Crowd pitching about to start.

19:31 by Gaurav Maheshwari

Everyone synergizing with the beats…..its like nothing ordinary….flute fusion with instrumental music

That what you call class opening!

This is just the start stay connected

19:24 by Gaurav Maheshwari

There is a lot of movement going on…..people filled with energy all around

And here starts the welcoming music……got me goosebumps


16:51 by Pawas Jain

That was an amazing experience being at a chilled out co-working space such as Stirring Minds at Gurgaon! We look forward to more such experiences and associations! This is The Tech Portal team signing off from Stirring Minds!

Cheers, folks!

16:49 by Pawas Jain

Here is wishing an All The Best to the winning startups for the upcoming stages of 1776 Challenge Cup! MyPoolin, Truelancer and Maax Market make it to the next rounds!

16:48 by Pawas Jain

And the final name in the Winners’ list is Maax Market, the disruptive idea in digital marketing!

16:48 by Pawas Jain

A picture of all 13 finalist startups posing proudly! An Awesome moment!


16:47 by Pawas Jain

MyPoolin, an event listing website with an option to share money for hanging out, takes the winner’s place!

16:46 by Pawas Jain

Truelancer is the first announced winner! A startup which has been recently funded, takes the limelight yet again!

16:44 by Pawas Jain

All 13 startups on stage now! 3 winners are going to be announced in no time! This is a nerve cracking moment at 1776 Challenge Cup Local  at Stirring Minds, Gurgaon

16:35 by Pawas Jain

Taking a coffee break right now and we will be right back with the Final Results! Stay Tuned!

15:20 by Pawas Jain

While giants like Uber and Ola have not been able to run inter-city cab service successfully, despite the huge database of users that they have, there is a little doubt on the market opportunity here! Aha Taxis faces a number of questions from the judges on these lines!

15:15 by Pawas Jain

With a huge base in North India already, Aha Taxis have a good response among the customers in an inter-city cab service market where many players have tried and failed! HippoCabs must get attentive right now, which is currently functioning only on Jaipur-Delhi route! In such a fast paced industry, keeping up with innovation is a must!



Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.13.36 PM

15:13 by Pawas Jain

Aha Taxis offers 3 categories of Cab Service to travel inter-city –



Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.12.31 PM

15:12 by Pawas Jain

The next startup on stage is fairly popular Aha Taxis which makes your outstation travel booking simple and offers one way fare. You can travel in India using our services, delivered by trusted network of drivers! In the cab service industry, where inter-city travel is still taking a plunge and growing, Aha Taxis offers some great features and a simple UI

15:10 by Pawas Jain

MyPoolin has raised funding from various reputed and known angels such as Sharad Sharma (iSPIRT), Rajan Anandan (MD Google India), Sunil Kalra, Amit Ranjan (Co-Founder – SlideShare), Rohan & Arjun Malhotra (Investopad), Jaspreet Bindra (ex-Microsoft, AskMe), Gautam Gandhi (ex-Google), Steve Sule and Gagan Dugal (Matrix Cellular)

15:08 by Pawas Jain

The innovation of MyPoolin lies in the fact that you can have friends join in an event using a Tap and then have everyone pay their own share of money through the app itself while making the booking! Pretty Interesting, neat and beautifully designed! Can it scale up to become another BookMyShow or likewise?

15:06 by Pawas Jain

MyPoolin gives a social networking twitch to the event listings, as you can chat with friends, check out their feed and see what they are doing or which event are they attending! MyPoolin has been downloaded in the range of 1000-5000 as per Play Store and has some fairly good reviews as far as UI of the app is concerned!



Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.03.11 PM

15:04 by Pawas Jain

MyPoolin allows you to plan your hangouts and check out events, movies etc. around you and ask your friends through a chatting interface if they are ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the plan! In a highly competitive sector of hyperlocal discovery and event listing websites and mobile apps, MyPoolin needs to be more innovative in the aggregation industry!

15:02 by Pawas Jain

Maax Market exits after a quick round of questioning! And next on stage is MyPoolin!

14:56 by Pawas Jain

89 customers are currently BETA Testing the product of Maax Market! The company will start monetizing from December 2015!

14:53 by Pawas Jain

In a market worth 54 Billion USD, the penetration rate is only 6%! In this view, Maax and more such startups can enter into the largely untapped space of digital marketing!

14:52 by Pawas Jain

Maax Market fairs better than a giant like Hubspot in the personal engagement meter with the customers, as Maax offers a more personalized and customized feel added to its interface! Responsiveness to mobile devices is another plus point that Maax offers!

14:51 by Pawas Jain

Maax Market is an interesting idea, in an even more interesting sector of digital marketing. While Digital Marketing is growing a sector and witnessing huge innovation and disruption, Maax realizes that they have to compete with other big players such as Hubspot!

14:50 by Pawas Jain

Maax Market helps businesses to automate their marketing activities by providing a single pane of glass view through a Cloud based SaaS platform! A single window solution to manage your emails, social media, SEO and even online payments, along with visitor analytics of the website!

14:47 by Pawas Jain

The next startup is MAAX MARKET, which describes itself as a Marketing Automation personalized for retailers!

14:46 by Pawas Jain

Meanwhile, here are some exclusive pictures from 1776 Challenge Cup Regional Round [LIVE] at Stirring Minds, Gurgaon!

[huge_it_gallery id=”24″]

14:42 by Pawas Jain

Conniezen faces some tough questions from the panel of judges! Competitors, execution and reaching out to people under question right now!

14:37 by Pawas Jain

This startup enables retailers to target customers in the most effective way based on multiple parameters to help them increase footfall and generate incremental sales!

14:36 by Pawas Jain

The next startup ‘Conniezen’, is a Bank driven target marketing platform. A problem of a cluttered space of coupon platforms is something that this startup aims to solve!

14:34 by Pawas Jain

The startup plans to earn revenue on a usage basis and also include aggregated data and analytics reports from these screenings as a secondary revenue model! There is a lot of innovation in Med-Tech taking place across the globe and there is definitely a lot of scope still untapped!

14:26 by Pawas Jain

The disruption behind the device would lie in its integration with any mobile device / laptop, that will enable the doctors to view graphical representations of normal and abnormal cardiac ailments at primary levels!

14:25 by Pawas Jain

The next is an interesting Med-Tech startup, which has created a hardware device, basically a 4-in-1 solar powered portable cardiac monitoring unit comprising of ECG monitoring device, clinical diagnostic electronic stethoscope, phonocardiography, and semi automatic digital blood pressure apparatus!

14:23 by Pawas Jain

Truelancer takes an exit and the seed funds remain undisclosed but would last them another 18 months as per the co-founder of the company! We look forward to the innovation that Truelancer can bring in an already mature industry!

14:22 by Pawas Jain

Despite the claim of disrupting the freelancer industry, the striking similarity (in the name) and an obvious comparison with the global leader Freelancer.com cannot be ignored! Except for the manual curation (which also needs to be worked out as the number of projects scale up to a few thousands per day), Freelancer.com offers a wider reach, an amazing database and a visually appealing interface!

14:18 by Pawas Jain

With over 500,000 registered freelancers and 500,000+ monthly visits, Truelancer boasts of over 200 New Projects Daily on its portal

14:17 by Pawas Jain

Delhi based startup Truelancer, is not a new name and most of us have read about them in news items recently, when they raised an undisclosed amount of seed funds from US Based Blackstone Valley Group and some other angel investors!

14:15 by Pawas Jain

The next startup is Truelancer, an on demand curated freelance marketplace, where each and every service that goes online is manually curated!

Hire Freelancers | Buy Digital Services

14:15 by Pawas Jain

Stirring Minds proves to be an awesome space for hosting 1776 Challenge Cup! It is exciting to be at the co-working space like this! Cheers guys for putting up such an amazing place!

14:14 by Pawas Jain

Claims, but would Qwiklo be able to fair well in the competitive mobile payment market?


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 2.11.26 PM

14:10 by Pawas Jain

While Ruplee is already established in New Delhi and has a good presence in hangout joints, Qwiklo is still to refine its idea and work on the finer details! #JustQwiklo, really?

14:08 by Pawas Jain

Fairly innovative idea for Mobile payments, but it would largely depend on the mass usage of the app to break-even! Since the revenue model focuses on a percentage per transaction, the volume of transaction needs to be large! The startup would closely compete with Ruplee, in my opinion, which is also creating a smarter way to make payments!

14:07 by Pawas Jain

Qwiklo also expands its business at retail stores and outlets via the same process, where you can make payments through the mobile app!

14:06 by Pawas Jain

Qwiklo provides a solution to the long queues at restaurants and food joints! As soon as you enter a restaurant, the app will recognize the place! Once done, you can place your order, pay your bill and gets notified when your order is ready, all through the mobile app!

14:04 by Pawas Jain

After a round of quick questioning, BolSnap takes an exit! Next on stage is – Qwiklo!

13:59 by Pawas Jain

Try BolSnap and you will never text again, is the commitment from the founder! Tall Talks, but is it realistic enough?

13:59 by Pawas Jain

With a neat User Interface and catering to a 1.4 Trillion USD market by 2018, there is a lot of potential in BolSnap! Currently in Beta version, BolSnap targets 50,000 active users by December 2015 and Gross Revenues of 3 crores a month with a user base of 500,000 Active Users!


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 1.57.17 PM

13:56 by Pawas Jain

BolSnap facilitates Audio based communication! In our view, this can be the next big thing in social networking and media, if scaled up properly! Need to be stronger on innovation and technology! Some disruption out here!

13:55 by Pawas Jain

Already having a patent on Unique sign up process to acquire more users, BolSnap uses forward looking XMPP technology!

13:54 by Pawas Jain

So, the first shortlisted startup takes it to stage. It is BolSnap, which calls itself a Facebook for Talking Pictures and enables communication via voice and visually using pictures!

13:42 by Pawas Jain

Whoa! A superb announcement that instead of 10, there would be 13 startups shortlisted for the next round, via Wild Card! This is super exciting! Unveiling the names NOW –

13:39 by Pawas Jain

Stirring Minds is an initiative to support, help grow and nurture the entrepreneurial mind, ‘The Stirred One’ as we love to call it. While we wait for the Top 10 startups to be announced, we had a conversation striking with Prasang, who handles the PR for Stirring Minds. The spirit and idea behind the co-working space is crystal clear with the management team out here!

Soon expanding in Bangalore and Jaipur, Stirring Minds offers desk spaces, premium cabins and a chilled out recreation area with foosball, table tennis and pool table to the startups! Stirring Minds is an awesome space for a startup to work at and unwind while at work!

13:28 by Pawas Jain

We are back at Stirring Minds, Gurgaon at 1776 Challenge Cup Regional Rounds and its that nail biting moment when the Top 10 shortlisted startups are going to be announced! These 10 startups will then get a chance to give a 5-minutes pitch to the judges! Stay Tuned to know the Top 10 startups!

12:26 by Pawas Jain

Breaking for lunch now and we will be back with more action at Stirring Minds, Gurgaon! Stay Tuned In!

12:26 by Pawas Jain

An engineering student, passionate about photography explains about his startup in the photo industry! This is a startup that wants to become what Google is to content search, Youtube is to video industry! No idea absolutely, how this is different from Flickr, Google Images or Shutterstock! 2 minutes are way too short to understand the idea, let us see if we can catch up with the founder and know more!

12:19 by Pawas Jain

Vishal from Talluk takes it to stage now. It is a platform or a social network per se, which connects residents and helps them communicate with each other in a neighbourhood. It helps them in buying / selling properties / rent, raising local issues and other such things. It is a free service that anyone can join by embracing the idea with the innovative hand of technology! This is a kind of disruption in the hyperlocal social networking!

12:17 by Pawas Jain

Persomso is the next startup and Alok is here to explain what this Healthcare-Tech startup has in store for us! A hardware device which induces your body details and provides a complete comprehensive information, is what they have developed! Keeping it shorter than 2 minutes, Alok takes an exit!

12:13 by Pawas Jain

‘Call At Home’ is the next startup which is disrupting the transport industry by providing on call driver service! This is something that still needs to grow in India, and is a little demanding logistically. Amidst a good response, Call At Home takes an exit in this crisp elevator pitching session at Stirring Minds, Gurgaon!

12:10 by Pawas Jain

The first startup is a taxi aggregator as expected, providing affordable cab services right now operational largely in North India. Soon expanding in Southern part of the country, Aha Taxi has been functioning for over an year now

12:08 by Pawas Jain

We expect to see something more than the saturated taxi aggregators and cab service startups in Transport category today! Let us see what these startups have in store for us!

12:07 by Pawas Jain

Next category of startups is Transport! An interesting and largely untouched category for disruption, it would be fun to see the upcoming startups!

12:07 by Pawas Jain

A Quick Word on the Awesome Judging Panel at 1776 Challenge Cup at Stirring Minds, Gurgaon

  1. Priyank Aggarwal (Head, strategy and New Business, Philips India)
  2. Nikunj Jain (Co-Founder, Frankly.me) 
  3. Subinder Khurana (Co-founder, Bank smart Solutions)
  4. Prajakt Raut (Founder, Hub for Startups, Co-founder, Applyifi)
  5. Ash Goirala (Investor)

11:56 by Pawas Jain

KnowDues mentions on stage, that it has been featured on The Tech Portal! Cheers, guys!

11:55 by Pawas Jain

KnowDues is a startup which got a great feedback at The Tech Portal Pitch Off, last month in Jaipur, Rajasthan! Pitching at 1776 Challenge Cup, KnowDues explains how it makes it easier to split expenses among your group of friends and lets you know who owes how much to whom! This is a very useful idea which can probably become the next big thing among the college-goers!

11:51 by Pawas Jain

Spending the time with the counter-guy or browsing through the menu, at a restaurant is a real waste of time! The next startup ‘Qwiklo’, creates a platform which makes it possible to browse the menu and place your order from your table, thus saving a lot of quality time in a restaurant!

11:49 by Pawas Jain

GoAround startup is a social platform, where users can directly interact with event organizers or hangout places! A direct marketplace-cum-social network which makes events, hanging out and restaurant-discovery easier!

11:48 by Pawas Jain

The next startup hits the right chord with youngsters by starting with the mention of the ‘almost’ secret performance of Coldplay in Delhi last month! 😀

11:45 by Pawas Jain

Indian education sector is growing to become a 10 billion USD industry and a lot of disruption is still waiting to happen! Next startup is all about making the right career choice and helping students to fill the gap between education and employment!

11:41 by Pawas Jain

SoS wants to develop a system for SEO, SMO and Digital Marketing in education system like never before!

11:40 by Pawas Jain

Sounds of Silence is India’s first tech based company providing wireless communication through computer technology in the education space!

11:39 by Pawas Jain

The Tech Portal Team is wired in at Stirring Minds, Gurgaon for 1776 Challenge Cup, where 40 startups would be giving an elevator pitch! In an awesome looking co-working space, primely located in Udyog Vihar, Stirring Minds is providing the best possible venue for the event! Stay Tuned as the pitching starts NOW!

17:24 by Shreya Gupta

If anyone missed out anything about the 1776challenge please log on to


Signing out.



17:16 by Shreya Gupta

Congratulations to all the winner of the 1776challenge and Goodluck to everyone involved on their future endeavours.

The techportal will now be signing out shortly since it is nearing the end of the challenge.

Thank you and a lot of love from Mumbai.

#1776 #1776challenge

17:13 by Shreya Gupta

For all those wondering what the much talked about prize of this challenge is, here is a brief about the same

The competing startups will be given an opportunity to win:

$ 10,000 USD Google Credits for Top 3 Local Winners.

5,000 USD in cash and over ,000,000 USD in potential investment.


All the 3 winning startups will receive ,000 Google Credits from Google Cloud Platform.

If this is the kind of prize, the winners will be receiving, shout out to all the startups out there to start competing. Get involved and Get noticed. #1776 #1776challenge #headstart

17:09 by Shreya Gupta


With the judges saying it was actually difficult to judge who the third start up should be on the list of this startup pageant, here is the list of all three startups that have succeeded in wining the 1776challenge.

  1. Saypay
  2. ShereIt
  3. KITKI

17:02 by Shreya Gupta

With an option open to the public to vote for their favourite 3 startups, the break is almost over and its time for the announcement of the much awaited results.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Keeping you updated live from here #thetechportal

16:56 by Shreya Gupta

In a one-on-one Chat with the co-founders of E-Mobility, considering this was for more than 2 minutes, we got to know a little more in detail about their new startup and the idea behind it.

E-mobility is here to channelise technology and skills into building something that we probably have all heard of but with a difference. Their vision is to change the face of transportation by way of providing Segways, Delivery Vehicles etc.

The difference here being, one major factor i.e. the COST and aesthetic looks of the product. They’re on their way to produce market samples and on taking the market by storm.

Goodluck to E-Mobility!

16:41 by Shreya Gupta

Mr Arul Murugan, all the way from Chennai here to compete against various startups in the 1776challenge being held in Mumbai. Mr Arul is the C0-Founder & CEO of Snackexperts an online platform that believes in serving the society with preservative free food that has a shelf life of 30 days. Pay attention everyone, the food being served is free of chemicals and preservatives and has a shelf life of 30days so for all those people who are working in cities that isn’t there home, Snackexperts here to provide you with yummy chakna and farsan that you can eat between meal breaks and with your chai. #1776 #1776challenge #mumbai

16:33 by Shreya Gupta

A much needed break for networking and for the panel to discuss which startup will finally end up with the ohsogood prize!

Catch you post the break, Time to get talking personally with the startups here in town.


16:31 by Shreya Gupta

In a Personal Interview with Mr Sameer from xQute, we got discussing on how he ended up with this name xQute and it comes with a very interesting story. He wanted to keep his url and not lose it and also bridging the gap that he is, they want to be the executors between knowledge and the end result.

xQute is an application based library that can be purchased and has various contents like Workshops, Games, Theoretical matter on Re-enforcement of employees. Basically a B2B venture that is working towards helping Companies and businesses get the best possible result from their employees.

Wishing luck to xQute!

#1776 #1776challenge

16:15 by Shreya Gupta

The last start up in the line up, xQute here to invest in re-enforcement. A Library for Industry Education where a platform is being provided to Companies and training companies who can contribute content in matters of Industry Education that involves training, re-enforcement of learning etc.

#1776 #1776challenge

16:08 by Shreya Gupta

Waste Ventures India Private Limited

Wanting to transform the scenario of waste dumping in India. Opening the gates to Wastage solutions rather than Dumping which has been the blindly followed trend here.

Solution being Recycling, Tetra Packaging.

#1776 #1776challenge #headstart

16:02 by Shreya Gupta

Global warming, Electricity bills, AirConditioners all these issues that get you sweating especially when the electricity bill knocks your door at the end of every month.

Vaayu India, is here to help you fill the gap between Air conditioners and Air Coolers.

Revolutionising the concept of the Indian Water Coolers (HYBRID Cooling System) all over the world.


15:55 by Shreya Gupta

How Many of you face battery life issues with your smart phones?

UNLOCKER Apps is the app here to help you face this problem. Its a Win-win application. We totally agree, how many times has your phone switched off while you’re travelling just because the open unused apps have helped in the exhaustion of battery?

On my way to download UNLOCKER TODAY!

#1776 #1776challenge #headstart

15:46 by Shreya Gupta

And its FOOD TIME. “Snack Experts” delivering FOOD PARCELS with a lot of love at your doorstep. This startup is for now based in Chennai but looking to spread the love across the country.

Goodluck to SNACK EXPERTS because they just don’t send food that you’ll get to eat everywhere but they have their own recipes, personal and tested. Please note, Their Delivery Boxes are #musthavealookat

#1776challenge #1776 #headstart

15:40 by Shreya Gupta

SHERIT- Making share Trading easy.  Only Social Network connected directly to D-MAT Accounts.

Connecting non commercial investors to Professional and Expert Traders. They Believe in the concept of a Happy Costumer is a Longer Costumer.

#1776challenge #1776 #headstart

15:32 by Shreya Gupta

SayPay Technologies Inc.

Costumer satisfaction is very important in any business, for an online business its the feedback. With the demographic glitches, we are here to provide you with a technology where we help you use your voice with features like voice recognition features for security features and authentications, speech recognition to recognise transactions.

This is where we say, HELLO! Technology!  #1776challenge #headstart

15:22 by Shreya Gupta

RyMM Education cashing on the 2mins being provided to them in this challenge and putting across their idea behind this start up.

A platform to Connect Teachers with Parents of their students.

To all those parents who are keen on being a part of their kid’s school life, Please pay attention and to all those students with a lot of complaints, Don’t.  #kidding

#1776challenge #headstart

15:05 by Shreya Gupta

An online mobile platform to connect chefs, foodies and bloggers.

With various innovative ways to reach the public and foodies out there, this is one app even i am going to download.

For the love of FOOD, Please download RESTOKITCH and get your hands on amazing recipes coming straight from Chefs and also live video where they perform miracles with food.

#1776challenge #headstart #mumbai

15:00 by Shreya Gupta

Nreach Online Services Pvt Ltd, Discover and unleash various activities and bridging the gap between users and the activities to newer experiences.

Last minute planning? Nreach is what will gift you new experiences through their app.

Enjoy it with you family, friends or colleagues. Get yourself a new experience.

#1776challenge #headstart

14:55 by Shreya Gupta

Having served more than 6 lakh people, bring to you- MERA FOOD CHOICE. They started in November 2012 and they have been growing tremendously over the years.

For all those travellers who want the ‘Vegetarian Food’ of their own choice, MERA FOOD CHOICE is the place to contact.

