Most of us now use technology in a majority of day to day life, and placing bets is certainly no exception. Whether you’re thinking of placing a bet online or you want to visit a physical bookmaker, your experience will be very different today than it would have been 5 years ago. Technology has massively changed the gaming industry over recent years and this is a trend that is likely to continue.

Evolving Technology Within The Gambling Industry

The way we place bets has rapidly developed over recent years, with the opportunity to place an online bet easier to find than ever.  It is only in recent history that if you wanted to place a bet, you would need to head to a physical building to make that happen. This meant not being able to bet on something last minute, or if you were at work or if you didn’t live near somewhere that offered betting.

Online gambling has evolved quickly throughout the gaming industry and this is certainly something that will continue – mostly driven by consumer need. Online betting means that people can place bets at any time of the day, no matter where they are. The recent introduction of casino apps makes this even easier – which is exactly what consumers want.

As well as evolving technology changing the way that people can place bets, it has also massively changed the type of bets that people can place. For example, those that like the interaction of others when betting can join a live video poker game if they wish to, all from the comfort of their own home or via a mobile phone app. Many online casinos now have chat rooms and message boards, which makes the experience of using an online casino much more social than it has been previously.

The standard of games offered by online casinos has levelled up massively too – with game developers needing to keep up with consumer demand. Now games are more interactive than ever, fast-paced and with bigger jackpots, all to help ensure their audience is kept suitability entertained.

The Expectations of Consumers

When it comes to technology most of us have changed our expectations over recent years. With the introduction of smartphones, we all want instant access to information via our devices. We want the option to chat with our friends at any time of the day and we expect quick responses from companies via social media. The gambling industry is no exception – consumers are expecting technology to get bigger and better, enhancing their gaming experience all the time.

Gambling Regulations

Many countries have strict regulations and government bodies that wish to keep an eye on how the gaming industry is operating. While this is perfectly possible, technology definitely makes this harder for them.

For example, in some countries where online gambling is not allowed; there are loopholes that allow consumers to access gaming websites that are hosted elsewhere. Realistically, where a website server is hosted or a domain name registered doesn’t really matter to a consumer, so the fact that it just allows them to place a bet when it may otherwise be illegal is a bonus. That is why online casinos can be successful when targeting users in countries where betting is not allowed.

Despite countries having strict regulations, most gambling operators will know which countries they can target and how to target them. Evolving technology allows us to look into analytics for web visitors and target adverts towards strict audience criteria, so directing visitors to your online casino from any country doesn’t even need to be complicated.

How Technology Helps The Gaming Industry

In countries where gambling is illegal or only operated very strictly, technology allows online casino operators to target interested parties within this country – in a way that does not break the law. For example, with pretty much every online casino offering a bonus on signup, they can offer this in any currency they like – fully targeting a user based in a country that can’t bet on a website hosted there. For the user, they probably don’t know or care where the website is hosted. All they see is a website that offers gambling, in their own currency – so they already know that the website does exactly what they need.

Gaming website operators are generally on the ball when it comes to gambling regulations and what is changing. For example, a deal is likely to be made in Florida soon with the Seminole Tribe; which means that physical casinos in the area will be allowed to open one again. You can bet when this happens, online casinos that have a target audience here will be upfront with a number of deals and offers, wanting to tempt people to bet online rather than head to a physical casino.

Will Regulations Keep Up With Technology?

Technology evolves quickly – we all see trends constantly changing even the way we use social media platforms changes fast. Who would have expected TikTok to be so popular in 2021 a couple of years ago? Regulations will struggle to keep up; because of how fast pace these changes and developments can happen. Instead, regulations will likely be changed and adapted as technology does, but as a direct response rather than being ahead of the game. Digital technology allows website owners to make almost instant changes to their prices, advertising and website and this is something that regulations will struggle to keep up with.

As there are so many different countries to take into account and not just one worldwide gambling commission technology will just continue to adapt to allow people to bet outside of any restrictions that their country puts in place and it is this that regulations will struggle to keep pace with. It isn’t impossible, but they will need to be super-fast if they want to beat technology changes.