We’re sure that the majority of people who are now reading this article use Instagram on a regular basis. Instagram contains a lot of features which make in-app experience fun and fascinating. Instagram is not only an app for entertainment, but a professional platform. It is a useful tool for marketing and web promotion. In recent years, the app has become even more convenient and user-friendly. The number of users has increased significantly. The developers keep looking for more ways to improve the app. There is one feature that all the Instagram users would enjoy having, but it is still unavailable. Instagram allows users to save their content to the special folder on the app, but there is no way to save a content to your device. The developers of Toolzu have come up with an efficient solution. Instagram story saver will allow you to download all the content you want legally and privately. One of the most remarkable features of the service is that you can download Instagram stories. It provides you with the advantage over other users of the app. With story saver Instagram you can watch stories even if they are not available anymore. There are many other ways you can implement the service into your Instagram routine. Today, we will tell you how to use this amazing service and why you need to try it right now.

How to save Instagram stories with the help of the downloader

Downloading Instagram story takes 5 easy steps:

1)    Visit an official web page of Toolzu. You don’t need to waste your time on signing in to save Instagram stories through the service.

2)    Copy the link of the profile you need to download stories from and paste it into the bar.

3)    Press the Download button.

4)    All the current stories from the account will appear on the screen, choose the ones you need and click on the download button.

5)    Find these stories in the download folder on your personal computer or in your phone gallery.

Unlimited download

You can download as many stories as you want. The number of photos and videos you can save is unlimited. What is more, downloading content with Toolzu is absolutely free. While other services require payment, this one will save you money for coffee.

Limitations of the service

The tool has its limitations. You can download stories only from open public accounts. When an account is private, the stories are protected by Instagram algorithms and saving them is impossible. However, it is fair, because if people have preferred their accounts to be private, we should respect their decision and their privacy.

Why you should use Instagram downloader

Story saver can be used in a great variety of ways. You can have several personal reasons. For example, when you want to show your best friend an Instagram story of your ex-boyfriend later. Just kidding. Or not.

Well, Instagram is a source of different content, you can find basically anything you want on the app. The reason for this is that there are a lot of bloggers who produce their content in many spheres. On Instagram it is possible to overcome amazing workouts by gym experts, fashion inspiration by lifestyle bloggers, educational material from teachers and tutors and many more. Of course, sometimes we can’t enjoy the content appropriately, because we don’t have enough time, for example. In this case, stories downloader is life-saving. It allows you to watch your favorite content anytime with no limitations. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, the stories you’ve saved are still available.

If you’re a social media marketing specialist or the owner of a business, this tool is a real must. You will get a huge advantage over your competitors, because you will be able to use the stories you’ve saved from them for analytics and inspiration. You can improve their ideas and implement them into your account with no fuss and no rush.

Now you know an advanced tool that will help your marketing efforts and encourage you to implement new solutions. Instagram stories saver will make your experience on the app efficient and enjoyable.