#1776challenge #headstart

14:51 by Shreya Gupta

Just the introduction isn’t what the panel wants to know, the Q&A by the panel involves discussions on Future plans, the current revenue plans and schemes of the startups and where they see themselves in a period of 5 years.

Definitely what address how the startup will face the difficulties that come their way. #1776challenge #headstart

14:46 by Shreya Gupta

KITKI- ‘Playing is Learning’

Did you know you could put ice in fire? or Could create a Diwali styled bomb?

Children and Adults both aren’t aware right? KIKTI is here to help make learning a game thats innovative, unique and very fascinating. Looking forward to changing the perception of Learning.

14:39 by Shreya Gupta

E-mobility here to change the face of transportation. They’re here to discuss the various produce services that they provide and look forward to provide by way of transportation. #1776challenge #headstart

14:37 by Shreya Gupta

Another feature of Dubroo being removing those annoying subtitles while watching a movie. Thank god, Someone thought of it. The subtitles are really distracting! #1776challenge #headstart

14:33 by Shreya Gupta

DUBROO, a startup here to eliminate the language barrier, the last barrier in this techno world where communication is just seconds away.

People can record their voice in any language and dub the videos of their choice. Audios over videos technology.

On their way to make Video Globalisation very cheap. Goodluck Dubroo! #1776challenge #headstart

14:27 by Shreya Gupta

CIRTRU, utilises their 2mins by narrating a story and believe me the 2 mins were very well utilised.

#1776challenge #headstart

14:19 by Shreya Gupta

Catalan Labs, a mobile app thats works towards the heath of the working sector, the people who are so absorbed in their work that health becomes secondary. Their motto being ‘Blending Technology and Life.’

Catalan Labs sure knows that health comes first if the end results of the work is to be good, something all workaholics have put on the backseat.

14:17 by Shreya Gupta

Hats off to Bugclipper who put across their idea in less than 2 mins! Wohoo

14:15 by Shreya Gupta

Bug clipper the Second startup in line on their way to compete in 1776challenge

Goodluck to Bugclipper!

14:11 by Shreya Gupta

Its this challenge that basically proves how important every minute is in a person’s life. Here its in the lives if their Startups. 2mins to put across the idea and reach out to the people to make them believe in their idea. Goodluck to all the Startups are here and an advice to them to use these 2mins very judicially.

#1776challenge #headstart #zonestartups

14:08 by Shreya Gupta

Bluechip Fintech Solutions and Innovations Pvt Ltd is our first startup trying to put their idea across the panel of judges and the other members of the challenge. 2 mins given to each start up here is the time in which a startup has to put their idea across

#1776challenge #headstart #zonestartups

14:05 by Shreya Gupta

Tanish Thakker from Zone Startups gives a brief about how Zone Startups has helped Startups across various spectrums coming from various backgrounds.

14:00 by Shreya Gupta

All records have been broken by HeadStartup since inception considering the amount of applications they received for a local challenge. Kudos to HeadStart team!

13:58 by Shreya Gupta

This event is basically a challenge between the who’s and the whats in the Startups arena and thereby we now introduce you to the panel of judges for this challenge. Believe me, The panel is a mix of Brain and Talent. Way to go Headstartup!

13:55 by Shreya Gupta

HeadStart is a Non-Profit Organisation, influencing, fostering and strengthening the entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem in India.

13:53 by Shreya Gupta

Starting the 1776 Challenge Cup, Mumbai @BSE. This is a global Challenge Cup happening in over 65 cities and brazil had this event hosted in a Football field, Just imagine! Start UPs on a boom.

1776 Challenge Cup looking forward to going global, the motto being “Going Glocal”.

18:22 by Rahul Punyani

That’s all for today. It was a great time talking to intelligent minds. We will be back tomorrow with more stories. Tomorrow all the startups will be projecting their prototypes to the investment board. Stay tuned for results.

18:19 by Rahul Punyani

People often find themselves in dilemma of choosing a destination for hangouts. This idea seems to be a good way to resolve those issues.


18:00 by Rahul Punyani

Next startup is ” spot it”, a search engine service that would assist users to find places nearby by putting in some queries like their mood and the people they are traveling with.

17:56 by Rahul Punyani

I was amazed to see that first yeat btech guys could conceive such an idea.

17:55 by Rahul Punyani

“Check my Swag” team


17:53 by Rahul Punyani

Moreover, they will assist you in uploading your image and would show you different dressing styles on you in real time. They have tapped into the right area and seems to be headed into the right direction.

17:22 by Rahul Punyani

An app that would analyze your destination, occasion and your age and recommend a dressing style accordingly. Sounds cool.

16:17 by Rahul Punyani

What they are trying to conceive here is a platform, that they call as a “Personal Fashion Consultant”.

16:14 by Rahul Punyani

Had an interesting conversation with this team “Check My Swag” and, in my personal opinion, is working on the best idea of all.

15:26 by Rahul Punyani

They were kind enough to share their



15:24 by Rahul Punyani

Upon completion, the platform that these good guys are trying to build will let you check artist profiles, book tickets for events nearby, let artists book venues without a third party involvement and indulge you in some quality music.

15:13 by Rahul Punyani

Moreover, they are looking forward to promote local talent by providing them a stage and an audience so that they can showcase their talent.

15:11 by Rahul Punyani

Artist profile will have star ratings and reviews from his/her previous stage performances and will assist user to get a better understanding on his talent.

15:08 by Rahul Punyani

The final product will have profiles maintained for artists in all genres across the world at a single platform.

15:05 by Rahul Punyani

Inspired by the LinkedIn, they are trying to build a similar platform but with some extra elements of their own.

14:57 by Rahul Punyani

Most of the ideas come out as a result of the personal experience, that’s quiet evident.

14:54 by Rahul Punyani

The next team we just talked has chosen to focus on the act of organizing live musical events and concerts. They call themselves “TheALT” and as i am told, this is their personal experience that they are trying to blend into their project.

14:37 by Rahul Punyani

Sounds a brilliant idea to me. We may see them turning into a running company soon.

14:36 by Rahul Punyani

Well, I was interested on money part so i asked how they look forward to monetize from the platform. They said that the subscription fee charged tk professionals and the service fee charged to users will help them run the operations.

14:31 by Rahul Punyani

Users will get to choose from the listings and even make the payment through the platform itself. In short, you may call them a hyperlocal search engine service.

14:26 by Rahul Punyani

They are building an app based platform that would get lawyers and other legal advice providers to sign up on the platform on subscription basis. Professionals will have to maintain a profile and fixed charges for transparent operations.

14:24 by Rahul Punyani

They have chosen to address a real issue with their product. The idea is to get the legal services like notteries, issuing stamp paper, hiring a lawyer and similar jobs through the mobile app, rather than visiting a court thousands of times.

14:22 by Rahul Punyani


14:17 by Rahul Punyani

14:17 by Rahul Punyani

The team we just talked to call themselves “Legal Clap”. The title very well reflects what they are trying to build here.

14:13 by Rahul Punyani

The projects have already passed the inception stage and is being pulled down to the design phase. Ideas are unique and are really amazing.

14:08 by Rahul Punyani

Looks like teams have already been formed and the competition is as stiff as you may expect it be. It seems a brilliant idea to bring people together with great ideas. The goal is to develop a software product for user level that should sound convincing enough to the board.

13:59 by Rahul Punyani

Let’s walk you through the format. Event caters participants from like anywhere. Participants pitch their ideas to the board and other participants as well. Participants with like mentality team together to work on the incepted project and to deliver the prototype to the board within 54 hours.

13:54 by Rahul Punyani

The reason we are here for is the startup weekend, an event that DTU has managed to organize to bring brilliant quirky ideas out of the young minds.

13:49 by Rahul Punyani

No doubt that great minds are conceived here.

13:47 by Rahul Punyani

We are here finally, at Delhi Technical University and it’s as astonishing as we have always heard.

15:07 by Pawas Jain

On this wonderful note, Kirthiga takes an exit! What power!

15:06 by Pawas Jain

It is very important to develop innovation and learning! The features such as Chat, Like, Subscribe on FB came out of the regular hacks that were organized in Facebook office and it is amazing how this trend triggered ideas!

15:05 by Pawas Jain

Learning and relearning need to be developed as a spirit and culture, such as the office community of Facebook across the world!

15:04 by Pawas Jain

“Learn, Unlearn and Relearn” – the golden words given by Kirthiga during her INK Talk, Kirthiga explains to us how it can be brought into the educational system of India!

15:03 by Pawas Jain

What about the FB for vernacular languages? Kirthiga positively replies about ‘FBForEveryone’ campaign started 2 years ago which aims to develop an inclusive community, targeting local people and they are doing associations and collaborations to go more vernacular!

15:01 by Pawas Jain

On tech in digital media, Kirthiga says that FB serves the basic need of humans to stay connected! The mission of FB as a company is that people should share more and be digitally connected! And that is the idea behind the whole conglomerate of Instagram, WhatsApp and Fb!

14:58 by Pawas Jain

Change is happening and it cannot be resisted! Kirthiga uses Facebook to be more connected with her family, friends and the world around her!

14:57 by Pawas Jain

We are at a very early stage in our journey of going digital! Kirthiga rightly comments about the penetration of mobile, internet, tablets in our lives but we are still going to see a lot more people getting connected digitally in the near future!

14:55 by Pawas Jain

The topic that Kirthiga chose was because INK wanted to know how the Real Kirthiga is! Her strength is from her children, and that is where the motivation for the talk came from!

14:54 by Pawas Jain

Why choose a personal topic for discussion and why INK? Kirthiga humbly tells us how the vision of INK and talking about inspiring talks and stories about India, the opportunity could not be missed! This event was truly a priority!

14:53 by Pawas Jain

And guess who is here for a Panel Interview – Kirthiga Reddy, MD Facebook India!

14:14 by Pawas Jain

Angad takes an exit with those insightful words!

14:14 by Pawas Jain

One last piece of advice for entrepreneurs across the country – Angad says that you need to be futurist as a startup entrepreneur. Track innovation and you need to know how to stay alive!

14:13 by Pawas Jain

Creativity can be measured in every sense! Whether you are more creative today than you were 3 months ago and things like that are actually possible through data analysis and technology!

14:12 by Pawas Jain

Data plays an important role in proving that people can be made more creative and that is what science is all about!

14:12 by Pawas Jain

How do you measure creativity? Angad tells us  how this topic has been widely researched across the world and how they are using technology to do that!

14:11 by Pawas Jain

Lemonade.io is a tech startup, which wants to scale up now!

14:10 by Pawas Jain

Idea behind measuring creativity has a lot of challenges – the problem is that where the technology is going to go in the next few years, it is a constantly changing world! Angad tells us!

14:08 by Pawas Jain

Now we have Angad Singh with us, the founder of Lemonade.io, a Silicon Valley startup that is building groundbreaking technology to measure and improve creativity! Let us see what he wants to tell us!

13:55 by Pawas Jain

A word for startups – go to bluefrog, have a drink but hang in there and be at office the next day!

13:55 by Pawas Jain

Piece of advice for entrepreneurs across India from Anshulika Dubey – Hang in there and do your thing! Do not see this as a way of slack! Prove yourself as just running a startup does not mean you can come office at 12 and be indisciplined! No one can make you feel under confident about yourself and give yourself time!

13:52 by Pawas Jain

What is the curation process at Wishberry to check the genuineness of an idea? Anshulika describes how they take care of the fact that the person at least owns some proof of concept and it is not just an idea!

13:51 by Pawas Jain

If men are going ahead and doing certain things, women need to go against the tide and do stuff too! Women can also balance stuff like men and they don’t need to feel as the weaker section!

13:49 by Pawas Jain

Challenges in creating Wishberry? Anshulika says that people in India are shy, and they do not want to come out of the closet!

13:48 by Pawas Jain

Priyanka, the co-founder of Wishberry, is a rocking designer and techie for Wishberry!

13:47 by Pawas Jain

To manage the tech and the backend of the company, Anshulika, an arts student, had a co-founder who was a specialists in tech!

13:47 by Pawas Jain

World’s first app for match making for differently abled is being crowdfunded on Wishberry! This is the power of crowdfunding and Anshulika is excited about it!

13:45 by Pawas Jain

Since artists do not make money in the country, it personally troubled Anshulika to think that! She wanted to fund those artists and thus, created the most sustainable solution for them to bring people together who can support arts and culture!

13:44 by Pawas Jain

Anshulika Dubey has been associated with The Tech Portal, and attended the inaugural event of Pitch Off as a mentor in Bangalore, back in April! We have her today for a personal chat, at INK 2015

13:40 by Pawas Jain

We are now wired in at the Press Room and we have some amazing interviews lined up! Guess who is here for a one-on-one with us – It is Anshulika Dubey, Co-Founder of Wishberry, one of India’s biggest crowdfunding platform!

13:21 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

With that enthralling musical performance, its a wrap for our #INK2015 #Liveblog session. We got some amazing insights from people who really matter to India’s tech and startup ecosystem.

While the liveblog is going offline, our #Livestream will begin any moment, with interviews from even more people. Stay tuned for that.

All of our videos will be published soon on our upcoming video platform, BBM Broadcast.

Thanks for tuning in ! Goodbye !

13:07 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.56.36 pm

12:58 by Shreya Gupta

For someone like Kirthiga to wrap her session she couldn’t have done it without the GTG & TTYL.

#acronymphobia #techsavy #facebookindia

12:55 by Shreya Gupta

She shares a video about how men in Egypt refuse to disclose their mother’s name.


12:53 by Shreya Gupta

The web of “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.”

Every change that is taking place in the world, we have to adapt it by learning, unlearning and relearning.

12:51 by Shreya Gupta

Creative explosion as it comes to a digital platform. The world is going visual and her children teach her and stretch her in so many ways and redefining most roles as a teacher, mother, friend.

12:44 by Shreya Gupta

She talks about how she learnt to make movies from her daughter Ashna. We couldn’t have expected more from our very own Director of sales, Facebook india.

12:42 by Shreya Gupta

‘MC2 : My children my coaches.’

Hear Kirthiga Reddy talk about how she is very tech savy and how her knowledge about whats in and whats not.


12:39 by Shreya Gupta

Green Multi Project is india’s largest one-on-one programme whose Core agenda is high scale and quality mentoring.

We have around 8000 mentee to open up bank accounts on how to do saving and investing from a young age itself. #samayak chakrabarty #ink2015

12:32 by Shreya Gupta

Samayak Chakrabarty on how we have all these ideas about sustainability and ecosystem but can we marry these ideas? Can there be a possibility on his the NGOs won’t have to go around for funding.

12:18 by Shreya Gupta

‘How some countries who aren’t on the GDP radar are getting more healthy than wealthy.’ Hear Catherine Mohr talk about life expectancy and biological issues AOW @intalks #ink2015

12:01 by Pawas Jain

Bringing creative entrepreneurs out of the closet and supporting art and culture like never before, is what Wishberry was created for!

11:58 by Pawas Jain

People still give perplexed looks on a crowdfunding platform in India!

11:57 by Pawas Jain

And now some ideas that are hosted on Wishberry – Menstrupedia, India’s first animated Sanskrit film and Loveability, a match-making app for differently abled! What power can crowdfunding exhibit, is something we are witnessing here!

11:56 by Pawas Jain

When Wishberry started a crowdfunding platform, everyone thought Indians would not contribute money for arts and culture without expecting anything in return!

11:53 by Pawas Jain

What angered Anshulika was that people around her were not doing what they loved, but instead running to coaching institutes to prepare for MBA!

11:52 by Pawas Jain

Lemonade is bringing some innovation and invention that the world might have never seen! Measuring the creativity is fun! Angad Singh takes an exit! And now we have on stage is another startup founder, Anshulika Dubey, from Wishberry, India’s one of biggest online crowdfunding platform!

11:49 by Pawas Jain

Social networks are making us addictive to the computers. Is it possible to make humans more creative? Angad raises an interesting concern!

11:48 by Pawas Jain

Founder of Lemonade.io, Angad Singh, is talking about data sciences and human psychology

11:47 by Pawas Jain

Now bringing you the updates from the Final Session ‘Tandav’ [LIVE] from INK 2015, Mumbai!

11:27 by Pawas Jain

We thank Nishkant for this candid one-on-one! Truly fun and informative! Whoa!

11:25 by Pawas Jain

Using a single machine to store everything was something which was not sustainable at all because the dependence of one mainframe is too risky! This lead to the working on a cloud-based system to manage data!

11:24 by Pawas Jain

Talking about Nishikant’s research on cloud computing, he tells us that it was way back in 2005 when the term was not even so common!

11:23 by Pawas Jain

Med-Tech is a constantly evolving sector! With better computers and better systems, there is an umpteen scope of development and innovation!

11:23 by Pawas Jain

Technology is important to do the validation and every surgery needs technology to be performed, Nishikant tells us!

11:22 by Pawas Jain

How important is technology in medicine? Nishikant tells us how complicated surgeries across the world are performed using computers and very complex tech!

11:21 by Pawas Jain

It is a real time responsive system, as soon as the ultrasound probe to the tissue is touched, it gives a response right then!

11:20 by Pawas Jain

Sending a laser light inside the tissue of the skin, which then generates light and sound in response! This is so exciting in the medical world!

11:19 by Pawas Jain

Having heard about 2D and 3D very commonly, Nishikant explains to us what 5D refers to!

11:18 by Pawas Jain

We have Nishikant Deshmukh with us and he is a noted Medical Researcher, intersecting technologies like medical imaging, parallel programming and computer graphics!

11:14 by Pawas Jain

Breaking up for coffee, we will be back with Live Blogging of the last session and some more amazing inspirational people in one-on-one interviews!

11:11 by Pawas Jain

Currently, Teach for India works in English medium municipal schools and thus Jaipur will have to wait for this fellowship to come! With this, Anu Aga takes an exit! Cheers to this powerful lady!

11:10 by Pawas Jain

They need intellectual and passionate students to join them and bring an educational revolution in the country! Paying stipends for the fellows, is a big challenge for the NGO!

11:09 by Pawas Jain

In a few years, the budget would be a whopping 100 crores for Teach for India!

11:08 by Pawas Jain

Talking about Teach for India, one of the biggest NGOs in India, with Anu Aga! She tells her that she wants her fellows to struggle and bring systematic solutions in education sector of the country!

11:08 by Pawas Jain

Management skills of the corporate have helped in the social journey of Anu Aga! Malnourishment, at 42% in India and lack of quality education are the concerns that need urgent intervention in India!

11:06 by Pawas Jain

Energy and environment protection is a huge industry and it is untapped across the world! These are the words from none other than, Anu Aga! We bring you a tete-a-tete with one of India’s most powerful ladies, the ex-Chairperson of Thermax!

11:03 by Pawas Jain

One piece of advice from Mainak, One of the Top Indian Innovators as noted by MIT, is that don’t scout for a problem or don’t wait to startup! Just take the plunge and be sure about what you are doing! Find a problem to be solved and you will do great! With this, we wish Mainak the best of luck! An insightful discussion, indeed!

11:01 by Pawas Jain

More and more number of startups should focus on solving rural problems of India and not on solving the First World problems!

11:01 by Pawas Jain

Other than CleanTech, there is a lot of scope in India in a lot of sectors! From an entrepreneurs’s perspective, the best part of doing business in India that there are so many problems in the country that need to be solved!

11:00 by Pawas Jain

Engineering at the time of Mainak’s education was much more traditional! Times are changing now and education is always people-focused!

11:00 by Pawas Jain

Mainak tells us how they have been looking for people with the same vision and how it feels to work with a very small group of people!

10:59 by Pawas Jain

There have been lots of failures in this space and it is not easy to work in bioenergy! Building a product around waste management and environment, finds a lot of clients in hotel industry, corporates, businesses etc.! Hiring has to be very selective in this kind of business!

10:58 by Pawas Jain

We have Bioenergy person of the Year 2015, in a one on one interaction with The Tech Portal! There is a huge potential in the energy sector and waste management even from a business perspective, Mainak tells us!

10:55 by Pawas Jain

We have Mainak Chakraborty, the Co-CEO of GPS Renewables, known to be one of Asia’s most promising cleantech startups!

10:53 by Pawas Jain

We are back on the Final Day of INK 2015! Wired in, The Tech Portal team is going to bring you some amazing interviews, snippets and blogging live from the sessions! Stay Tuned!

18:01 by Shreya Gupta

Life is about living and if you don’t get up in the morning with a passion to live and learn then its not fun. Do what you want to do and you think you will pay others to do. Think about what you’re doing just not for the sake of doing it but because you want to do. – Sharad Devarajan

17:57 by Vishal Srivastava

“It is about the conviction you have in your work which matters and not age or idea for success in entrepreneurship. “-Ritesh

17:56 by Shreya Gupta

Sharad is also a professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School.

Wow! This is one person who is definitely a jack of all trades.

17:54 by Shreya Gupta

Everything that they are working on now is going to be exclusively digital. Thats a good news for us Tech portal.

Like minds work together, sail together!

17:53 by Shreya Gupta

East V/s West or East meets West.

He sees the potential about how india is different in many ways. Fortunately he found and brought together like minds to work towards promoting the idea of indian superheroes.

17:52 by Vishal Srivastava

“Not trying to attract good people is the key to attracting good people and if you continue working passionately towards your vision, good people will always be attracted. “, shares Ritesh a valuable point.

17:51 by Shreya Gupta

Mr Sharad here with us and he is one guy here who isn’t on a timeline and hurrying around. Here he is talking to us with his humour and charm.

