Humans are social beings who always need communication in their lives. By communicating, we can express our feelings and thoughts, ask others for help, and negotiate to get the things we want. Unfortunately, we often have to communicate with people who are far away.

For example, we want to contact a boyfriend who is in a remote location. In the past, we had to bother using telephone wires to say hello. Or, maybe we have to contact the client by phone just to ask for a single piece of information.

Duration is the most significant factor of telephone wires because telephone rates are getting more expensive. The longer we spend on the phone, the bigger the monthly fees we have to pay.

Then, we begin to recognize the era of smartphones or cell phones. This type of communication device is easier to carry everywhere. Unfortunately, the cost of calling with a cell phone is still exorbitant.

Since then, IT experts have continued to develop various innovations to create low-cost and quality long-distance communication systems.

Finally, VoIP technology was found as the best solution to these problems. VoIP technology is an innovation in the world of modern communication that can facilitate all your long-distance communication. With VoIP, all communication activities can take place efficiently, quickly, and of course, cheaply.

What is VoIP

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP converts voice into data to be transferred over the Internet or Internet Protocol (IP) network. In this way, long-distance communication connections become more superficial, cheaper and can be used by anyone.

VoIP technology has been implemented into various open-source standard protocols. As a result, VoIP has been widely used in the world of telecommunications. Several protocols that have implemented VoIP technology are 323, MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol), RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange), and SDP (Session Description Protocol),

Since it will connect you to the receiver through the internet, it’s better to have decent protection to prevent information leakage. One thing you can do is to have a dependable VPN service with you. The best thing about VPN is that it can eliminate border restriction that always happens in certain areas.

So by having a VPN, you can have more protected calls and the ability to unblock the access to Netflix using VPNs.

The Benefits

Interested in using VoIP? VoIP services can indeed provide many benefits for their users. Apart from being cost-effective for long-distance telephone connections, there are still many benefits and advantages to using VoIP technology.

The primary function of VoIP technology is to facilitate community communication, both between villages, cities, continents, and the world. So, there is no longer a barrier or space that limits your communication with your family, partner and closest friends even though you are in opposite cities and countries.

VoIP communication costs are also very cheap compared to other conventional communications. VoIP can also be used as a medium for exchanging voice (audio) and video (visual) data using various supporting applications on a PC or smartphone.

Before entering the smartphone era as it is now, communication with VoIP could only be done using a PC or laptop with applications such as Skype. Currently, various telecommunications applications allow you to exchange messages anytime, anywhere and in multiple forms.

For example, WhatsApp, LINE, and Telegram applications. Although the shape has changed, the primary function of VoIP technology is to keep changing the sound or visuals into data to be sent via the internet.

There’s one feature of VoIP allowing users to do communication services from website to telephone. This VoIP innovation allows those who have the company’s official website to communicate directly to consumer telephones. For the record, only company websites with multimedia capabilities can carry out this communication method.

VoIP allows multimedia-enabled corporate websites to communicate directly with website visitors via an internet connection only. In this way, every customer who has questions, complaints, suggestions, or wishes to order products at your place can be served right away.

Examples of VoIP


This application is open source and supports VoIP, and uses SIP technology and Session Initiation Protocol. X-Lite in version 3 now has sound and video features. It is effortless in appearance and does not cost money.


Applications developed by Microsoft and one that uses VoIP technology is video conferencing. This application utilizes the H.23 protocol for video and audio conferencing.

Registration is required, namely Username and Password, to be used to communicate with each other.


The public widely uses VOIP technology, and this application is IP-based, where the network is used over the internet between Skype users. The protocol used is HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol to communicate.