He has always been passionate about what he does and when he saw the west he was disappointed but thats what has been the driving mission of his company.

17:46 by Shreya Gupta

Awaiting a Personal chat with Mr Sharad Devarajan to learn more from him about the Indian Super Heroes.

17:44 by Vishal Srivastava

We have plans to develop the product further in the coming months as it is more important than the marketing, says Ritesh.

17:39 by Vishal Srivastava

Ritesh shares the meaning of OYO- On Your Own

17:37 by Vishal Srivastava

“The biggest challenge was to deal with predictability associated with hospitality industry”,-Ritesh

17:35 by Vishal Srivastava

When you are doing a startup, there should be No shame and one has to be willing to take risks and go beyond conventions, says Ritesh.

17:32 by Vishal Srivastava

The problem in online hotel industry was not discoverability, but the issue was the customer service which was not upto mark by private caretakers.

17:28 by Vishal Srivastava

I worked for many startups most of which do not exist today whose experience was very valuable for me. I wanted to create something of value.

17:26 by Vishal Srivastava

In 2010, at the age of 11, I decided not to let formal education interfere with my life.

17:26 by Shreya Gupta

Josh: Im an optimistic person because I don’t see the use in being anything else. This doesn’t mean i don’t get hit by gloom darkness but i try to rally and stay on the brighter side. The days i feel productive and know I’ve done something worthwhile, thats a positive time for me.

17:26 by Vishal Srivastava

I started coding from 3rd grade and I continued it for 7-8 years after that .

17:25 by Vishal Srivastava

I did not have money to come to Tie conference 5 years back and I had sneaked into the conference. – Ritesh begins in a emotional way .

17:23 by Vishal Srivastava

21 year old Ritesh is on stage all set to share his story.

17:20 by Vishal Srivastava

That was all from this session of Tie-Con but one of the most interesting sessions of TieCon this year is on its way featuring the success story of Ritesh Agarwal, Founder of Oyo Rooms..! Stay Tuned.

17:19 by Shreya Gupta

Josh’s humour is spot on.

He is all about family, community and values that gets him going and thats what makes him more humble and different from others as we think.

17:17 by Vishal Srivastava

Four investors are interested in Ftcash subject to valuation terms.

17:16 by Shreya Gupta

Its important for Josh to stay related considering how he is from Ohio and not from a Glam family and it makes him more comfortable having a “normal” conversation in a hallway than talk about showbiz on stage.

17:14 by Shreya Gupta

Josh on his first trip to India was personal but this time is more about INK2015.

17:13 by Shreya Gupta

How his first film is really special and how he is very glad that it went to Sundance, so did his second one.

Love for film making is what gives him a rush!

17:12 by Vishal Srivastava

It is basically a payment aggregator for all wallets enabling the micro merchants to have a single point contact for receiving payments.

17:11 by Shreya Gupta

Josh a little scared about how there are so many people waiting to talk to him.

Humour us Josh. He is really cute!

17:06 by Vishal Srivastava

Merchants do not need any hardware or smartphones and can start recieving payments instantly and consumers do not need to have card.

17:05 by Shreya Gupta

We are here live and bright on a round table discussion with Josh Radnor.

The day couldn’t get any better.


17:01 by Vishal Srivastava

It empowers micro-merchants such as next door groceries, service man etc  for leveraging technology of digital payments.

16:59 by Vishal Srivastava

FtCash which enables transactions anywhere and anytime is the next startup looking to raise 3 crores for 15%

16:57 by Vishal Srivastava

Eight investors have shown interest in StoryXpress; the highest so far in the evening.

16:49 by Shreya Gupta

Hear how Kaushal Dugar talks about he came back to Silliguri (My nani Ghar) after living 10 years abroad. Love for tea and the growing up watching the tea plantation workers got him to start TEABOX.

16:47 by Vishal Srivastava

It aims to have 1000 customers by this year and aims for 5000 paying customers in next year.

16:42 by Vishal Srivastava

Videos drive the traffic but creating videos is time consuming and heavy on pocket for small businesses. StoryExpress aims to solve this problem,

16:41 by Vishal Srivastava

Next startup, StoryExpress enables small businesses to make videos for YouTube platform. They are looking to raise 2 crores for 15% equity.

16:40 by Vishal Srivastava

Unfortunately no investor seems to be interested due to lack of details and the need for Echemex to build the product first.

16:29 by Vishal Srivastava

Any time anywhere and any place trading for chemicals at suitable prices is the plan of Echemex to disrupt the traditional marketplace for chemicals.

16:27 by Vishal Srivastava

Tech upgrade, customer acquisition, hiring and branding are the goals for Echemex from funding.

16:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Echemx is a real-time marketplace for chemical buyers and sellers.

16:25 by Vishal Srivastava

The third startup is Echemex, a real time chemicals marketplace looking for 3 crore investment at 18%.

16:22 by Vishal Srivastava

Four investors have shown interest in GreenChill.

16:12 by Vishal Srivastava

They are looking to raise 1 crore for 10%.

16:11 by Vishal Srivastava

It expects to have 200 installations by 2018 and margin going up by 60% in 2018.

16:10 by Shreya Gupta

Mr Sharad shares with us a video he has worked on with the women all over the country where they share with us, the one super power they would like to have if they could. What better way to express how the 93 million indian girls living in poverty think so much more about the humanity than themselves. An eye opener!

A heart touching video. Lets join our hands together to help the women realise their dreams.

16:08 by Vishal Srivastava

GreenChill claims to save Rs 36000-450000 per day in refrigeration as compared to conventional systems using diesel or grid power.

16:06 by Vishal Srivastava

The design is made and manufactured in India for the global markets.

16:05 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

An interesting renewable energy concept on stage now. They have developed an off-grid refrigeration system using biomass.

16:05 by Shreya Gupta

Angry bird launched Chakra AOW and now you have kids everywhere wearing chakra merchandise.

Thats how you go GLOCAL with your mission.

Hats off to Mr. Sharad, the brain behind the Indian Super heroes.

16:04 by Vishal Srivastava

Offgrid renewable technology using municipal and farm waste as energy source for refrigeration, that’s the aim of next startup called GreenChill.

16:02 by Vishal Srivastava

Valuation seems to be high for most of the investors for Talocity.

16:02 by Shreya Gupta

Where was india where the superheroes like Doremon, Dragon balls etc from east were going west? Especially considering the large youth population the country has.

Hear Mr. Sharad Devarajan talk about the Rise of Indian Super Heroes.

15:58 by Shreya Gupta

One person Zoya really wants to meet is Mr. David Bowie.

We hope you’re listening to this Mr. Bowie.

15:57 by Vishal Srivastava

How do you plan to compete with established giants if they come up with similar video resumes on their platform? Founders answers in a witty way that magic happens only once and we are already way ahead in this technology.

15:55 by Vishal Srivastava

It is time for questions from investors.

15:55 by Shreya Gupta

Zoya’s current work involves around ‘kids on the street.’


15:53 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Talocity is looking for a Series A round – 1.5 crore

15:53 by Shreya Gupta

Talking about family, she says she is surprised about how other families function and are biased because in her’s, the men in the family too allowed the women to shine.

We all need some more inspiration from the family.


15:50 by Shreya Gupta

Zoya’s favourite mode of travel being road trips. Thats what got her an idea on Zindagi na milegi Doobara and how she wanted to go on a road trip with 3 goodlooking men.

Now we know how cool Zoya is!

15:50 by Vishal Srivastava

It has already raised 52 lakhs. And it aims to solve the pain points of recruitment acquisition.

15:50 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tie The Knot is now live. Talociy is on stage, claiming to be world’s first “Talent Stock Exchange”.

15:49 by Vishal Srivastava

First startup Talcity has taken the stage. It claims to be a talent stock exchange

15:48 by Shreya Gupta

If your a writer or working on films, your first movie is usually a semi-autobiographies. Something that is close to your environment. Directly from Zoya Akhtar at INK2015

15:47 by Vishal Srivastava

Seven minutes of presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A will be given to each startup.

15:46 by Shreya Gupta

For all those who didn’t know, Zoya’s first film making experience was with Mira Nair on Kamasutra.


15:44 by Shreya Gupta

Zoya Akhtar says that Movies and the environment is like an osmosis that creeps into you.


15:42 by Vishal Srivastava

Five startups selected out of over 100 entries in front of investors looking for seed funding on the spot. That’s what the next event at Tie-Con, Tie the Knot is all about. Stay tuned.

14:40 by Pawas Jain

Creating marketplaces for Rural India and encouraging talent through Hackathons, Quikr’s CSR initiatives have been running for a while now!

14:40 by Pawas Jain

Internet is an amazing democratic force which can bring about a change and help you reach out to large masses!

14:39 by Pawas Jain

For Young startups in the service industry trying to become ‘Uber for X’, it is a very hard market!

14:37 by Pawas Jain

“Focus on building your product, and don’t build a product to seek finances! If the product is disruptive, funds will flow in!” Pranay gives us his insights on raising funds from investors.

14:37 by Pawas Jain

Quikr founder tells us that he sees a lot of positive trend in many sectors in India, such as cloud computing, IoT, home automation, home security startups!

14:36 by Pawas Jain

We have only seen Quickr Cars being pushed among all verticals, because that is the sector where Pranay feels they can reach and connect to maximum number of consumers!

14:32 by Pawas Jain

Quikr Homes and Services are doing the best in all verticals that Quikr exists in!

14:30 by Pawas Jain

On acquisition of CommonFloor, Pranay laughs it off ignoring the disclosure of this deal!

14:28 by Pawas Jain

Pranay is a film lover! And he talks about English movies that he loves.. He is also a painter, during his free times!

14:28 by Shreya Gupta

We have pawas live blogging a round table discussion with Mr Pranay Chulet.

Stay tuned for the discussion that will surely motivate you to think outofthebox!

14:26 by Pawas Jain

On competition with OLX, but the playground of Quikr is much broader than any other website. Quikr is more focused on end-consumer services!

14:25 by Pawas Jain

So we are now in a Panel with Pranay Chulet, the CEO of Quikr! Stay Tuned for this interaction!

14:19 by Shreya Gupta

Finally in a candid interview with Gingger shankar. Dream come true for all the music fans and me. Girl crush on her!

She has worked with Katy Perry and is her huge fan and calls her a perfectionist who works on every little details. That coming from her we are sure Katy Perry is a genius.

Further she tells us how she stumbled upon working on film scores and how that wasn’t really her plan. Currently she is working on a documentary on her mother and her grandmother that has already gone for the Toronto Film Festival. Way to go girl!



13:57 by Shreya Gupta

To all those who are foodies, you have to know about the lunch here at INK2015.

I think its going to take one hour to process the menu.

Stomach is grumbling just looking at it.


13:31 by Shreya Gupta

I don’t have words to describe the live performance by Gingger Shankar and I’m sure none else can too. She doesn’t need to be introduced, the legacy she carries with herself is more than enough.

Im still left thrumming the beats of her performance, enchanting and mind boggling.




13:09 by Shreya Gupta

First announcement

Feb 26th – 27th 2016: Launching the First ever Singularity University- SUMMIT in India.

SU in partnership with Deloitte

Live from INK2015.

12:54 by Shreya Gupta

Afternoon folks!

Sorry for the delay on my behalf. Now reporting live from INK2015.

Lets see what the day has in store for us.

12:23 by Vishal Srivastava

Umang now shares the story of scaling Cardekho when there was no investor money. He says one values people and product more which is important in long term.

12:20 by Vishal Srivastava

Product quality, customer experience are much more valuable than discounts, says the chair of panel Karan.

12:19 by Vishal Srivastava

“There is no bubble out there, valuations are not entirely unjustifiable.”, says Dipak.

12:18 by Vishal Srivastava

Theoretically for an online player, cost of customer acquisition can be nil. If you have a healthy trading margin, you can build a profitable e-commerce venture, adds Dipak giving valuable insights into profitablity.

12:16 by Vishal Srivastava

Online business has much more stable unit economics than traditional retail, says Dipak

12:13 by Vishal Srivastava

We saw massive shift to online in real estate to online fulfilled by assisted commerce, says Tanuj

12:10 by Vishal Srivastava

Profitability of E-commerce companies is the new session at Tie-Con chaired by  Karan Mohla( IDG Ventures) with panelists  Dipak Agarwal( CEO, DLF), Tanju Shori(CEO, Square yards), Peeyush Bansal( Founder, Lenskart) and Umang Kumar(Cardekho).

11:42 by Pawas Jain

While Jaipur looks forward to a rocking performance of the band, Maati Baani takes an exit with their soul stirring performance from INK 2015!

11:42 by Vishal Srivastava

That was all from this session. But there is much more to come from Tie-Con Delhi.

Stay tuned.

11:42 by Pawas Jain

Talking about an creative collaboration with Superwoman, during her 7-days India Trip, Maati Baani tells us how she is an amazing person and does not care about the reach, views etc. Superwoman is a very to-the-point person and amazingly humble person!

11:40 by Pawas Jain

Profitability is a good thing to have, but Quikr does not have it yet! Targeting for profits in next 1-1.5 years, is what Pranay tells us!

11:36 by Vishal Srivastava

Capturing an opportunity and market share is important in the beginning. Ultimately in the long tem, customer will choose the company which gives better customer experience, says Amit.

11:34 by Vishal Srivastava

How long do you think e-commerce can sustain itself given the fact that it is based on a heavily discounted model?

11:34 by Pawas Jain

Maati Baani talks about their future plans and how technology has played an important role in their work! They have collaborated with artists across the world through Skype, Youtube etc. It has been a tech-driven musical journey for the band!

11:32 by Vishal Srivastava

What are Amazon plans to introduce Amazon in different languages to cater to the needs of different regions and people in India? Stay tuned is the short and sweet reply by Amit.

11:29 by Vishal Srivastava

Can we leverage an Indian brand which is doing well in India to take it to global level? “Yes, we have started a new service for such sellers and we already have over 5000 sellers on that. “

11:29 by Pawas Jain

And now we have the music band Maati Baani, at The Tech Portal Booth for a personal interview!

11:28 by Vishal Srivastava

What challenges Amazon faces in logistics? “One of the things we do at Amazon is the external FAQ press release which answers the questions of customers and addreessing their pain pointss. “

11:25 by Vishal Srivastava

How much contribution you can expect from India at a global level from your platform?

It is a great technology process where Indian experience is a very valuable for global scale.

Amit Agarwal

11:24 by Pawas Jain

And those were some insights from one of the most popular Serial Entrepreneur and mentor of the startup ecosystem of India, Ravi Gururaj! Stay tuned for exclusive video feeds of these interviews happening at The Tech Portal Booth at INK 2015!

11:21 by Pawas Jain

Startups are obsessed with competition, but they need to think more deeply about solving the real problem! Ravi Gururaj throws light on some very crucial aspects of starting up!

11:21 by Vishal Srivastava

They should be missionaries and able to build something lasting to get funding from Amazon.

Amit Agarwal

11:20 by Pawas Jain

Startups are delivering amazing solutions to customers!

11:20 by Vishal Srivastava

Tell us about the venture capitalist plans of Amazon. We are looking for startups and people who have pioneering mentality and share our core values, Amit replies.

11:18 by Pawas Jain

Entrepreneurship is delivering innovations like never before! Make in India will be nothing if entrepreneurship is not encouraged in India

11:18 by Vishal Srivastava

How does Amazon India has a very different image given the fact that they are also focussed on fashion space? One disadvantage that Amazon.com has that it has a 20-year legacy which we don’t have in India which is transforming, says Amit.

11:17 by Pawas Jain

People who have done startups and people who have failed startups, both are respected in the market! Right from Europeans, Chinese, Americans to the rest of the world, everyone looks at India as a great market and that is the reason our startups have received funding from across the world! Ravi Gururaj gives his insights on the startup ecosystem of the country!

11:16 by Pawas Jain

Ravi tells us how entrepreneurship is the new wave in the country and it is a very positive trend, being encouraged by everybody right from politicians, businessmen etc.

11:16 by Vishal Srivastava

If you have a right idea based on long-term needs of customer, you need not worry about timing.

11:15 by Vishal Srivastava

Timing does matter but it is not that important. India is in very nascent stage in internet and ecommerce space.

11:15 by Pawas Jain

We are back at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai again for Day 2 of INK 2015! And guess who we have on a one on one personal interview! It is the popular investor / mentor Ravi Gururaj!

11:14 by Vishal Srivastava

What took you so long to come to India? We were working and planning for India and I think we had a perfect entry as far as timing is concerned, Amit replies.

11:12 by Vishal Srivastava

Be stubborn on vision and flexible on details, says Amit.

11:11 by Vishal Srivastava

Second learning Amit talks about is Invention. And the third big learning is think long term.

11:09 by Vishal Srivastava

What are the things for young entrepreneurs you can share to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams? Amit answers by sharing his three basic learning; Obsession with customers and find two or three things that your customers care about which won’t change in long term and keep investing in them.

11:07 by Vishal Srivastava

India is a hub of opportunities and I convinced Jeff (CEO, Amazon) to take Amazon India business on a long-term basis, says Amit.

11:05 by Vishal Srivastava

Ownership of experience is key feature of job at Amazon. I’m an engineer and love to work in these environements.

11:04 by Vishal Srivastava

How you get to this role in Amazon on your entrepreneurial journey?

11:03 by Vishal Srivastava

Amit and Vani Kala (Chair, Kalaari Capital) take on the stage to discuss customer obsession in India.

11:03 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Interesting use-case for Amit to talk about ”

“He went to Jeff for a 2 Billion Dollar cheque to start operations in India, and has come out with flying colours.” Get ready for an anecdotal and insightful session. Stay tuned.

11:02 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We are now #LIVE from a session by Amit Aggarwal, Amazon India Boss.

11:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

That’s a wrap for a really intriguing session by Union MoS For Finance, mr. Jayant Sinha.

But you don’t go anywhere, as we continue our exhaustive live coverage from TiECon 2015 New Delhi.

“Stay tuned”

10:57 by Vishal Srivastava

None of the banks know about the Mudra scheme by government and people do not get response. Sinha says that Mudra loan has crossed 1 lakh crore in terms of money and if you have any specific complaints, let me know.

10:55 by Vishal Srivastava

Sinha says there are many renewable energy companies working in India and the tremendous scope of renewable energy sector like solar in India. We might build an entire DC power ecosystem in future which is cheaper than AC. And setting up is the problem which you have to solve.

10:53 by Vishal Srivastava

What are the policies to attract Indian nationals who have lived and studied in abroad to come back to India? Sinha says that India is currently the most open nations to FDI and other things which can attract investors and Indians alike to set up their business in India.

10:51 by Vishal Srivastava

Sinha says that recently judicial system is functioning in a much more better way  but he admits that for business in India, litigation system is challenging.

10:50 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


10:50 by Vishal Srivastava

Next question is related to investment and capital which sees huge roadblocks in terms of speed in handling these issues.

10:48 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Question : Why can’t offline retailers be asked to get online ? Its about convenience.

10:46 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

WP_20151017_001 (1)

10:45 by Vishal Srivastava

How can one fincance his social startup related to farmers problems without going to high profiles? Sinha says that if one is a worthy enrepreneus, I don’t think capital is a problem inIndia given the fact that there are impact capital and philantrophiv capital in addition to venture capital.

10:45 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

If you are worthy social entrepreneur, you will get money from various philanthropic organisations working in India.

There is plenty of capital :  philanthropic, regular venture capital. You need to figure out if you’re worthy.

Jayant Sinha

10:45 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


10:41 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Question 3 : A lady talks about how registration is such a pesky affair in India.

Jayant Sinha : “Stay Tuned”

10:40 by Vishal Srivastava

It depends on the type of business, Sinha gets away by a self-confessed  typical consulting answer.

10:40 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Question 2 : How do you separate government policies on “metro entrepreneurs” and “rural entrepreneurs” ?

10:39 by Vishal Srivastava

Sinha suggests taking the business to banks which are recognized partners of the policies. He further gives his personal email id to take the complaints to him directly.

10:39 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Questions now on government policy. A startup named “Loansguru” which provide loans to agri sector asks how government could really implement policies which it has announced. Execution is lacking. (That’s a really valid point)

10:36 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We are now open to Q&As.


10:36 by Vishal Srivastava

Narendra Modi and government is expected to announce more startup-friendly policies in December, says Sinha.

10:35 by Vishal Srivastava

He mentions various changes being made by the government to boost the universities and reiterates the commitment by government to boost the entrepreneurial spirit in the country.

10:34 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We announced several schemes in budget. We will foster innovation, and funnelling money into domestic companies. We will ensure you have the financing available as you start to grow your business. 

Jayant Sinha

10:33 by Vishal Srivastava

You are the players and you have to score runs and centuries, says Sinha giving an analogy of cricket as to how players are ultimately responsible for performance.

10:32 by Vishal Srivastava

We have to create our own Indian model driven through innovation and we cannot replicate Chinese model of growth, says Sinha.

10:32 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Jayant Sinha is now taking examples from how amazon has excelled in India, despite of stark contrast between US and Indian markets. His mention of Zomato clearly tells how this Government is pretty much a startup friendly one.

10:31 by Vishal Srivastava

E-commerce is another space which has seen tremendous growth in India and innovation happening in India can solve the problems all around the world. – Jayant Sinha

10:29 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Jayant Sinha talks about how India is a hub of motorcycles and small cars. He talks about how India has become the hub for such enterprises.

10:28 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

“India can be the springboard for innovation for the next years. We need to have sustained economic growth, for a decade or two. China sustained it for 3 decades, so can we” – jayant Sinha

10:27 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

“India can become the next economic, innovation hub for the next 6 billion” – Jayant Sinha

10:26 by Vishal Srivastava

Zomato is another example of a company which has grown global and there are upcoming companies which are not only expanding in world creating jobs along side it.

10:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

“When you develop products from US, Australia, you;re solving first world problems, not India’s problems. You need to build businesses in India, for India, from India.” – Jayant Sinha

10:25 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

“We need to create 400-500 Million dollars businesses, not 10-20 Million dollar businesses” -Union Minister of State for Finance, Jayant Sinha

19:17 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

So thats a wrap for Day One. We’re in now for some sumptuous dinner !!! (Yay!!)  We’ll be back tomorrow, starting 9:00 AM tomorrow. Stay tuned !

18:39 by Shreya Gupta

We wrap up the day with Irrfan Khan talking about how we loves the connection he makes with the audience while working on the screen. His most cherished moments of acting are these.

We will be back with more to keep you on your toes about what happens at INK2015.

See you Tomorrow! Chao

18:36 by Pawas Jain

Its about the bond that you develop with the audience, as an actor, is something that is very precious to Irrfan! Something to cherish for him! On that note, Irrfan takes a leave amidst huge round of applause!

18:35 by Shreya Gupta

Punch lines and Irrfan go hand in hand, we have already seen that in his last movie PIKU. In person too he is as quick with his punches as he is on screen.

When asked about whether he wants to buy a soccer team? His immediate light reply being in India we call it “Football.”

More love for Irrfan from all the Football lovers.

18:35 by Pawas Jain

Irrfan started his career as an actor to earn acknowledgment from his own mother!

18:34 by Pawas Jain

And on a serious note, Irrfan starts talking about his next projects! Working with Tom Hanks and other Hollywood artists has been a great experience for Irrfan on the sets of Inferno, the next in the series of Da Vinci Code!

18:33 by Pawas Jain

So what is next for Irrfan Khan, is buying a sports team the next step? This is going to be interesting! And Irrfan jokes about being interested in playing rather than purchasing teams! Kho-Kho, soccer, bring him anything and he would love to get all sporty! 😉

18:32 by Shreya Gupta

How animals are confused where to go because their entire habitat has been replaced by construction and development. Time to ponder upon that this development for whom? Irrfan Khan talks about how his acquaintance communicates with Wild elephants who wander in the village looking for their natural habitat.

18:28 by Shreya Gupta

Listen to Irrfan Khan talk about his goofy side.

How he loves the Forests but not the safaris where you are safe in a vehicle spotting animals but Forests where  he can sit in the lap of the nature.

18:25 by Pawas Jain

Forests send Irrfan on a high! With a lot of passion in his eyes, Irrfan describes how he likes to encounter adventure in forests and how he just loves to be amidst nature! Irrfan reveals his deeply rooted love for forests!

18:24 by Pawas Jain

Irrfan packs his cricket bat when he is traveling! Physical sports interest him a lot in personal life!

18:24 by Pawas Jain

Is Irrfan Khan the same intense personality that he displays on screen?

Not at all! He is fun, he is funny and he likes to enjoy!

18:23 by Pawas Jain

Bollywood industry is completed business-centric. If your film is doing good business, you are supposed to be a good actor! Sad, but true, rightly said Irrfan! We second you!

18:22 by Pawas Jain

Irrfan Khan talks about the unconventional acting and methods of Johnny Depp and how he is still one of the most respected actors of Hollywood!

18:21 by Pawas Jain

Starting from early days of theatre and TV, Irrfan has come a long way to becoming one of the most respected actors of the industry today with his acting methodology and putting life into his characters like no other!

18:16 by Vishal Srivastava

Charu talks about the beginning in 2006 when Kabaddi had become quite popular in Asian Games after being first included in the Asian Games in 1996.

18:15 by Pawas Jain

And guys, its Irrfan Khan in the house! *Cheers*

18:14 by Vishal Srivastava

Sport has always been my core competence and despite having a corporate career earlier in life, it remained a valuable part of my life.

18:12 by Vishal Srivastava

Story of Pro-Kabaddi League, a perfect example of boosting sport other than cricket in India,  in the words of Charu Sharma on the way.

18:11 by Vishal Srivastava

Charu Sharma takes on the stage and thanks the organizers and session partners in his own witty style.

18:09 by Vishal Srivastava

It is time for the showstopper session of the day. And guess what who is the speaker to end the day!!! It is none other than Charu Sharma, the famous commentator and also an entrepreneuer who is behind the Pro Kabbaddi League.

18:05 by Vishal Srivastava

That was all from this session and if audience applause is any measure, this session has clearly intrigued everyone and gave a lot of valuable insights about the future of finance tech to the people present here.

Stay tuned for further updates.

18:02 by Vishal Srivastava

Next question for mobile wallets about the entry of big honchos such as Mahindra and Aditya Birla entering into digital payment scene. Bipin emphasises on the ease of making payments through digital wallets in case of rural areas and says that their focus is on people who already have bank accounts and still do not use digital payments.

17:58 by Vishal Srivastava

MoneyView manages the overall bank accounts and auto-categorises the expenditure and gives an overview about their spending patterns. It gives an option to form budget and serves as a holistic tool for personal finance management. As far as scalability is concerened, right now MoneyView is focussed on India and dealing with all banks in India first.

17:56 by Vishal Srivastava

Question to MoneyView about the scope of its usability beyond checking the bank balance and about its expansion challenges to other countries.

17:55 by Vishal Srivastava

Next question again is related to the role of banking correspondence in the age of such tech-based platforms for lending. Alok says that banking correspondence is generally related to customer experience and such tech platforms will help to enhance this experience.

17:52 by Vishal Srivastava

The second question to MobiKwik about the QR codes in payment technology. Bipin admits that it has not been that successful in other countries. Moreover in India, using a QR code in India is still uncommon as we have just begun to see people adopting smartphones.

17:50 by Vishal Srivastava

The first question arises over the issue of regulations in privatised lending from Vinay Matthews. Vinay explains about the platform as to how it does not interfere with the money being exchanged on its platform between lenders and buyers.

17:48 by Vishal Srivastava

Alok talks about segmentation of opportunities in this sector. Providing key services fast, frictionless delivery and relevance of data will be the key features of finance tech, summarises the chair. Now it is time for Q&A.

17:45 by Vishal Srivastava

Bipin gives the example of online transactions using digital wallets and cards, both coexisting together to enable transactions, for example, cards for large transactions and wallets for lower end transactions. “We have 20 million credit cards out of which only 50% are active. Among them also, only 5-7% are unique,”says Bipin.

17:42 by Vishal Srivastava

Data is going to really affect the change and particularly, non traditional data, says Vinay. For example, online shopping patterns, analysis of digital footprints and this lot of data is going to affect the upcoming technologies. He further adds it will be combined with human intervention to take it to next level.

17:39 by Pawas Jain

MASALA CHAI is a creative collective that showcases South Asian Visual Art and Design from around the world. It was conceived in 2007, by Pavitra Mohan and she tells us the concept behind the website and how they function!

17:39 by Shreya Gupta

Last question to Kiran Rao: If you were to meet someone from a different field then who would it be?

Kiran Rao: People who have worked in education or Brain Science. Technology fascinates her. In fact she wonders how internet even works so miraculously. How one second she is typing something and the other there are 1000 results. Technology fascinates Kiran a lot and leaves her thinking on this subject for hours.

17:39 by Vishal Srivastava

Next question: How do you see finance tech sector changing in the next 5-10 years?

17:37 by Pawas Jain

Pavitra talks about her tough days of struggle and medical problems. She tells the crowd about how she read motivational blogs and books, and start connecting with the creative community!

17:37 by Vishal Srivastava

Bipin points out to the unique case of Indian scenario where card based payments never really took off and now with the advent of smartphones, digital payment scene is seeing a huge boost in the Indian economy.

17:35 by Pawas Jain

Design Curator and INK Fellow, Pavitra Mohan starts her talk by describing the meaning of “cool-hunter”, a person whose job is to make observations about new styles and trends!

17:35 by Vishal Srivastava

First question: Why are there no large players in the fin-tech (finance tech) sector? Puneet says this is due to the high regulation of finance sector in the country. Vinay Matthews gives the example of disruption of airlines sector citing low cost demand of airlines as a primary cause of disruption. Finance is also going to see a similar disruption in coming years.

17:34 by Pawas Jain

Kiran Rao concludes her interview session and takes a leave amidst a huge round of applause and appreciation from the crowd!

17:32 by Vishal Srivastava

All the four panelists are working on technology platforms related to the finance and money issues: Faircent aggregates lenders and buyers on a single platform lowering the cost of borrowing without any need of banks; MoneyView is the financial management app; MobiKwik is the digital wallet used for purchasing stuff both online and offline (mobile recharge, groceries, movies and many more) and Indifi Technologies aims to enhance access of credits for SMEs who face difficulty in obtaining credits.

17:29 by Shreya Gupta

The Guessing Game!

What will be the topic of Kiran Rao’s next movie?

Anand Gandhi: Technology of course. I am a fan and I will be writing it.


17:28 by Vishal Srivastava

Chair for this panel discussion Lending and Payments, Ajay Oak ( Co founder and CEO Shubham Housing) has taken over the stage and inviting panelists on the stage: Bipin Preet Singh( Founder and CEO of MobiKwik), Alok Mittal( CEO Infi Tech), Puneet Agarwal(Co-founder Money View) and Vinay Matthews(Founder and CEO Faircent).

17:27 by Pawas Jain

Stories about artists of last century interest Kiran Rao a lot, as Anand Gandhi tells the crowd!

17:23 by Shreya Gupta

Technology somehow finds its way in every movie of Mr Anand Gandhi. Directly from Kiran Rao.



17:23 by Pawas Jain

Films should be looked as an art form and not simply as a revenue generating Friday Box Office creation!

17:21 by Pawas Jain

Kiran Rao and Anand Gandhi joke about making a 3D Sci-Fi movie!

17:20 by Pawas Jain

Book of photographs by Sudharak Olwe, funded by Mr. Tata, focuses on manual cleaning of gutters in India. Kiran Rao talks about it and how deeply that book moved her.

17:17 by Shreya Gupta

Who was the tougher character to Director in the film? The Actor or the other actors?

For Kiran it was difficult with everyone since Pratik had to work on a totally new level and everyone else was acting for the first time. Reporting Live from INK2015, Mumbai

17:15 by Pawas Jain

Back after a refreshing cup of coffee and guess who we have on stage – KIRAN RAO! 😀

17:14 by Shreya Gupta

Watching a glimpse of “Dhobhi Ghat” with Kiran Roa, here to discuss short films and film making.

17:13 by Vishal Srivastava

We are here at perhaps the most significant session of TiE – Lending & Payments – The Protean Age where founders and CEOs from India’s top finance and money related startups will be talking about the lending and money related issues faced by SMEs and startups. Stay tuned to get valuable insights into the leading minds behind Faircent, MobiKwik, Indifi, Shubham Housing Development Finance and MoneyView.

16:54 by Shreya Gupta

While breaking for Coffee and interviewing in the Press room, Guess who we bumped into.


16:49 by Shreya Gupta

An INK Fellow, Priyanka Kohli, Head, People Operations, Grey Orange, in talks with The Tech Portal.


The reason behind starting Grey Orange, a pioneering startup that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced Robotic systems for automation at distribution and fulfilment centres, was to make products out of india that are both softwares and hardwares. A lot of us are from science and engineering background where some people from my team built and worked on Robotics and also won accolades worldwide. This love for robotics drives us to overcome our challenges.

16:34 by Shreya Gupta

Born and bought up in Jharkhand, he entered the manufacturing industry and is now helping diversify and shake the IT Sector, introducing to you Mr.Ganesh Natarajan in a candid interview with The Tech Portal @inktalks @ink2015.


16:28 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

TieCon 2015’s Day One is wrapping up now. The event, by whatever time I got to spend here, is amazing and has a MASSIVE footfall !


16:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The TiE Wishing wall (that’s what I’m calling it). All your entrepreneurial needs could be addressed right here, on these two walls. Check this out and who knows, you might find the right ‘investor’, co-founder or some mentor.


16:07 by Shreya Gupta

Ayushman Khuran being the Sport that he is, entertains everyone with his ohsodrooling voice singing ‘Pani da’.


Girls in the front row are already dancing and the men in the room sweating. Giving too much competition Mr Khurana.

16:05 by Pawas Jain

And its time for Ayushmann to sing on his most popular song ‘Pani Da Rang’! Crowd goes gaga over this song! Claps and Cheers for Ayushmann!

16:04 by Pawas Jain

Started with theatre, then radio for 2 years and then Television for 4 years with MTV India! That has been a journey worth describing!

16:03 by Pawas Jain

Slums right next to Five star hotels – that describes the scene of Mumbai and this perspective cannot be seen anywhere else in India. This is the stark reality and we need to realize this! Rightly said, Ayushmaan!

16:01 by Pawas Jain

Ayushman Khurrana wants to do the role of SRK in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na, and Amitabh Bachchan’s role in Shakti!

16:01 by Shreya Gupta

Here is to an actor who after his first movie was sought after by all women worldwide considering his track record of being a good donor and after his latest movie he is very much being sought after by all plump women.

Welcoming Ayushman Khurana in a candid chat session with our very own INK Host & Curator Lakshmi Pratury.

16:00 by Pawas Jain

From being a slim guy with braces in school, Ayushman Khurrana tells his story of getting into theatre! No more an underdog, this multi-tasker is the perfect example of what an Indian small-town guy can do!

15:57 by Pawas Jain

From a sperm donor to a husband of a plump girl in Dum laga ke Haisha, Ayushman Khurrana, has done it all! The actor, who is the heartthrob of the country, now takes to stage!

15:56 by Shreya Gupta

Ganesh Natarajan, Vice Chairman and CEO, Zensar Technologies

Starts his talk with “Jack and the Bean Stalk ” and how this book came to be his favourite book as a kid.

Working with the Government of India on the National Digital Literacy Mission. He further reiterates that the Agenda here is to make people have an agency within themselves and to Bridge the digital divide. He explains with the help of a flow chart as to how Bridging the Digital Divide will help in creating an Individual Agency. This will further help in building a Digital Community or Connected Community. To ensure how to engage in these communities, the need would be to enable employability which in the end results in Economic growth.

15:55 by Pawas Jain

Ganesh Natarajan explains why digital transformation of urban slum communities is important for the country right now! Building a better India together by bringing all the stakeholders together! Nice initiative and a thought-provoking idea!

15:33 by Pawas Jain

Priyanka takes an exit after explaining the disruption they are bringing in hardware tech of India! Cheers to such an amazing idea and automation!

15:33 by Pawas Jain

30 million USD of funding in the latest round! This is truly amazing for hardware in India. GreyOrange is the real brand ambassador of Make in India! Setting an example for hardware startups!

15:31 by Pawas Jain

Very few hardware companies have been successfully funded! Hardware is new and hardware is tough, Priyanka explains!

15:30 by Pawas Jain

More servers and more licenses are needed for a software company to scale up. However, for a hardware startup, scaling up means a manufacturing plant! Without such automation in warehousing, sales and mass ordering during times such as Diwali and Big Billion Day of Flipkart, would have never been possible!

15:29 by Pawas Jain

Product Development cycles are very different in hardware and software startups. Prototyping is the biggest challenge for hardware startups, as Priyanka explains. In absence of any shop or laboratory in India for testing or development of prototypes, they had to use their VC money on development of in-house labs in the office of GreyOrange to create prototypes!

15:27 by Pawas Jain

Using phosphate batteries, which are used only by Tesla other than Greyorange in the world! This is the disruption in hardware tech of India!

15:27 by Pawas Jain

The best part? Every piece of software and hardware that goes into the development of these robots have been created in India! This is the disruption in ‘Make in India’! Wow!

15:26 by Pawas Jain

Butler, their intelligent robot for warehouses helps in storage, facilitates logistics of items, and increases the efficiency of the whole process. While Priyanka shows the video to the crowd, the audience looks with rapt attention at the awesomeness of Butler unfolding!

15:24 by Pawas Jain

Founder of GreyOrange, Priyanka Kohli, comes on stage and explains us about their idea of creating robots for warehouses, that can increase the efficiency by leaps and bounds for packaging and logistics!

15:07 by Pawas Jain

Balan talks about his childhood and how he grew up! He has led the Air Force’s sales, advertising and marketing arm and oversaw a multi-service interagency effort aimed at establishing rule of law as well as protecting U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan.

15:04 by Pawas Jain

The next speaker is first Indian-American to become a General in US Airforce! Welcoming on the dais now – Balan Ayyer!

14:26 by Shreya Gupta

In a Candid interview with Mr Arunabh Kumar who surprisingly has also studied for 3 years in Jaipur. His best school years From Std 8th to std 10th.

He tells us why he wanted to narrate a story in the most honest way possible and thats how we got our much loved TVF Pitchers.

14:03 by Shreya Gupta

We will be back with updates on the Candid chat with Mr Manvendra Singh who has taken the hotel industry by a storm.


13:47 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We’ll be LIVE anytime now. And yes, this delayed start of the coverage is due to Delhi’s massive traffic congestion woes.

Never mind, me and vishal will make sure that we hit you up with some of the most comprehensive, LIVE coverage from TiECon.

Meanwhile, go check out our INK 2015 Live coverage space, which is receiving massive turnout. The Tech Portal is covering two of the biggest startup events in India, simultaneously, LIVE !

13:38 by Shreya Gupta

Here we are with Mr Mohandas Pai who is being interviewed by Himanshi.

Himanshi: Factors you look for in a start up?

Mr Pai:

  1. IDEA. The idea should be an amalgamation of both air and fire. It should be able to breathe air into lives but also give fire to the passion of people.

2.  Founders. The founders should be such that not only they sell us their idea but also make us believe in it. Thats one quality i look forward to.

Himanshi: Sectors?

Mr. Pai: Technology, life sciences, researches, IOA

Himanshi: How important is the role of Primary education?

Mr Pai: Highly important since it gives you an exposure, it breathes life into a child’s curiosity. Primary Education is the key to creating high intellects. It is as important as a Mother’s Input in a child.

Curiosity and Problem Solving ability are the elements that will make anyone outshine.


13:19 by Shreya Gupta

For all those like me who weren’t aware of what is the next big thing on Television.

Please watch TVF Pitchers. You won’t regret it.

13:12 by Shreya Gupta

For anyone who has a lot of Creative inertia in them, Arunabh Kumar is your man. From studying in  IIT to being selected and working with the US Airforce he ended up working with Red Chillies Entertainment and is now famous as the “QTIYAPA GUY.”

13:08 by Shreya Gupta

Arunabh Kumar, the man standing between the conference delegates and our lunch.

Founder and CEO, The Viral Fever.

Presenting you with a presentation on WHO What and Where is the youth? What the industrial sector thinks the indian youth is? He talks in detail about creating content for the youth and Creative Feudal LORDS.

Arunabh is not just an entertainer but left everyone floored with his charms and hilarious one liners.

12:55 by Shreya Gupta

“Indians like Savoury Breakfast and thats how we got our Favourite Saffola Oats for Breakfast.” Chairman, Marico.

12:52 by Shreya Gupta

In this era of Brand fanatics hear directly from Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico talk about his reason to turn from an unbranded business to branded. The key to expand their business.

His first brand was in the form of Parachute oil which paved way for other coconut oil products but once the market got stagnant, he wanted to disrupt it, wanted to shake it and thats how we got the Plastic Container Packaging.

For a brand to succeed and stabilise there is a need for innovation, change and risk plays a big role. You can’t achieve big without risking what you have at the moment.

12:43 by Shreya Gupta

Do you want to view Cells as living LEGOS?

Hear it directly from Nina Tandon @inktalks #ink2015

12:37 by Shreya Gupta

“Hiphop will allow you to tell stories even if you don’t have a great background.”

Hiphop Artist Naezy the BAe, the first hindi rapper in india, born and bought up in Kurla.

12:33 by Shreya Gupta

For all the Coffee Addicts out there, we happily introduce you to Arshiya Bose.

She is a Coffee addict who founded Black Baza Coffee co. The purpose of BBC is to transform the way coffee is grown and to make biodiversity important. It guarantees a buyback of coffee and has long term relationships and supports growers to improve their quality of coffee.

BBC gives the coffee drinker every single detail about how his favourite coffee is grown.

“Coffee gives me unrealistic expectations of productivity.” Kudos to Arshiya.


12:13 by Shreya Gupta

Ink is not about a conference, it is a community. #ink2015

12:10 by Shreya Gupta

Mr Mohandas Pai talks about how quality of education these days is worse than what it was in 1900s as there is more of government interference and lack of freedom.

He further reiterates that there is a need for a “Middle Class Lobby” where there should be a demand for better quality of life not just economically but also socially, culturally. We are the future and this future cannot be compromised.

12:03 by Shreya Gupta

When we talk about change and life, there is no better way than hearing it directly from Mr Mohandas Pai, currently the Chairman of Manipal Global Education and was previously the CFO of Infosys. This sudden change of plan and expansion in his life came at a point when he was satisfied with his work at Infosys and realised that he must spend his next 10 years focusing on expanding other areas, respectively Startups, education and get his life back by spending time with family which he still is unable to and that worries him. Family is important.



11:49 by Shreya Gupta

No better way to start the new session “Expand” than with the Charismatic Manvendra Singh Shekhawat.

He talks about how he as an aspiring model living in mumbai in 2008, a wanna be in his words went about to become a Cultural Conservationist. How Local inspiration inspired him and his team to build a lake wherein even 4 spells of rainfall is able to collect 12 million lts of water which is a boon for the desert city of Jaisalmer.

11:30 by Shreya Gupta

Following and Promoting ‘Fair Trade Forum India’ #ink2015 #inklive2015Snapchat-5969374589670984125

11:27 by Shreya Gupta

We Bring to you Stuart Candy live and personal with Himanshi Goyal from The tech portal.

He thinks he was just lucky to have discovered Futuristic Sciences. Modest Much! considering how he came across it when he was 16 years old. Specially considering how it is not a part of the current School Curriculum but for him it should be promoted more. The capacity to think about the future and deliberate over it is something that every human being is capable of and it should be reasoned upon. When asked if there is any scope for future sciences in India, he says that some of his favourite Scholars are from the Asian Continent one of them being Ashis Nandy.

He also runs a Lab with a friend of his called “The Situation Lab.”

Free download of the card game “The thing of the Future” is available at situationlab.org

11:24 by Shreya Gupta

We now are Live in a Personal Interview with Prof Acharya.

She Happily talks about how they are involved in both preventive and diagnostic treatments regarding Tuberculosis that her new B2C is working on. Also the difference between her first start up and where they are now and how challenging it has been. Kudos to this woman who thrives on the Adrenaline rush that she gets on her way to achieve what she is determined to achieve.

If there is one lethal combination it is one of Brains with Class and here is one woman who pulls that up a few notches.

Happy Talking!

11:21 by Shreya Gupta

Here is INK2015 promoting Rangsutra, providing a platform to the art and culture of India.Snapchat-3079962912624364794

11:20 by Shreya Gupta

A brilliant end to the first session with a Classical Dance performance.

Now awaiting the personal interview session on behalf of The Tech portal with the speakers of ‘DISRUPT’.

10:30 by Pawas Jain

We are bringing some awesome Interviews with the coolest people at #INK2015 Live on The Tech Portal! Stay Tuned and watch our live stream!

10:20 by Shreya Gupta

The 4 cards that unfold here are a combination of a device related to the brain that gets transformed into or by a situation of hilarity.  The inference of the cards depends on the players and their thinking of the future.

To get a chance to play “The thing of the future” please visit #futuryst

10:16 by Pawas Jain

Stuart Candy concludes the first session ‘Erupt’ and we have an amazing classical dance performance! This is actually disruptive now! 😀

10:15 by Pawas Jain

This card game is available online, where you can try out different situations and experiment with futuristic situations and share the same across your social network!

10:13 by Pawas Jain

Stuart Candy draws an amazing picture of 100 years from now, of the ruins of a shopping mall which no one has visited for decades and it gives a mood of nostalgia. It has an old, demolished signboard outside saying “No Parking”, which is ironical and nostalgic as no one would be driving cars 100 years from now!

This interpretation has been drawn from the card game of Stuart Candy and he says it is possible to create 3.7 million more situations like this from this card set! Inexplicable and Baffling! Wow!

10:09 by Shreya Gupta

Now playing a card game called “A thing of the future” with Stuart Candy, a futurist, strategist and an educator.

10:08 by Pawas Jain

Stuart Candy gives a demo of his card game, which is a futuristic collaborative experiment he has been working upon! Something exciting unfolding now!

10:06 by Pawas Jain

Most of the people still haven;t heard of future sciences as a field of study, says Stuart! Very relevant, in the Indian context, I must say!

10:05 by Shreya Gupta

Stuart Candy, Futurist.

He chanced upon being a Futurist when he was 16. Woah!

One sure thing according to him is that the Future is extremely powerful no matter who or where you are.

10:04 by Pawas Jain

Stuart Candy, a known futurist, and his work has enabled collective foresight and imagination through design! This seems to be something exciting in the pandora’s box of INK 2015!

10:00 by Shreya Gupta

“If you don’t work on building your dream, Someone else will hire you to build your dream.”

Start anywhere but just start before your dream becomes somebody else’s. – Alexandru Budisteanu

10:00 by Pawas Jain

Smartwatches are the best example of this journey from prototype to product which have now become such a mass product that it is available at cheap prices! It is encouraging to know that smartwatches were also a prototype a few years back! With this, Alexandru concludes his session on disruptive technologies, BIT technology and new developments!

09:55 by Pawas Jain

Alexandru takes bang on the point – the challenge is to convert a prototype into a product!

09:55 by Shreya Gupta

He builds things in his garage and that is what he loves.

He is a maker and also a computer scientist. In his early days he swore never to become an electric engineer but from the last two years he has been doing everything electric. #neversaynever

Please note, In middle school, he wanted to become a hacker.

Introducing to you, Alexandru Budisteanu.

09:51 by Pawas Jain

Alexandru Budisteanu takes to stage to discuss new things that his team is building!

09:49 by Shreya Gupta

Think 10x and then 100x.


Do not be afraid to include those steps that aren’t possible today.

What you read just now are just a few steps to Start and take a moonshot.

Dream big, put aside your worries and lets do a Moonshot!

09:48 by Pawas Jain

Smartphones, digital payments, mobile broadband and power / energy storage are the sectors where one can take moonshots! These are sectors that are going to grow by leaps and bounds!

Start doing things that are not possible today! Take a moonshot, think futuristic!

09:47 by Pawas Jain

Tesla vs Fisker, the disruption in automobiles! Jack Hidary talks about how Tesla made a moonshot and engaged in the biggest idea! He encourages everybody to take a moonshot!

“Think 10x, then 100x”

09:46 by Shreya Gupta

Virgin Galactic,

A chance for everyone to leave the planet and see the wonderful Earth from space.

Only possible, if we lets the earth survive and do away with the activities killing it.

Hear Jack Hidary a Surprise addition to the list of speakers talk about DO A MOONSHOT!

09:44 by Shreya Gupta

One needs to be crazy to know crazy!

On a personal note, Anand lives with his fellow mates and introduces to his Girlfriends, he brings home to all the amazing species he has stored in his freezer. #justsaying

09:44 by Pawas Jain

Jack Hidary, is a sudden addition to the list of speakers, because a visionary such as him was found to be in India by the Ink Talks team! He takes to the stage and starts his talk ‘Do A Moonshot’, with enthusiasm and energy

09:42 by Pawas Jain

It is a tough life living with a couple of friends, and bringing worms and parasitic insects home every day! He is glad that his friends are tolerant about his work, joked Anand Varma

09:41 by Shreya Gupta

Anand kept around 1000 infected crickets in his warm California kitchen and pioneered new approaches using lights , salts and then sedated crickets in the cool to buy enough time to finally compose an image.

Took him about 21 days to get one specific shot that he thought would give justice to these creatures.

This Curly haired Photographer Scientist like electronic music, if anyone is listening.

09:36 by Shreya Gupta

For Anand too it isn’t an easy task. He says, it takes a lot of research and time and work in the labs to figure out which of these species can be best photographed.

One of his best, The caterpillar and the wasps.

09:32 by Pawas Jain

It takes a lot of research and time to click photographs of such details and beauty. We have a photographer who has a story with every photo!

09:30 by Shreya Gupta

Here we have Anand Varma, Photographer talk about how he creates visual magic.

He derives this magic by shooting the ecosystem in its most natural form.

09:30 by Pawas Jain

Anand Varma starts by displaying some intricate and eye-opening photographs! This is some disruption in photography! Cheers to such an artist!

09:27 by Pawas Jain

For the next talk, we have an “Ink Fellow”, a visual artist, or better described as visual scientist, Anand Varma takes the stage!

09:27 by Shreya Gupta

“IF we can imagine it,

We can create it.”

No better way to end the first “Disrupt” session by Prof Acharya.

09:26 by Pawas Jain

Just like tablets, self driven cars seemed to be a figment of our imagination but are a reality now, similarly genomics is also whispering a future to us! Designer babies, genomics, all to be a reality in near future! On this note, Anuradha Acharya concludes her session ‘Erupt’! Informative, imaginative, futuristic, this was an amazing experience!

09:25 by Shreya Gupta

Genomepatri or Janampatri.

Whats the need of the hour? Change the way you look at your life rather than changing a specific part of it.

09:25 by Pawas Jain

No more ‘janampatris’, we need ‘Genomepatris’ now! Anuradha shared her experiences of changing her lifestyle at the risk of diabetes!

09:24 by Pawas Jain

Cost of a genome has reduced to 100 million dollars to a few thousand dollars!

09:23 by Pawas Jain

Personalized medicines are the “in-thing”, which might replace the traditional medicines. 80% of your diseases are preventable, says Anuradha Acharya!


09:18 by Shreya Gupta

Inspiration comes in different forms. Hear Prof Acharya talk about how the Book “Against the Gods” helped inspire her research.

09:17 by Pawas Jain

Anuradha Acharya, Founder and CEO of MapMyGenome, kick starts Ink 2015 with her talk on what brought about the idea of MapMyGenome! Grand setup, majestic dais and an amazing crowd, Ink 2015 STARTS!

09:16 by Shreya Gupta

Starting the day with Prof Anuradha Acharya taking about how doing good for much larger population also implies we are doing good for ourselves. #Ink 2015

“Service to humanity.”

08:54 by Pawas Jain

Countdown begins! We are about to start “Ink 2015: Disrupt”! Stay Tuned! We are going to bring you every action, live from the ground!

08:41 by Pawas Jain

The Tech Portal team is back, and this time it is one of the most exciting Talk Events of India that we are Live Blogging from! Welcome to Grand Hyatt, Santacruz East, Mumbai and Stay Tuned as the event starts in a few minutes!

17:30 by Himanshi Goyal

Hence, Startup India Rocks 2015 comes to a glamorous end! Cheers! The Tech Portal Team is signing off from Leela Palace, Goa!

17:28 by Himanshi Goyal

And the winner is “Womenilia”! Cheers to women power!

17:27 by Himanshi Goyal

All the way from Finland, Claned bags the second spot and makes its way as the runner-up! And its the time for the WINNER OF STARTUP INDIA ROCKS 2015!

17:26 by Himanshi Goyal

And hence, Transerve bags the third spot! Cheers for this wonderful idea!

17:25 by Himanshi Goyal

5 , 4, 3,2, 1!

Results out 😀

17:20 by Himanshi Goyal

And the countdown begins ! 10, 9 , 8 , 7 , 6 …

17:16 by Himanshi Goyal

The whole hall sings a “surprise” birthday song for Mr Kaushal (Chairman of Scale India) as he enters the hall ! What a beautiful moment.

Happy birthday Sir 🙂

17:13 by Himanshi Goyal

And with this we come to the end ! 20 Startups and an  Outstanding Panel ! What a pitch !

5 Mins for the scoring and then we will have the final results out.

17:11 by Himanshi Goyal

The market is pretty huge in India and with more and more company’s are  going to product gifting .They are looking to go digital way and the destination is US !


17:09 by Himanshi Goyal

Seeking to raise 0K bridge fund to achieve their milestones !

17:08 by Himanshi Goyal

India gifting market is around billion + !

17:07 by Himanshi Goyal

They have 250+ brands on board which includes hungama.com , Baskin Robbins and etc !

17:04 by Himanshi Goyal

The last company for today is GiftKarting. It is a online platform especially for all the online and offline merchants !

17:00 by Pawas Jain

Funded by angel investors from India and the Valley, they plan to raise USD 1 million now to grow in over 10 cities and over 750 registered doctors! This idea, if implemented properly, has the potential to go huge!

16:59 by Pawas Jain

The challenge is to give a user the same experience over a mobile app, as they get in a physical consultation with a doctor! This is going to be a tough task for the start-up but they have plans for it already by continuously improving their UI!

16:58 by Pawas Jain

Aiming to be a part of a USD 80 billion industry is not an easy task. As the number of startups in healthcare grow every day in today’s era even in the Indian start-up ecosystem, DocsApp claims to have an amazing user response with over 60% engagement and 130+ doctors in India already enrolled!

16:57 by Pawas Jain

DocsApp allows you to book an appointment with a doctor from any field and consult the doctor within 30 minutes! Disrupting the way people have been showing up to doctors!

16:56 by Pawas Jain

Its time for the next start-up and it is DocsApp! A healthcare start-up which has a lot of claims to make

16:38 by Himanshi Goyal

There are only 7 screens per Million people in India! And only 27 Fridays per year for an Independent Film maker to feature their film. Here comes MUVIZ !

16:34 by Himanshi Goyal

The next company is MUVIZZ. It is a streaming platform much like Netflix !

16:30 by Himanshi Goyal

Look for our live streaming platform just above my post for a live demo of his product ! Is it not just Waaow ?

16:26 by Himanshi Goyal

They have an independent complete industrial chains competitive advantage which is the only one in the industry !

16:23 by Himanshi Goyal

Magic school gets 2 extra minutes as Mr. (Sorry!Couldn’t catch the name) has a translator with him. He is from China and doesn’t speak english.

16:20 by Himanshi Goyal

A cute cartoon animated video on screen with childhood jingles. Explain much ? The next startup is Magic School!

16:17 by Himanshi Goyal

They are 14 year old rock solid firm with 37 full time employees and have offices in Noida, Mumbai , hydrabad and cochin.

16:14 by Himanshi Goyal

13th in line we have MIC as the next startup. They have a vision to be a respected and diverse DECISION SUPPORT CONSULTANT.

16:10 by Himanshi Goyal

Time for panel change !

16:08 by Himanshi Goyal

MedRep is first of its kind platform in India !

16:06 by Himanshi Goyal

The company’s flagship product “medRep” enables bringing in all the components of healthcare system into  a common united platform !

16:04 by Himanshi Goyal

The next one is Erflog. Founded in 2015 , it is a a healthcare collaboration analytics & insights company, headquartered in Mumbai !

16:02 by Himanshi Goyal

500 clients so far ! They are on 40% gross margin. They call themselves a profitable company.

15:57 by Himanshi Goyal

Now we have a corporate merchandise gifts company known as 5By and they work on 0 inventory model ( They don’t stock anything ! )

15:56 by Himanshi Goyal

Shopelect is first of its kind B2B Managed marketplace E- Commerce platform in the electrical industry which offers global reach , excess stock liquidation , auction platform , value propositions!

15:53 by Himanshi Goyal

ShopElect is next in line. They chose to use fraction of their  pitching time by playing this lovely animated video explaining their product.And it Worked !

15:49 by Himanshi Goyal

And with this the hall claps for MOTOFIX !

15:47 by Himanshi Goyal

MOTOFIX already has 150 service providers on board. Right now they are focusing on 3 cities including Andra Pradesh, Later they will expand to other states too .

15:46 by Himanshi Goyal

MOTOFIX makes finding service providers easy !

15:43 by Himanshi Goyal

Yaya! Its started. The next startup that is coming up is MOTOFIX!

15:39 by Himanshi Goyal

Never ignored coffee before today 😀 . Startup Rocks has totally rocked it . Waiting for the Pitch to resume ASAP !

15:29 by Himanshi Goyal

Change of panel with a short coffee break ! Stay tuned folks !

15:22 by Himanshi Goyal

CLANED helps students to find an optimized balance between challenges and skill level in order to maximize their study motivation !


15:15 by Himanshi Goyal

Their USP includes kits that  are easy to use and are self explanatory . Also they offer exclusive lifetime support! They would live to penetrate into the indian market in 2016 and internationally from 2016 to 2018.



15:11 by Himanshi Goyal

Their flagship product DIY is a complete package provided with audio , video and learners guide !

15:10 by Himanshi Goyal

EDGEFX helps budding engineers globally!

15:09 by Himanshi Goyal

They are the next generation table management system. So the next time you want to have dinner in open without standing in the waiting que , you know where to check in!

15:05 by Himanshi Goyal

Dine Desk is a premium yet affordable online restaurant management system. They are  formulating global partnerships . Interesting much ?

15:02 by Himanshi Goyal

A detailed pitch Jay Robotix but oops ! they just exhausted their time for Q & A.

15:01 by Himanshi Goyal

Their product “ROBOX” is about providing the  the next generation  interesting mediums for students to learn maths , science and programming concepts practically.

14:58 by Himanshi Goyal

The problem is scarcity of skilled man power and that is what Jay Robotix is working on by addressing it from the roots.They believe that  as soon as the students graduate lets make the students realize what they are good at .

14:56 by Himanshi Goyal

Change of panel has taken place and Jay robotix coming as the next startup ! They want to make the education more practical and interesting !

14:53 by Himanshi Goyal

An algorithm that solves the problem of women employment. They believe in Women networking locally and internationally.


14:49 by Himanshi Goyal

Next start up is Womenalia Solutions , a tool for all women.

14:44 by Pawas Jain

3000+ gyms listed, present in 3 cities and over 50% discounts in various gyms for fitness freaks! Wellness is a good industry to tap on for a startup, but is it all that it needs to disrupt a industry valued over USD 3 billion? Much more innovation needed in the fitness industry now!!


14:42 by Pawas Jain

Next start-up on stage is ‘Gymtrekker’, which plans to disrupt the wellness industry by providing discovery to gyms across the country along with a great mobile and web interface to track your fitness regime!

14:40 by Pawas Jain

And hence begins the Q&A for YouSolar! The founder explains to the judges how it is the need of this product in under developed countries, that makes it valuable and viable for the ecosystem!


14:39 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

YouSolar is coming to India as well, plans to come up in Mumbai first, product to launch by June next year.

14:37 by Pawas Jain

A requirement of USD 1.3 million to build a fully functional system by February 2016, is what YouSolar needs! Sounds a legitimate funding requirement looking at the scalability and usability of the idea! Impressive!

14:36 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

YouSolar uses micro converter and dc to dc connector — making it the first if its kind solution with plug and play energy systems in renewable energy field.

14:35 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

YouSolar is a full-stack solar energy power alternative, for reliable, off the grid power supply.It offers you a complete solution, with energy management system. All you need, as the company says, is a roof.

14:34 by Pawas Jain

USolar, a personal power source for households, had a product launch this morning and is now among the Top 20 startups pitching the idea in front of the reputed panel of international investors!

14:33 by Pawas Jain

6 minutes is too crisp! Quicken up, startups! Transerve just missed the Q&A round!

14:32 by Pawas Jain

A multi-user, hyperlocal and flexible and highly integrated platform which can directly be linked to a data analysis business with a very localized approach! Over 70,000 building in over 6 cities have already been spanned out by Transerve! Right from land asset management, this start-up is focusing on a lot of areas to scale up!


14:28 by Pawas Jain

First start-up ‘Transerve’ begins with the pitch! A hyperlocal property taxation system for smart cities, this start-up seems to be offering something innovative for the cities of India

14:24 by Pawas Jain

Starting with the Grand Finale Pitching Session where 20 shortlisted startups would be presenting their B-Plan! Aparanta has the temperatures soaring now! The countdown begins!

13:46 by Pawas Jain

We are going to start soon with the Grand Finale of Startup India Rocks 2015 at Leela Palace, Goa! Our team is wired in to bring you continuous and exhaustive coverage of the event on the Live Blog and Live Stream exclusively on www.thetechportal.in!

Are you ready? 😀

12:45 by Himanshi Goyal

To bring a brand overnight is impossible. To gain eye balls is a task too. The key tip is to keep working on the customer experience constantly.

– Mohit , Make My Trip

12:37 by Himanshi Goyal

Whereever I have invested there has always been a family conect as that way the stratic benefit has been more. THis way there is a personal connect and a one to one understanding. This was I know the founder personally and vis- a- vis. 

– From the Panel

12:33 by Himanshi Goyal

ed tech companies have to take the lead and create a hand on education breakthorough . There is a need for more structures type of education system in India and there is a huge market for it as a lot of people in inida would like send their children to a structured education center and therefore we are looking for startups in india with whom we can connect and scale it  to bring a functional , organised and structured education system . 

12:29 by Himanshi Goyal

when asked whether they keep in touch even after the company has reached its point , David answers that we usually come as the first inverstors. we support even after the companies have reached the desired point. we have alumni meetings , annual confrences that keep us connected. 


12:21 by Himanshi Goyal

we want to provide a platform for travel technology or mobile technology compsnies to test their model. we offer them our customer base and an space to innovate.

– Mohit from Make my Trip

12:18 by Himanshi Goyal

There are a lot of industries that are still to be disruptive , out of which the 3 top industries are education, heath and think-tech.

– David from Telephonica

12:11 by Himanshi Goyal

we feel have to be open to the change that is happening. We now have smart entrepreneurs adding value to the ecosystem , things are not same as they were 25 years ago


12:09 by Himanshi Goyal

Mr sanjeev from edutech says “For us technology is something different . For us it is setting up scintific equipments in schools and education system.Bring tablets , robots and etc to education “

12:04 by Himanshi Goyal

we want to be in touch with people where the innovation comes from. we wish to make the restraunts digital. Bring a makeover and get restraunts digitalized.

12:00 by Himanshi Goyal

Key trends emerging in the travel side :

There have been trends where disruptive sides have started picking up trends . we look to invest on people who are doing something with mobile technology as we see a lot of scope there. we need technology who can take the step ahead, bring hotels small or big online. These are the spaces we would like to invest on.

11:57 by Pawas Jain

Hemant from Times Network, is on stage to talk about how media and start-ups can collaborate and about building brand capital! It is going to be an interactive session!

11:56 by Pawas Jain

And it’s time for a discussion on Media and Start-ups! This is where we as a company are trying to fill a gap and bring disruption! Amazing topic, let us see how this discussion unwraps now!

11:55 by Himanshi Goyal

we have a panel of investors here who will be talking about the field they are looking to invest in. we have Mr Mohit  kabra from make my trip to start with.

11:41 by Himanshi Goyal

we now have the Investor Interactin taking place at the Startup Rocks. It will start anytime stay signed in for updates on the same. 

11:33 by Pawas Jain

We are moving to Hampi, to Live Blog the Investor / CXO interaction! This is going to be super interesting. Although, be back at Aparanta Ballroom for the Grand Finale Pitching Event, where will be Live Blogged, Live Streamed and exhaustively covered by The Tech Portal Team!

Stay Tuned with us – http://thetechportal.in/sir-2015-elevator-1/

11:29 by Pawas Jain

Impressive list of events conducted by Happy Farm include Special Events held in San Fransisco and Silicon Valley, Demo Days and Dinners with investors and mentors from across the world!

11:26 by Pawas Jain

Huge list of mentors of Happy Farm includes the reputed Google, Microsoft, Facebook, 500 Startups, Twitter, PayPal, Scaale etc. who have been instrumental in the success of this accelerator program!

11:24 by Pawas Jain

Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe as well, have been accelerated by Happy Farm, Ukraine! However, Talking of the start-up ecosystem of Ukraine, we would be happy to know what we can learn from there! Looking forward!

11:22 by Pawas Jain

Happy Farm Business Accelerator’s Founder and CEO Anna starts her discussion on accelerator programs with a personal story and introduces her program and what their team is doing back in Ukraine!

11:21 by Pawas Jain

Anna, all the way from Ukraine, is an instrumental catalyst in the start-up ecosystem of the country and a popular accelerator! She takes the dais with a huge round of applause!

10:54 by Pawas Jain

Product Launches get over! With some impressive and forward looking start-ups on the block, the others have completely failed to impress! Now moving on to next session at Aparanta Ballroom, stay tuned to our Live Blog as we stay wired in out here!

Also, watch the event Live on your devices as we Stream the event – http://thetechportal.in/2015/10/08/watch-the-tech-portals-exclusive-live-stream-of-startup-india-rocks-2015-right-here/

10:52 by Pawas Jain

Also offering ethnic wear solutions, the start-up launched the clothing line and finished with a blank response from the audience!


10:51 by Pawas Jain

Designed with Khadi and enabling proper air ventilation, it does not let a sportsperson get exhausted easily. Now moving on to explaining the tech behind this!

10:50 by Pawas Jain

Concept Clothing start-up Progressive, the founder claims that they are bringing disruption in the fashion industry! When we move, the garments designed by this start-up will move us! Eh?

10:49 by Pawas Jain

As I said in the last entry, in response to the same question raised by The Tech Portal executive, the start-up says that they wish to reach out to already existing customers! Not impressive for 21st century! :\

10:47 by Pawas Jain

Handyman service start-up KaamKraft, is providing services of handymen to customers. With a huge number of start-ups already functioning in this space, it is not a very impressive and tech-centric field to get into at the moment. Advertising through SMS, pamphlets, auto marketing etc. are old ways of reaching out to young crowd. It will be interesting to see how this start-up fares out.

10:46 by Himanshi Goyal

I really doubt the relevance of these services personally — look at what happened to Homejoy in the US. Moreover, Kaamkart’s marketing strategies are way too outdated !!!!

10:43 by Himanshi Goyal

KaamKart is up on stage, a hyoperlocal blue caollar job startup….this is so damn common in India right now.

10:40 by Himanshi Goyal

Tiny Taps is now up on stage for its product launch. An ed-tech startup, with “Wee Tablet” for educational learning for toddlers.

10:36 by Pawas Jain

A PM Modi video plays, stressing on cybersecurity

10:33 by Himanshi Goyal

Mall desk provides log in for store and help them to import their data online and then help them to manage online campaigns and promotions of the brands individually. They support the retailers/ shopkeepers through out for the best experience. Interesting much ?

10:29 by Pawas Jain

Through online and offline modes of selling, EdgeFX provides engineering students with DIY kits that can help them go through a practical walkthrough!


10:29 by Himanshi Goyal

With increasing online shopping the retailers , brands in malls get affected. Hardik had the perfect solution for them – Mall Desk. Malldesk gives people an innovative way to manage their brand , promotions . This will help the brands get more check ins. Stay tuned while he explains more about this through an interesting video .

10:25 by Pawas Jain

Live demo of the product EdgeFX being presented to audience! The video has captured the attention of everyone. Cost-effective, Practical exposure for engineering students!

10:24 by Himanshi Goyal

We have Mr Hardik from Malldesk launching his product !

10:22 by Pawas Jain

The next start-up founder introduces her start-up as “revolutionary” and “magical” for engineering students across the country! Waiting for the information on the product, stay tuned!

10:20 by Himanshi Goyal

Blogging live from ‘The start up rocks- 2015’ happening at The Leela , Goa. Today we have some amazing product launches happening here, stay tuned for updates on this.

10:19 by Pawas Jain

Smart Check-In can change the hotel industry like never before! Remote check-ins, room guidance, even unlock your hotel room through a click on the app! Sagar and Nilesh, the two founders of the start-up, are richly experienced in the industry and have already registered a patent of this idea!


10:16 by Pawas Jain

The Smart Check-In app allows the hotel to get informed of its customers’ arrival in advance and even book a parking space for them. Customers are allowed to select the room, amenities, facilities they need and even settle bills all at a few clicks through the amazing UI of the app.

10:15 by Pawas Jain

A B2B start-up creating almost digitized hotel industry and allowing hotels to provide a better customer satisfaction!

10:14 by Pawas Jain

Smart Check-in arrives on stage and impresses with the first few shots of the video! Some disruption on the way you use hotels, people!

10:09 by Pawas Jain

With Artificial Intelligence and highly complex algorithms, this start-up creates a personalized learning environment for the students. Based on the data from the learning and browsing experience of students, it helps students organize the process of learning through its collaborative tools! Chat, Ask Questions with each other, discuss etc., and basically we have a new social media for students and learners!

10:07 by Pawas Jain

Launching the mobile services of his startup in November, the Founder claims of a successful response of the Web Services being offered already since Summer!

10:07 by Pawas Jain

Product Launch by Claned, with a tagline ‘Learn How to Learn’!

10:07 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Claned is a mobile-only app for helping kids “learn how to learn”

10:06 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Next up on stage is Claned, a mobile-only learning app.

10:01 by Pawas Jain

Price Point of YouSolar is a legit question that needs to be answered! As a member of the audience raises this question, the Founder tells that the price is highly dependable on various factors such as the power that you need, space that you need it for and such other technicalities. Moreover, they plan to target the high-end niche customers for this product before they can penetrate the market to the rest!

09:59 by Pawas Jain

With an amazing Energy Management System in place, the solar panels are designed to give the best possible output and micro converter technologies!

YouSolar has a well designed and highly structured product for the niche markets of India!


09:58 by Pawas Jain

Targeting markets with scarce power supply and high pollution levels, such as India and elite customers in such geographical areas. YouSolar connects power sources with an amazing Mobile App UI and brings it to your pocket with complete control in your hands!

09:55 by Pawas Jain

YouSolar arrives on stage with its product, describing itself as “Your Personal Source of Power”

09:53 by Pawas Jain

As Motofix takes a leave, Watch the whole event being Live Streamed on The Tech Portal, right here – http://thetechportal.in/2015/10/08/watch-the-tech-portals-exclusive-live-stream-of-startup-india-rocks-2015-right-here/

09:48 by Pawas Jain

Intending to leverage the gap in the market of automobile servicing which often leads to impatience among customers and a tedious process of servicing of cars etc. Motofix can definitely become the next big thing! Trying to cater to a huge market of after sales service worth USD 4 billion!


09:45 by Pawas Jain

Founder and CEO Bharath starts his product demo of Motofix! Discover service centers around you and book appointments with the centers. Also get real time service status updates so that you don’t have to go to the service station and wait for your automobile to get ready!

This is something exciting and usable for end users like us! This can definitely become the next disruption in the world of automobile servicing!

09:43 by Pawas Jain

Motofix is the start-up that is taking to stage to launch its product!

09:41 by Pawas Jain

We are wired in and back at Leela Palace, Goa! Get ready for some amazing product launches, and watch out what products are going to make a difference in the near future!

16:37 by Himanshi Goyal

Mr Anuj it was a pleasure listening to you. Gained some valuable insights about the startup ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates . It does not end here. we have some more facts and info coming up tomorrow.

16:30 by Himanshi Goyal

Startups are an essential part of ecosystem now. Big corporates have now realised that instead of competing with them its better to partner them.

16:29 by Himanshi Goyal

People/companies who are not innovating are going to get replaced soon, however huge they are.

16:28 by Himanshi Goyal

Encyclopedia Britannica stopped printing after 44 years of their existence after the innovation of Wikipedia in 2001.

-Example for Disruptive innovation

16:23 by Himanshi Goyal

Incremental and Disruptive innovation are the two kinds of innovation.

16:22 by Himanshi Goyal

Startup is a temporary organisation made and used to scale up for sustainable business model

16:21 by Himanshi Goyal

First 5 years were spent in building the team , building technologies and facing a lot of challenges. and today we are the first organisation to have a fully unmanned driver list in Gurgaon and Indian Pakinstan border .

16:17 by Himanshi Goyal

Change the world with smart robots  – the vision of HiTechRobotics.

16:14 by Himanshi Goyal

Insights about “How do startups and corporates collaborate?” coming live from startup India 2015 .

16:11 by Himanshi Goyal

The time you spend to build your first team is essential. They are the people who will walk the mile with you .

Could not agree more !

16:06 by Himanshi Goyal

The next piece of advice is about “Building a global mindset” . It is vital to develop  skills to hire people anywhere in the world as competition is not limited to boundaries.

16:00 by Pawas Jain

Its not just about investors funding in foreign start-ups but about joining hands with global cultures! On this note, announcing the arrival of Deputy CM Of Goa, to the event tomorrow! You have all the reasons to stay tuned with our Live Blog tomorrow!

15:58 by Himanshi Goyal

Engage with your team members for better accountability. This is a more transparent way of doing business. Look for people  who have passion , skills and trustworthiness. The passion may not be the same and it is the job of the founders to bring the same level of passion in all the team members. Bring the right people with the right skills to make your business run successfully.

This session is about everything a founder , co founder and the team members  of the startup need to know. Stay tuned for more insights about the startup ecosystem .

15:57 by Pawas Jain

Aim is to co-invest in foreign start-ups to develop a global startup ecosystem – Stephens tells us in response to the question about understanding his cross border philosophies.

15:54 by Pawas Jain

Government has to be the biggest investor in some cases. Accelerators are to play a major role in development of any startup ecosystem.

15:53 by Himanshi Goyal

Reporting live from Startup India 2015 . We have the next session “Strategic Rendezvous ” taking place. Stay tuned for more updates.

15:51 by Pawas Jain

Adoption of technology is the most important thing that Accelerators need to understand! With the example of how Wikipedia killed Brittanica Encyclopedias, because the latter could not adept with changing technology, David rightly explains the importance of innovation.

“If you don’t disrupt, you get disrupted”

With this, David Fogel, hits a bang! *Cheers*

15:46 by Himanshi Goyal

Mr stephens shares an interesting thought . He says china does not need to copy or learn from silicon family as they are independent ,established and innovators.

15:45 by Pawas Jain

Talking about YCombinator and its founder, possibly one of the biggest Accelerator programs across the world! Learning from the experience and success of YC!

15:43 by Himanshi Goyal

Kazakhstan having a population of 16 Million has a lot of potential for startups as they have a low tax regime , stable government and warm people !

15:41 by Pawas Jain

Defining accelerators as cohort-based programs, that include mentorship and educational components to culminate into a public pitch or a demo day, David Fogel starts his discussion!


15:38 by Pawas Jain

Head of Acceleration & Deputy Director at Wayra UK, David Fogel had a long journey and an amazing experience in the start-up world! Talking about accelerators is going to be a very important topic of discussion for Indian ecosystem!

15:36 by Himanshi Goyal

China earlier known as worlds factory is now being called the centre of innovation.

So much to know about our neighbours !

Stay Tuned for a small session on bridging the valleys with Miss Anna from kazakhstan and Mr Stephnes from china  .

15:35 by Pawas Jain

David Fogel, from Judge Business School is now going to talk about Corporate Accelerator, What is it, Why do we need it and How does it bring value!

15:32 by Pawas Jain

Speaking of valuations, an investor would follow the thumb rule of valuing up to 2 million USD before the launch of the product (in development stage). Beyond the launch, an angel could be convinced with any valuation depending on the product that you are pitching!



15:30 by Pawas Jain

“Investors would not feel comfortable in funding into LLP as much as in private limited company, because a private limited setup is more structured and legally solid. From a start-up’s point of view, registering an LLP is definitely a tad easier, but you got to think from an investor’s point of view as well.”

-Devang Narela, on whether investors funding into LLPs would open up Indian markets further.

15:23 by Pawas Jain

“Go out, take the risk and invest in foreign markets but take care of the regulations and taxations!”

A great piece of advice by Devang Narela for those looking to invest in foreign territories.

15:21 by Pawas Jain

The world is flat, global opportunities are increasing and ideas are going global. Well said, Mr. Devang!

15:21 by Pawas Jain

Currency Appreciation has to be kept in mind while investing outside. If Dollar, for instance, is going to appreciate in near future, it can become a major player while deciding whether to invest outside or not for an investor.

15:20 by Pawas Jain

Exits are a challenge even outside India. 8 out of 10 start-ups are going to wipe out. A scary fact, but well pointed out by Mr. Narela

15:19 by Pawas Jain

One major thing that an investor looking for Cross Border fundings have to look at taxations, legalities and regulations as well. Devang Narela rightly points out that the government rules need to be kept in mind. ODI is one of the things that need to be understood by every angel looking to invest outside the country.

15:17 by Himanshi Goyal

On your way , we surround you !

A beautiful line Mr stephen uses to sum up his investment company in a line !

15:17 by Pawas Jain

“An angel investor does not exist for charity and every angel is looking for ideas. When you scout for ideas, you need to go global!”

-Devang Narela tells the audience at Aqua Ballroom, Leela Palace, while talking about Cross Border Investment Opportunities.

15:16 by Himanshi Goyal


Anybody born after 1975 in china is called “New generation” !

15:15 by Pawas Jain

Devang Narela (Investor, CBA) takes the stage to talk about the nuances involved in investing in foreign boundaries.

15:14 by Pawas Jain

Investing in Cross Border Opportunities is a typical field of discussion. This is just the perfect topic for investors who want to move beyond their existing areas and want to move to foreign geographies.

15:12 by Himanshi Goyal

He is from a city called Dalian which is supposed to be one of the most balanced cities of china. Well , Its great to know about our neighbour . Looking forward for more information about china from Mr Stephens .

15:09 by Pawas Jain

The Tech Portal network is bringing you LIVE Coverage from Startup India Rocks, from Leela Palace, Goa! One of the finest ensemble of investors, CXOs, mentors, start-ups and an exciting event line-up, this International event is sure to set the Startup ecosystem of India buzzing!

On this note, we are back to Aqua Ballroom, wired in and reporting LIVE! 😀

15:08 by Himanshi Goyal

We are all set for the next phase of the event i.e startup2startup. we have Mr  Stephen from china. He is one of the biggest VP’s of china and  an investment analyst and manager.

13:35 by Pawas Jain

Paulo Andrez tells The Tech Portal team that he sees Indian start-up ecosystem as 3-5 years behind the rest of the world. But he does see a lot of potential of growth in Indian start-up ecosystem. But, repeating from his talk earlier, Paulo again focused on the point that Indian entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of recognizing risks related to their business and work around mitigating them through structured techniques. This should be the main focal point of functioning of a start-up in India, especially.

We thank Paulo Andrez for giving us his valuable time and those amazing insights! We look forward to a detailed interaction with Paulo! Cheers!

—With this, we break for lunch! Stay Tuned, we would be back at Aqua Ballroom in a while! 😉

13:28 by Pawas Jain

In an exclusive conversation with Paulo Andrez, he rightfully told The Tech Portal that Indian start-up ecosystem is at a nascent stage, but undoubtedly has a lot of potential of growth in an untapped market!

On being asked about the industries or spaces that would interest him as an investor from Europe, Paulo told us that there is no industry-wise bifurcation in his mind for funding, but Agriculture-Tech inclines him more due to the sheer vastness of the Indian market in that particular industry!

13:20 by Pawas Jain

Paulo exits with a huge round of applause. And The Tech Portal team gets an opportunity to have an exclusive tete-a-tete with the man himself! Coming up with the Q&A that we had with Paulo right away! Stay Tuned to the Live Blog!

13:11 by Pawas Jain

On being asked whether it is okay to open all your cards and tell about the risks to an investor, Paulo replies convincingly how the focus of a start-up should be on mitigating the risks with the ‘help’ of investors.

13:09 by Pawas Jain

After describing the wide ranging risks that a start-up faces, Paulo moves on to Risk Mitigation Process! Identifying the risks, focusing on how to tackle them! Paulo says that raising the money is not a problem, but there are a lot of risks involved with running a start-up that need to be kept in mind!


13:09 by Himanshi Goyal

Catch Live updates from Startup Rocks , Goa1444203447300-1411254943

13:07 by Pawas Jain

Earning from customers should remain the prime focus of the start-ups and not depend on angel money from the first go! Start-ups in India, listening?

13:06 by Pawas Jain

From team risks and legal risks, Paulo moves on to the Financial Risks of a start-up. The most important insight by Paulo in this segment remains that the best money to do a business is not your family money, not angel money, but Client’s money (or customer money). Bang on point, Paulo! Cheers!

13:05 by Pawas Jain

Licensing is a must when you start a business of your own, isn’t it? And that has been a major problem for Indian start-ups given the strict rules and legislations regarding starting your own business.

Paulo focuses on why licensing is important, because money would come into the business from an Angel Investor only when your business is free from legal risks!


13:03 by Pawas Jain

Paulo Andrez talks about the importance of a co-founder and how the Team Risks of a start-up increase manyfold in absence of a co-founder!

13:03 by Himanshi Goyal


13:02 by Pawas Jain

Mr. Paulo Andrez, one of the most notable VCs of European start-up ecosystem and Ex-President European Angel Investor Network (Also the Keynote Speaker of Startup India Rocks 2015), takes to stage and gives some valuable insights on angel investing!

12:44 by Pawas Jain

“Entrepreneurs should focus on high impact risks and high probability risks”


— Back with Aqua Ballroom, Leela Palace, Goa

12:26 by Pawas Jain

Trying to tap into a 20 billion USD industry of wellness and lifestyle, but too many things on the plate sometimes create a mess! Zipprr is trying to do a lot many things with a single platform!

12:25 by Pawas Jain

Zipprr is a lifestyle App, and simplifies the science behind ‘running’ to help people stay fit! Bringing experts, nutritionists etc. on a common platform, where marathon organizers would also get a space to organize their events in a better way!

12:24 by Pawas Jain

Another woman entrepreneur takes to stage with her start-up, Zipprr.com!

12:23 by Himanshi Goyal

Now we have the “Startup2Startup” (complete or co-exist. A burning dilemma for new Age Startups) live from  Startup India 2015,  Stay tuned for more updates !

12:19 by Pawas Jain

Completing gifting cards being brought to apps and providing gifting solutions at ease! A new way of bringing about gifting cards in the market, but can this scale up after a certain point? Innovations, guys?

12:16 by Pawas Jain

Patent holders of semi-conductors and hardware technologies, present their idea GiftKarting to the panel of judges! A platform where online/ offline merchants can upload their gift cards and packages using the app and users who wish to gift somebody can use these gift cards!

12:14 by Pawas Jain

With over 124 million USD in the bank account of Practo, it will be tough for MocDoc to compete in the same industry! But why not look at Practo as a possible acquirer and change the game? 😉


12:13 by Pawas Jain

Providing cloud based access to hospitals and have over 200 registered paying customers, MocDoc has been rightly compared with Practo by a judge in the first question itself!

12:12 by Pawas Jain

MocDoc talks about cloud, mobile and internet penetration in the country and bringing the same to the healthcare industry of India! With a sudden surge in the number of start-ups in healthcare industry, it will be interesting to see how MocDoc can disrupt the industry in some new ways!

12:10 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

So thats a wrap. Judges closing note. We really had a few very interesting concepts, stay tuned and we’ll cover a few of them.

We’ll come up with new live blogs from the event soon. Stay tuned.

12:10 by Pawas Jain

Bringing a SaaS based multi-tenant collaborative healthcare network for small and medium hospitals, MocDoc takes to stage and finally we have a health-tech start-up! Will this be a disruptive technology for healthcare?

12:06 by Pawas Jain

Claiming to disrupt the wellness industry, GymTrekker plans to introduce a Gym Wallet as well!


12:05 by Pawas Jain

A comprehensive B-Plan of GymTrekker on the slide now! They want to be the virtual aggregators for gyms across the country! Apps, a colourful web UI, and charming quotes such as ‘Fitness is a journey and not a destination’ thrown by the confident founder! Let us now see what the investors ask!

12:03 by Pawas Jain

Fitness Community platform to be launched by GymTrekker which will provide fitness kits, access to fitness events etc. Playing on the health and lifestyle card is not a very new game, though!

12:02 by Pawas Jain

Providing monthly and yearly subscriptions to gyms and have already registered over 3000+ gyms across country!

12:02 by Himanshi Goyal

Here we come to the end of Elevator Pitch Track 2.Brilliant start-ups – Renowned panel – amazing audience. The results will be announced at 4:30 pm in Aparanta Ballroom . Stay tuned for more updates .

12:01 by Pawas Jain

GymTrekker takes to stage! A Chartered Accountant co-founder, personally interests me more! 😉

12:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Transverse is looking to raise 2 Million dollars for a next round.

12:00 by Pawas Jain

Moreover, waste disposal and collection through an app-based interface! Sounds great, eh? But will it be a reality in India?


11:59 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Revenues worth 1.2 crores INR till date.

11:59 by Pawas Jain

Convincing answers to tricky questions! JoGiv responds to investor questions with confidence! This start-up is just 30 days old and has a great business structure in place!

11:58 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Transverse also provided sanitation monitoring system to a few, port management systems as well.

11:57 by Himanshi Goyal

First platform to be a stand alone platform for POD.

– Inkhorn

11:57 by Pawas Jain

They plan to create a network where they wish to deploy collection management services (through automobiles) and take them to partner recyclers. Of course, the first question of investors is the most expected one – Revenue Model?

11:57 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Transverse manages an entire taxation system of  a city, which also lets tax collectors know defaulters. Its a proprietary platform for smart cities.

11:56 by Pawas Jain

Bangalore based start-up Joy of Giving (JoGiv) describes itself as a profit motived social start-up! The waste being dumped in the open land is what scares the founder, Sanjay!

11:56 by Himanshi Goyal


A platform for independent authors to publish their books freely.


11:56 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Transverse is a taxation platform with a hyperlocal approach. City is enabled to map out individual properties using an app.

11:55 by Pawas Jain

JoGiv Eco Services Pvt. Ltd., is our next start-up focusing on electronic waste management and building innovative solutions for waste disposal.

11:54 by Pawas Jain

Organized digital libraries and data management is how Radiant Data Care going to disrupt the internet! Planning to raise an investment now, Prashant finished his pitch with a huge round of applause from the audience! Big Data is where the world is throwing the limelight today!

11:54 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Transverse technologies up on stage.

11:53 by Himanshi Goyal

Problems we are solving :

  1. The problem of refund – Once we pay for annual membership we do not get a refund.

2. Today everything has gone digital , why not have a platform where we can review all the health/fitness studios and then select the best

3. Affordability – We solve this problem through various schemes like cash back

4. Motivation – We are collaborated with celebrity fitness mentors , they work as a perfect motivation.



11:52 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Looking to raise 350k dollars for sales and marketing.

11:52 by Pawas Jain

Providing data management services is the core competency of Radiant Data Care! Prashant starts with sharing his experiences in the industry and why he decided to build this product!

11:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

DFYNorm uses “inspiring stories to define Fashion” — from activists to rockstars, DFYNorm rakes their ideas and designs fashion collections.

11:51 by Pawas Jain

The next start-up Radiant Data Care by Prashant is on stage! Finally we have a Big Data Analysis start-up! Hoping for something disruptive in the pandora’s box of Radiant!

11:50 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Premium fashion brand, designing products from actual role model stories — 80 of whom are already onboard.

11:49 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Finally a startup on stage….DFYNorm, it is pronounced as DefyNorm

11:48 by Pawas Jain

MyKontiki presents the first preview of its mobile and web User Interface and it sure looks exciting!


11:47 by Pawas Jain

MyKontiki provides you some local adventures of places that you visit and also presents it in a gamified interface where you can earn points such as Social Points, Content Points, Adventurer Points etc! This can surely change the way youngsters like me travel! 😀

11:46 by Pawas Jain

The next start-up MyKontiki arrives with a very interesting concept of bringing Local Surprise Adventures to travelers! And trust me, travel centric start-ups are a personal favorite! 😉

11:45 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Magic School is an augmented reality product, for students aged between 13 to 15 years — to teach them basics.

11:45 by Pawas Jain

SendKardo exits after a few quick questions! We are moving fast and the event is a crisp, paced and quick! Check out the video of SendKardo giving their elevator pitch, exclusively on The Tech Portal!

11:44 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

MagicSchool from China is now back up.

11:44 by Himanshi Goyal

A future demand side management opportunity for utility as variable renewable to penetrate agriculture.

– Paripos

11:42 by Pawas Jain

Trader accountability, Pickup option for customers on-the-go and a few other features that might become a good differentiating factor but the the scalability of this start-up remains a question due to extensive competition from the likes of Grofers!

11:41 by Pawas Jain

A no-inventory hyperlocal discovery, which plans to disrupt the industry by digitizing every step of the process right from ordering to delivery! We are still waiting for something new in the idea that actually differentiated SendKardo from other hyperlocal discovery start-ups that are mushrooming in every locality of India!

11:39 by Pawas Jain

Very interesting! The next start-up SendKardo takes to stage as the founder Namrita, mother of twins, is here to explain the story behind her idea! She starts with an intriguing story about her daily chores as a home-maker!

11:38 by Pawas Jain

“If you believe in your idea, work nights and weekends and it won’t feel like work!”

Catch Live Updates from Startup India Rocks


11:36 by Pawas Jain

And while EdbriX is being grilled with questions from the investors, we bring you some exclusive pictures, Live from the event so far!!


11:35 by Himanshi Goyal

Global demand for electricity is going to increase by 50% in next 3 years.Public supply of power supply is failing .

What if we have our own individual power supply plant ?


11:34 by Pawas Jain

Competitive Analysis of the EdbriX, is superbly comprehensive, and finally it seems we have a disruptive start-up in the Ed-Tech space! Amazing collaborative ideas by the founder to bring the global educational industry together makes everyone erupt into a round of applause.

11:33 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Furdo designs your home in 3D for real-time look at how interior designing would look..on your home….interesting !

11:33 by Himanshi Goyal

we have done 3500 consultation already.


11:32 by Pawas Jain

A collaborative platform, which is not infrastructure intensive and can reach out to the market of under developed countries. A scalable and non-intensive business framework, EdbriX claims to have registered over 500 students and introduces the audience with its pilot projects!

11:32 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Furdo is looking like an Interior designing platform..looking to make things afordable

11:31 by Himanshi Goyal

Doctor consultation is a painful experience but now we have built a magical app where you will be connected to a doctor with a click.



11:31 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Furdo is up on stage now…MagicSchool goes last…”technical glitch”…

11:30 by Pawas Jain

Next start-up EdbriX, an Ed-Tech industry, comes on the dais and introduces the idea and the team to the audience!

11:30 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PLETHORA” of technical glitches here…literally plethora…

11:29 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

MagicSchool from China is up on the stage..

11:29 by Pawas Jain

Interest Ship exits leaving everybody wondering about their exact focus and model of their business!


11:27 by Pawas Jain

Interest Ship claims to do a lot of things at once such as youth outreach, events, building skills etc. Being grilled by the investor, the judges are trying to understand the distinguishing factor between Interest Ship and other online internship marketplaces!

11:26 by Himanshi Goyal

Go clicnchy is a social media marketing platform , it  gives effective marketing flow , you can check whether your campaigns are working or not , They are  targeting startups . They have many competitions like buffer but non of them are targeted for marketing and here they come into the picture.


11:25 by Pawas Jain

Interest Ship plans to raise INR 2 crore for the next one year for product development and marketing. The revenue streams presented do not sound to be very convincing somehow! Wish there was something disruptive in the online hiring space now!

11:23 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Sstimulus in up now … and it says “FREE SATELLITE INTERNET AND FREE SEEDLING MONEY FOR STARTUPS“…I’m so damn interested.

11:23 by Himanshi Goyal

we have been self funded from past 2 years and to scale up we are looking for some millions.

we have scared up from 65 to 100 top brands in 2 years.



11:23 by Pawas Jain

Interest Ship talks about the trends of the hiring space and how there is no focus on skill development of students. Deep Patel says they wish to target the market size of 580 crore youngsters who wish to get placed in India! Numbers are huge, buddy and the claims are tall! It is going to be tough to make way into an already cluttered space!

11:21 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

25,000 dollars in revenues from Mid 2015 — 11 dollars CPI — High !!!!

11:20 by Pawas Jain

Next start-up incubated at Ahmedabad makes it to the stage! Deep Patel from Interest Ship plans to create an opportunity network and fill the missing gap in the industry of hiring space!

11:19 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

DineDekh is basically a B2B solution for restaurants to manage their tables and restaurant reservations. The company wants to be a global aggregator.

11:19 by Himanshi Goyal

shopElect on the stage – created a market place for industrial procurement – created a team of 30 members – able to make industrial procurement efficient – recently partnered with Mahindra

-Shop Elect

11:18 by Pawas Jain

Muvizz gets a long list of investor questions to be answered! It also claims to have a 20 million people reach through its verified accounts on FB and Twitter!


11:17 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

DineDesk already has a presence in India, Dubai etc….planning an Indonesia launch soon.

11:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

yup…i was right…restaurant/table management system for restaurants. Not for diners. Finally ! something different in this space.

11:15 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Dinedesk is up…i am guessing table reservation.

11:15 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

OoWomaniya caters to markets as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Africa etc.

11:14 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


11:14 by Pawas Jain

Muvizz tells the investors in response to a question that they will also be moving into content creation and have already produced one short film, in last one year of operations! This start-up has a potential of creating something huge, but watch out guys, the competition in the field is fierce! 😉

11:13 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Over 600 consultations, 15-20 out of them are paid.

11:12 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Over 100 doctors currently answering questions for women healthcare. Company is looking for 0K to raise, and is revenue generating.

11:12 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

OoWomaniya lets women talk anonymously to docs regarding preventive healthcare.

11:12 by Pawas Jain

Muvizz.com plans to stream Bollywood movies online. They have subscription model and pay per view model as well. In a very developed stage, the start-up has already tied with the likes of PVR for content sharing!

11:11 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Its OoWomaniya…sorry for the spell-error

11:09 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

OWomania is a women health, empowerment startup. Gonna get interesting.

11:09 by Himanshi Goyal

we have launched the platform and we have more than 6000 users already. within 3 years we want to get to 8 million user base.

-Near Circle

11:09 by Pawas Jain

The next startup Muvizz.com, claims to build a Netflix for Indian movies and plans to disrupt the Indian movie industry!

11:08 by Pawas Jain

The founder of Planet Earthlings exists amidst huge round of applause and a huge claim of building a Facebook for children!

11:08 by Himanshi Goyal

Creating the actual digital neighbour concept- most of us do not know our neighbours – if you want to find a running buddy , you will not look for them on Facebook , they will be in your neighbour- through our app , we will connect you to your neighbours .

-Near circle

11:08 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

OWomania now on stage for elevator pitch. Stay tuned for more.

11:07 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

sBy7 recorded revenues worth INR 4 crores last fiscal year, with an INR 6 crore burn rate already achieved this year.

11:06 by Pawas Jain

Investors start to throw questions at Planet Earthlings! As an investor asks a legitimate question about the stage of the product, the founder of this start-up seems to be very confident about his idea and replies that it is in the stage of development!

11:06 by Himanshi Goyal

Are you planning to aggregate with already established service/mechanic enters ?

Yes , we will collaborate with them. we will also collaborate with the authorised mechanics/ service centres .


11:06 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

SBy7 is a profitable brand, the company is in talks to raise 0K.

11:05 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The company wants to become the biggest global platform for curated products, starting out of India.

11:04 by Pawas Jain

Planet Earthlings plans to create a fully animated world for children and bring them together to play and learn about each other! It sounds like an amazing idea that can change the way our future generations will be brought up!

11:04 by Himanshi Goyal

we have 4 competitor out of which 3 our new .

– Motofix

11:03 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Elevator pitch for SBy7 — providing platform for curating content and customisations for brands.

11:03 by Pawas Jain

Next start-up gets invited to the stage. The founder, born in Los Angeles has been based in India for last 14 years! Planet Earthlings plans to create a gamified educational platform for the children across the world!

11:02 by Himanshi Goyal

Motofix as the Fourth startup – discover service centres nearby- the customer will get a real time updates- with four clicks a person can get its car repairing appointment.

11:01 by Himanshi Goyal

We know the path is not easy but we are working for more than 60% of the population


10:58 by Pawas Jain

Start-up India Rocks is rocking the start-up ecosystem of India. While the first start-up Verda, is getting grilled by the investors on their projected expenses, the idea does not seem to be impressing the investors much! Let us see how this goes! Stay Tuned!


10:55 by Pawas Jain

Goa based start-up, Verda plans to partner with hotels across the country and work closely with the brands. And with this, we enter the Q&A round with Verda

10:54 by Pawas Jain

The first start-up arrives – Verda, which plans to open hotel and resorts chain across the country. They plan to expand their market by building strong relationships with their customers.

10:53 by Himanshi Goyal

GameDoora a platform where everyone from gaming system can come and collaborate.

Create-connect-collaborate and launch is GameDoora.

10:53 by Pawas Jain

Parameters on which start-ups are going to be judged include their Team, Space (the time and place of start-up), the target market of the start-up, presentation skills of the entrepreneurs and the exit opportunities of the start-up!

These are absolutely the points that every start-up needs to keep in mind.

10:51 by Pawas Jain

Startups are going to get only a very few minutes to convince investors about their idea which will be followed by quick Q&A where start-ups have to be crisp and to the point! This is going to be exciting! Adrenaline Rush! 😀

10:50 by Himanshi Goyal

GameDoora comes as the second start-up

10:50 by Pawas Jain

Mandar Gadkari introduces the esteemed panel of investors and judges. Mr. Sandeep, Mr. Amit Patni, Mr. Hemant (Content Manager at Times Now), Mr. Tarak (Investor at Cross Border Angels) and many others, including investors who have flown down from USA for the event!

10:49 by Himanshi Goyal

Stage for Elevator Pitch Track 2 is all set.-allotted Start- up have been announced – Investors on their throne -and audience with all their ears and eyes ready for the show .

10:48 by Pawas Jain

Mandar Gadkari explains the concept behind elevator pitch and the Live Funding Opportunities at this event!

10:47 by Pawas Jain

Mandar Gadkari, Global Manager, India of Cross Border Angels, introduces himself and takes to the stage in Aqua Ballroom at Startup India Rocks!

10:40 by Pawas Jain

Starting in Five minutes, we are catching the Elevator Pitches by some amazing start-ups at Aqua Ballroom, Leela Palace, Goa! Its all set and the pitches are going to start soon! Stay Tuned! 😀

19:01 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Ticket Engine claims to be better than Redbus due to its lower cost margins and acting as a aggregator.

19:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Cloudrino lets you buy affordable service — with a node in India. It provides you API support and machine learning to support your customer complaints.

18:43 by Vishal Srivastava

KidNurture takes the stage, a one stop solution for parents to take care of their child’s medical needs at the time of emergency.

18:41 by Vishal Srivastava

An interesting question-answer round going on and PocketIn responds confidently to every question posed at them.

18:37 by Vishal Srivastava

The questions from investors come in a flurry as the 2 minute time limit gets over.

18:35 by Vishal Srivastava

PocketIn is the seventh startup and provides a platform where a user can send a reservation request at multiple restaurants at once and can get the best discount. More than 300 transactions in last 45 days around Delhi-NCR region.

18:33 by Vishal Srivastava

Now we have the sixth startup from UP called Ytiliga, a platform to enable ecommerce logistics and networks in rural areas. Looking for an investment of 16 lacs. The time is over already. !

18:30 by Vishal Srivastava

With MediMozo doctor does not need more than 4-5 minutes to have a look and analyze the history of patient due to its interactive dashboard and its strong data analytic foundation.

18:27 by Vishal Srivastava

The product is launched today itself and they already have 20000 doctors on their platform. This is impressive and has managed to capture the attention of investors.

18:26 by Vishal Srivastava

MediMozo aims to provide a platform to monitor, analyze, detect and cure long term chronic illness especially in the rural areas. They have a huge number of doctors and hospitals registered on their platform.

18:24 by Vishal Srivastava

MediMozo, the fifth startup of the day is ready with their pitch.

18:22 by Vishal Srivastava

Investors ask about their future plans of scaling and expand their operations from Jaipur to 9 more cities.

18:21 by Vishal Srivastava

Fourth startup is here: VvsFIX , an on demand maintenance and repair platform for home services, repair etc., with an aim to convert an unorganized service sector in this area to a more professional sector.

18:16 by Vishal Srivastava

Interesting and relevant questions being asked by the investors about the practical utility of their product, their target customers and their plans to market and distribute their product. A lesson for all startups present here about the possible questions VCs ask from new product startups.

18:13 by Vishal Srivastava

The proceedings are happening at a lightening speed. Two minutes are over and time for questions from WityLity.

18:11 by Vishal Srivastava

Third startup is here with their pitch- Wityliti Automations and Solutions Pvt Ltd. They make smart devices for home decor and they talk about the absence of innovation in this field for example related in the home switch boards. A six-month old startup,  they are ready to light the homes this Diwali season.

18:05 by Vishal Srivastava

More questions for KnowDues about their working and future plans. This has seemed to capture the attention of couple of investors.

18:03 by Vishal Srivastava

And the time is over already. A question from investor about their marketing plans being answered confidently by the co-founder.

18:02 by Vishal Srivastava

KnowDues begin their pitching. Knowdues helps flat mates to split and track expenses, explains the co-founder of KnowDues. Never owe anyone ;Never spend more than their share and Never has to ask anybody for their share; the three benefits of Knowdues.

18:00 by Vishal Srivastava

After the question answer round, we move to second startup: KnowDues.

17:58 by Vishal Srivastava

First startup is here: Sanrakshan which deals with generation of capital by waste collected from various resources and make bio-fertilisers. It talks about its potential in Indian farming and various other implications. And priced at just Rs 150/-..!!! The time is over..!

17:55 by Vishal Srivastava

Pitch Off event is about to start where participants will get 2 minutes to present their idea in front of top investors without any presentation.

17:54 by Vishal Srivastava

Stevens talks about three things they look at: Idea, Disruptive potential of Idea and Market Size and potential before investing in a startup.

17:52 by Vishal Srivastava

“Our focus is on technology based startups and we provide both technical and personal guidance to startups.”, Stevens explains about Jaarvis Accelerator which was launched in India this year in June.

17:49 by Vishal Srivastava

Stevens talks about the Indian startup ecosystem and his motivation behind his plans to enter India. He inspires the budding entrepreneurs with his valuable words of wisdom. “India has the most potential for startups in the world at present,” Stevens remarks giving reference to many facts and figures.

17:46 by Vishal Srivastava

Brett Stevens, VP of Jaarvis Accelerator Program from Australia takes the stage and starts off with Indian greeting ,Namastey .!! Crowd cheers and gives an arousing welcome to him.

17:44 by Vishal Srivastava

The mentoring session is over and we are about to start the pitch off . Editor-In-Chief Deepanshu Khandelwal takes the stage to give more insight into the TP Pitch off event; first time organized in Bengaluru and now happening in Jaipur.

17:31 by Vishal Srivastava

The hall is buzzing with exciting ideas and new products as young entrepreneurs discuss their ideas with their mentors. Sensing the palpable enthusiasm in the air, one can easily get a glimpse of the thriving scene of Indian startup ecosystem.

17:21 by Vishal Srivastava

20 minutes countdown for mentoring session has begun as startup members gather their position to interact and discuss with their respective mentors.

17:20 by Vishal Srivastava

Mentoring session has begun and Editor’s Pick is announced who is to be mentored by Nishant Patni, founder of Rajasthan’s Poster boy of startup ecosystem, Culture Valley.

17:14 by Vishal Srivastava

The mesmerizing performance by the band now comes to an end and we are about to start the mentoring session.

16:58 by Vishal Srivastava

And it is time for some melodious music as Raeth Band takes over the stage and the hall is filled with soothing music. A perfect recipe perhaps to calm down the nerves of participants as they get ready to take the stage and present their ideas in front of investors and mentors.

16:56 by Vishal Srivastava

After listening to various questions revolving around the lines of lack of support students usually face in starting their own business, Gaurav provides valuable insights and tips about dealing with the same.

16:54 by Vishal Srivastava

Pawas invites questions from the participants of the event to share their problems in starting as an entrepreneur and beginning their own startups.

16:52 by Vishal Srivastava

Pawas shares an inspiring story of developing Student Entrepreneurship Cells in Rajasthan to develop a startup ecosystem in the state and to encourage students to become job creators instead of job seekers.

16:50 by Vishal Srivastava

He invites Pawas Jain, co-founder of BlueBox Media Pvt Ltd on the stage to share his story about his beginning as an entrepreneur.

16:48 by Vishal Srivastava

Gaurav talks about his beginnings as an entrepreneur at an age of 16. He is discussing about his plans of boosting entrepreneurship in the country through Entrepreneurship Development Cells commonly called as E-Cells.

16:47 by Vishal Srivastava

Gaurav Mishra, a social entrepreneur now takes stage to discuss about fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people.

16:46 by Vishal Srivastava

The workshop on Social Media hence concludes with a thunderous applause from the audience.

16:44 by Vishal Srivastava

A short inspiring music video showing the importance and development of women entrepreneurship through social media is being played here. The music video features the dynamic duo of Farhan Akhtar and Salim Merchant singing an inspiring song along with clips of various activities and development of Women Entrepreneurship in India.  Choo Le Aasman.!!!

16:37 by Vishal Srivastava


Content is King in any social media campaign and valuable tips to make the content more attractive and effective are discussed in this immensely informative workshop.

16:26 by Vishal Srivastava

3C s of social media marketing, Content, Communication Mode and Consumer and effective ways to plan a social media marketing campaign are being effectively explained in an interactive session by Anuj.

16:22 by Vishal Srivastava

Anuj raises crucial questions before launching a social media campaign regarding target audience, budget, goals of social media campaign and their duration.

16:20 by Vishal Srivastava

Questions are invited from the participants about the challenges they face in handling social media.

16:19 by Vishal Srivastava

And the event has started with the beginning of a Social Media Workshop by Anuj Agarwal.

16:10 by Vishal Srivastava


The excitement and enthusiasm is in the air as the venue is buzzing with the aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs eagerly waiting to pitch off their idea live on stage.

15:47 by Vishal Srivastava

Get ready people.! We are at the venue and are about to begin the  TP Pitch Off’s Second Edition in the beautiful city of Pink City, Jaipur. 12 startups will get a chance  to be mentored by VCs/experts for their final pitching session. They will get 120 seconds, to present their idea live on stage along with a chance to get funded live on spot. Stay tuned here for the live coverage of the event..!

23:06 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

While it was heartening to see our PM talking about his humble beginnings, no substantial questions were asked, and no substantial announcements made. PM answered well on Women empowerment, but apart from that, there was nothing much to take.

23:05 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Thank you for joining us. We’ll be updating The Tech Portal will all tech/startup related announcements PM Modi makes, both in English and Hindi. Stay tuned.

23:04 by Vishal Srivastava

The session is over. Modi expresses his gratitude to Facebook and greets Zuckerberg.

23:02 by Vishal Srivastava

There are numerous more mothers in India who have sacrificed their dreams for the lives of their children. I salute and bow down to all these mothers and pray for seeking their inspiration and well-wishes.

23:00 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi becomes emotional talking about his parents and their early struggles.

22:59 by Vishal Srivastava

The world’s biggest democracy accepted a chai-wala as their PM and I salute the people who have made this possible, says Modi.

22:58 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : talks about his humble beginnings.

22:57 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

That’s a real personal touch. Mark just introduced PM Modi to his parents and Modi thanks them for bringing in someone like Mark who has connected the whole world.

22:57 by Vishal Srivastava

Mark introduces his family and Modi thanks them for giving a person like Mark to the world.

22:56 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : talking about his gujarat development during his CM days

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.39.29 pm

22:56 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi also gives an example of how he made compulsory in Gujarat to mention the name of mother of children in school along with the name of father.

22:55 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : In gujarat, we made it compulsory for a house owner to be a female, and then a male resident

22:54 by Vishal Srivastava

He stresses over the importance of women inclusion in decision making process.

22:54 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : (taking a jibe on the U.S !!!!) Its difficult for women in a lot of developed countries to contest elections. We have reservation in elections, and hence women represent half of all our local bodies. We will also bring more women in Parliament.

22:53 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi tells about many sectors like health sector where women have taken complete control in India. We have given 30% reservation for women police and 50% reservation in certain electorates for women.

22:52 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : In our hill sector, there are a large number of women representation. Women are in nursing, paramedical forces, and we are bringing in women in police as well.

22:52 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : Our female population must walk shoulder to shoulder with others. We are bringing in educational reforms, health reforms.

22:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : sharing an anecdote about how most religions have male gods, but India has female goddesses.

22:49 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Question 4 : In India, a lot has been said about Women empowerment in India. What is your stand on that ? How can women be included in India’s development ?

22:48 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : We have 800Mn under 35, and we are a young nation. The 4th D in India is : De-regularisation. I’m taking cuffs off from businesses. I think, Govt. can’t run Business, let people run business.

22:47 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : We have certain assets which noone has . We have 3Ds : Demographic dividend, democracy and demand.

22:47 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : Most of the world is -16% in FII, we are at +40%

22:47 by Vishal Srivastava

Make In India has unlimited possibilities and in the last 15 months, FDI from the US alone has seen growth of 87% and 40% plus in the country where it is negative in many other countries, says Modi.

22:46 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : In the last 15 months, we’ve had FDI from the US growing by 87% !

22:46 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : As for #MakeInIndia’s success, nobody wants to close down the company. We have low-cost manufacturing, effective governance, and world’s biggest market is India. For any manufacturer across the globe, India is a paradise !

22:45 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi acknowledges that India ranks at 140 in terms of ease of doing business but now tells that in the last 6 months, India has unprecedented increase in ease of doing business by collaborating with all states.

22:45 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : We are making business doing in India a ease. World Bank ranked us and I was surprised that all our states are competing against each other. States are in a cut-throat competition, which is great thing to see !

22:44 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : 180 Million people opened bank accounts in first 100 days of governance.

22:43 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : A scooter taking sharp turns is easy, but a train taking a turn is difficult. Give me time, change will come. India is a mssive country, and it will take time — but WILL happen.

22:43 by Vishal Srivastava

A scooter is easy to turn but a train with 40 compartment takes time, says Modi in reply. One can only see cumulative effect of continuous and many developments.

22:42 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Question 3 : Do you think #MakeInIndia will be successful ? There is still red-tapeism, so will it be successful ?

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.41.05 pm

22:42 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : We are placing a lot of priority on inclusion of tech. We need to make economic, easy and transparent governance and tech is essential for this.

We hence need a proper digital infra. And since there is no shortage of money across the globe, I am asking the world to invest here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.39.29 pm

22:40 by Vishal Srivastava

Effective, easy and economical governance is possible through technology and digital revolution, says Modi.

22:39 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : Highways and I-ways will have equal importance. India has 600K villages (Which is like massive !!!!). Approx, we have 250K local bodies. I plan to connect all these through fiber optic network in next 5 years.

22:38 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi thanks Vir for coming back to India and trying his luck here. In his reply to the question, he talks about giving focus on digital infrastructure and reiterates about the importance of making I-ways as much as making highways.

22:37 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi’s reply : We will have to focus on two things : 1) Physical infrastructure 2) Digital infrastructure.

22:36 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Question 2 : What investment is Modi government gonna make to connect the next 1 Billion Indians ?

22:35 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : Giving examples of how he wished Chinese premier in mandarin on his birthday and Israeli PM on a festival in Hebrew, and got a thanks in Hindi

22:35 by Vishal Srivastava

PM Modi now talks about the role of social media in diplomacy. Crowd cheers as he mentions China and how he is active on their social network as well which is somewhat different from the rest of the world.

22:34 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Modi talks about how diplomacy has changed through social media. Takes a jibe on China, as to how their social network environment is different, and I’m active there as well !!!!!

22:33 by Vishal Srivastava

Social media has played a huge role in effective governance, says Modi.

22:32 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : I would say to leaders from all over the world — try and join it — and do not run away from it. You will get real-time information, and an increased channels of communications.

22:32 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi recognizes the power of social media to prevent government from bad administration. Calls it the biggest strength of modern democracy.

22:31 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi : World accepted me as to what I am. Social Media broadened my horizon. When I came into govt., I saw a big communication gap between citizens and govt. (taking a jibe at Congress ofcourse), he says some times 5 yrs. pass and we don’t get to know that we couldn’t connect.

22:30 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi talks about his humble beginnings and how social media and technology has helped him to bridge the gap between his formal lack of higher education having risen from comparatively lower segment of society.

22:28 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Zuck’s first question to PM Modi : Did you know that social media would become such a huge component in your PM , CM roles and Foreign policy ?

PM Modi (at his witty best) : Social media is like a guide to a student. I did not get much education, but I was able to make up for that through social media.

22:28 by Vishal Srivastava

Here comes the first question from Zuckerberg himself about Modi’s inclination towards social media and technology and how he sees it as a potential for development.

22:27 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Modi talks about how he has helped restored world’s confidence back into India.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.24.56 pm

Mark tells, he received 40,000 questions for this Q&A !!!!!

22:25 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi puts forward the dream of becoming a 20 trillion dollar economy by focusing on three sectors; agriculture, service and manufacturing.

22:24 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi at his best, wittily says that Mark’s own experience of visiting India before starting an ambitious venture is testimony to the magic of India as a spiritual power.

22:23 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

He’s talking how the world can connect to India — world’s biggest democracy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.21.00 pm

22:22 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

PM Modi commends Mark for letting people know how he connected with India at difficult times. Talks about how Mark can become a role model and inspiration for generations to come ! [That is a HUUUGEEE compliment]

22:21 by Vishal Srivastava

Modi thanks Mark for inviting him over and appreciates his acknowledgement of recognizing the connection between science and spirituality.

22:21 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

And whoa !!! PM Modi is using हिन्दी !

22:19 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Zuck continues to talk about how PM Modi has been using Social media to connect with Citizens across the globe. PM Modi thanks him for the gesture.

22:19 by Vishal Srivastava

Mark Zuckerberg commends the PM’s Digital India campaign as to how it is a perfect opportunity to lift a large population out of poverty. Out of 10 people who get access to internet, 1 gets out of poverty, remarkes Mark.

22:18 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Zuck tells us he (like Steve Jobs) visited a temple in India to look for inspiration when Facebook hit a rough patch.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.17.50 pm

22:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

And its LIVE !!! Modi Modi Modi chants all around !!! Zuck is introducing PM Modi and thanking him for coming to Fb HQ.


22:16 by Vishal Srivastava

And here he is among the noise of Modi Modi everywhere. And the conversation has started.

22:11 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Looks like this Q&A is gonna start a bit late. Arrangements still on. Even live streaming is playing…well…some of those “not liked by me” Bolly-songs. [P.S. Looks like Fb just got exclusive rights for ‘Dhoom’ songs :p]

22:01 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

We’ll make sure that you stay up-to-date with PM Modi and Mark Zuckerberg’s live Q&A session, just in case you have a bad video streaming. Stay tuned with us. It is just starting up !


21:54 by Vishal Srivastava

Hi Guys.. We will be giving you a live coverage of the Q&A event from Town Hall hosted by Mark Zuckerberg where our PM Modi will be answering questions from all over the world.

23:53 by Rahul Punyani

2499 dollars *

23:51 by Rahul Punyani

“99” *

23:50 by Rahul Punyani

the new iMac will be available for 99.

23:50 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

“New era” Apple leaning heavily on design and interoperability : Tim Cook

23:48 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The new Macbook powered by a staggering 3.5 GHz quad-core i5 solution from Intel

23:48 by Rahul Punyani

“27-inch iMac is easily the best-looking all-in-one desktop design out there, but some photographers I know prefer standalone monitors. Perhaps the 5K display here will lure them back.”

23:47 by Rahul Punyani

Backlight is just as bright but consumes less power.

23:46 by Rahul Punyani

Design is just 5 mm thin.

23:45 by Rahul Punyani

” HD TVs are 1920×1080. There are 7X more pixels on the Retina 5K display than on your HD TV.”

23:44 by Rahul Punyani

this is…5k!

23:43 by Rahul Punyani

There has never been a desktop display like this.

23:42 by Rahul Punyani

Retina comes to iMac!!

23:39 by Rahul Punyani

Here comes the iMac.

23:38 by Rahul Punyani

Can preorder the new iPad from tomorrow, Oct. 7 and will begin to ship by the end of next week.

23:35 by Rahul Punyani

Like the new iPhones, Apple got rid of the 32GB model.

23:33 by Rahul Punyani

Dailide showed a demo about how the new photo editing tool works on the iPad.

23:33 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Here’s the pricing:

Wi-Fi models :

  • 16 gb – 499 Dollars
  • 64 gb – 599 Dollars
  • 128 gb – 699 Dollars

Cellular + Wi-Fi :

  • 16 gb – 629 Dollars
  • 64 gb – 729 Dollars
  • 128 gb – 829 Dollars

23:30 by Rahul Punyani

Aidas Dailide has taken the stage

23:29 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Touch ID introduced. Works with Apple Pay. iPad Air 2 to come with iOS 8.1. Apps like Evernote and Mint have already used the Touch ID APIs in their iOS 8.1 apps.

23:29 by Rahul Punyani

There’s no NFC in the new iPad Air.

23:27 by Rahul Punyani

As expected,TouchID has been included in the new iPad Air.

23:26 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Take Panoramas of upto 43 megapixels with the new iPad. It also features Apple-designed  Image Stabiliser chip.

23:26 by Rahul Punyani

For the first time on iPad, you can take Burst Mode photos,slow motion, time lapse and large panoramos as well.

23:24 by Rahul Punyani

It can take photos and videos at 1080p HD.

23:23 by Rahul Punyani

New iSight camera is a huge jump forward for iPad. It’s a full new 8-megapixel camera.

23:22 by Rahul Punyani

“All this power in such a thin package, the team has worked to ensure you have that great, all-day battery life.”

23:21 by Rahul Punyani

The new iPad is fabricated with whole new generation chip, A8X.

23:19 by Rahul Punyani

“This will be the best and the thinnest tablet display you’ve ever seen.

23:18 by Rahul Punyani

Phil Schiller, Apple’s head of marketing on stage now.

23:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

iPad AIR 2 announced, quick features :

  • 18% thinner than iPad Air
  • 2nd gen 64-bit architecture
  • Apple A8X chip
  • 40% faster CPU
  • 2.5x Faster GPU
  • Display reduces reflection by 56%, only tablet to possess such a display

23:16 by Rahul Punyani

“This is the new iPad Air 2. It’s unbelieveably gorgeous and look at how thin it is. Can you even see it?”

23:14 by Rahul Punyani

Here is the new iPad Air 2!

23:13 by Deepanshu Khandelwal


23:13 by Rahul Punyani

over 225 million sold.

23:12 by Rahul Punyani

It’s not surprising that we sold more iPads in the first 4 years than we sold of any product in our history.

23:10 by Rahul Punyani

As we’ve packed more and more capabilities and performance in iPad, customers are using it in ways we couldn’t image.

23:09 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tim Cook is up on stage, talking about iPad.


23:08 by Rahul Punyani

The iPad is a simple and magical device. It’s always been a unique blend of simplicity and capability.

23:07 by Rahul Punyani

That too for free!

23:07 by Rahul Punyani

Yosemite OS X is available today!!!

23:03 by Rahul Punyani

Federighi has made a call toStephen Colbert through the Mac

23:02 by Rahul Punyani

It really is magical.

23:01 by Rahul Punyani

“What’s really great with Continuity is I can pick up where I left off.”

22:59 by Rahul Punyani


22:57 by Rahul Punyani

With Yosemite and iOS 8, all of our documents with iCloud Drive, photos, everything synced.

22:57 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Logos of iOS8 and OS X merge…and boom !!! Welcome to “continuity”. Share all your documents, photos, videos across Apple devices, using iCloud drive. You can now Air Drop between iOS and Mac device !

22:57 by Rahul Punyani

iCloud Drive is a step in the right direction — people today use multiple devices, and often jump between them on the fly, and need to be able to access documents form anywhere, without worrying about versioning and sneaknetting copies.

22:55 by Rahul Punyani

Now talks about iCloud.

22:54 by Rahul Punyani

Safari is 6X faster than other browsers for JavaScript. When it comes to battery life, browsing in Safari gives you two hours longer battery life than other browsers.

22:53 by Rahul Punyani

Apple unveiled the latest version of its computer software, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

22:53 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

In a rare “humble” gesture, Apple accepts the buggyness in OS X betas

22:52 by Rahul Punyani

“We’re all in love with the gorgeous new design of OS X Yosemite”, says Federighi

22:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Federighi introduce OS X Yosemite ! Finally , some new announcements.


22:51 by Rahul Punyani

When we put a major new OS in the hands of hundreds of millions of users, we surely get the feedback.

22:49 by Rahul Punyani

There will be many new Swift users minted every day because universities have incorporated it into their curriculum..

22:46 by Rahul Punyani

Now he talks about healthkit.

22:45 by Rahul Punyani

Federighi: The situation with other mobile platforms is somewhat different. When you look at Android, vast majority running operating system that’s more than 2 years old. After 313 days, KitKat is only on 25% of Android devices.

22:45 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Comparing Android KitKat’s “penetration” with iOS 8. Kitkat stands at 25% while iOS 8 at 48 % (by the way, both are disappointing)

22:44 by Rahul Punyani

Federighi, In just under 4 weeks, 48% of iOS users are on iOS 8.

22:43 by Rahul Punyani

Craig Federighi on stage now.

22:42 by Rahul Punyani

Apple Watch will be shipping early next year.

22:41 by Rahul Punyani

We’re rolling out WatchKit next month.

22:41 by Rahul Punyani

Cook:Today we have developed WatchKit where many other developers can join this party.

22:40 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Apple Pay is rolling out this Monday, demolishing the “next month” estimates.

22:40 by Rahul Punyani

Cook: Last month we announced an entirely new category. Apple Watch. It’s the most personalize device we’ve ever created.

22:38 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tim Cook is talking about Apple Pay


22:37 by Rahul Punyani

Here comes the great Tim Cook!

22:34 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tim Cook is on stage !! Let the festivities begin !

22:23 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Live Stream is now ON ! Let’s hope, there are better arrangements in place, than those on September 9’s unveiling.

22:21 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Apple Stores are down ! Looks like, some of the products to be launched today, will immediately go on sale !!!

22:17 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

While Apple still prepares for the event, you can take a look at what was, sort of an unofficial unveiling of the two iPads.

21:59 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

image1 copy

Image Courtesy : TheVerge


07:28 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Earlier, the Marscraft was successfully rotated forward, thus marking the beginning to the insertion process.

07:25 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Radio Link between the spacecraft and Ground station blocked. This Communication blackout has come as expected. Everything going fine as of now.

07:22 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Indian PM, Narendra Modi, has arrived to the location

07:20 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Burn commands initiated, Burn has probably started, waiting for the confirmation.

21:57 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

September 23rd, 2014

ISRO’s MoM all set for Mars Orbit Insertion. The process will start at 6:45 A.M. IST tomorrow and the actual insertion will take place 07:18 A.M. IST. If everything goes as planned, India will make history by becoming the first country to achieve a Mars mission success at first attempt. Moreover, ISRO already set a record when it completed the MOM in just 15 months of development.

We’ll be blogging LIVE on the entire event. So Stay Tuned.

13:14 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

September 23rd, 2014

Good wishes pour in from NASA’s JPL and GoldStone centers as MOM is all set to go through the Mars Orbit Insertion tomorrow.


21:40 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

September 22, 2014

Test Firing of the 440 N liquid propellant engine has been copy-book style for #ISROCongratulations to the entire Mangalyaan team. ALL HAIL THE MARSCRAFT !!!


00:44 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

This is the redesigned Apple Website :


applewebsite copy

00:34 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

And thats all from our live blog. Switch on to The TechPortal for complete coverage on the event.

00:31 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

U2 just released a new LP cover – Songs of Innocence. Will be available for free to every iTunes Store customer.

00:28 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Apart from all the good things we saw today, there has been one failure. Apple’s Video streaming, which we have been testing right through the event, has been “pathetic“. It is no match for what Google had to offer during the I/O.

00:23 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Apple Pay will also work with Apple Watch.

00:19 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The Apple Watch  event is almost over. Apple iPad Air 2nd generation may come next.

00:18 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Apple Watch costs 349 dollars

00:14 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

appleevent3 copy

00:07 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Heartbeat sensors, incorporate with the Haptic feedback, thus giving you heartbeat, with clinical precision.

00:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Watch features handwriting.

23:58 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The quick response feature in the Apple Watch is amazing. Whatever message you receive, the watch automatically analyses and prepares a few quick responses for you. Watch also features emojis. Te emojis are animated, and are real-time !

23:55 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

AppleWatch takes you to Moon, or, Jupiter or venus, or whichever planet you wish to explore ! It plays music seamlessly. The touch response and haptic feed back are blazingly responsive.

23:47 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Detailed specs and review of the AppleWatch :


23:31 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

And Tim Cook, or I’d rather say, the AppleWatch gets a standing ovation.

23:31 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

iWatch is here. One of the many of those, features 18 Karat Gold, Sapphire Crystal Display !

23:19 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Tim Cook says,

“An entirely new payment system has been introduce, on a technology which was invented 50 years ago”

iWallet is coming !

23:17 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

iWallet is coming. New York Ties is being quoted now.

23:16 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

iOS8 has also been announced. Will come in all the current iPhones. iPhone 5C is now available for free.

23:15 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Here’s the pricing :

iPhone 6 : 199 for 16 GB, 299 for 64 GB and 399 for 128 GB

iPhone 6 Plus : 299 for 16 GB, 399 for 64 GB and 499 for 128 GB

(All prices in Dollars)

Shipping starts September 19th, to be available in 115 countries by the end of 2014.

23:07 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The front camera features an improved face detection, which creates the best selfies, you’ll ever get.

23:04 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Sherman is giving a detailed review of how graphics has improved tremendously on the new iPhone


23:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

And as claimed by Apple, there are 1.3 Million color, running at an astounding 60 frames per second !!!

23:00 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The Gaming demo is now ON !!!

22:54 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The new iPhone finally supports Landscape mode

22:52 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The new A8 chip is 50% more energy efficient than the A7 chip. Offers a more sustained performance.

22:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Graphics are a staggering 84 times better than the original iPhone !!!!

22:51 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Processors are built with 20 nm process, upto 2 Billion transistors, upto 50% faster GPU and 30% lesser in design

22:48 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

The phone has protruding camera, exactly similar to what was leaked in earlier images

22:46 by Deepanshu Khandelwal

Here are the two beauties, the 4.7 inch iPhone6 and and 5.5 inch iPhone6 Plus.


Be a part of a thriving community of core-tech, no-nonsense readership in India. Subscribe to our post-by-post updates, right here.


Be a part of a thriving community of core-tech, no-nonsense readership in India. Subscribe to our post-by-post updates, right here.