Not all businesses are fixed at a concrete place of business. There are so many reasons that this may be the case, you might travel to your customers’ address, or it may just be as simple as your services are online and don’t ever require any face to face contact with your customers. 

Have a Decent Smartphone

One essential piece of kit these days is a smartphone and pretty much everyone has one these days. But what you need to consider if you are looking at running a business while on the move is to have a good spec phone. The reason for this is if you are looking to be running any business apps such as finance, book-keeping or website monitoring then it can be a real time-waster if the apps are always stalling or running slowly. You can get the latest models on a phone contract and you can put this against the business as a deductible expense, it’s easy to find a good contract online by using a price comparison site. There are also lots of new rivals to old favorites like the iPhone, such as HTC.

Be Able to Monitor Finances & Marketing 

You want to be able to keep track of how your marketing strategy is performing while you are on the move. There are a whole number of apps that you can use to help you in your marketing strategy, one great example is so that you can see what people are searching Google and other search engines for? This allows you to perfect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be showing up in the search results for the terms that your potential customers are actually searching for. 

It’s also important to keep on top of money going in and coming out. You can get a whole range of book-keeping apps to use straight on your phone, you can create invoices, check payments, add photos of receipts and most of them even can sync directly with your online banking allowing the automatic upload of all digital transactions. Most accountants will take this data and due to the reduced admin time, it can save you a ton on your end of year accounts costs.

Apps that Keep You Organized

Sometimes it’s scheduling that can let you down when running a business on the move. But again it’s the smartphone that comes to the rescue. It can be used as simply as a calendar, and almost all phones have an app that you can perform basic scheduling on. Just add diary entries and it can be set to remind you at a certain time before the event is to begin. If you need a little more flexibility, such as organizing yourself and other workers then you can get apps that do exactly that, some of them are free and others have a monthly subscription, depending on your needs it’s good to have a look at them to compare and decide which is best for you?

Track of Your Website

It’s important to track the performance of your website, answer messages and emails from it and make sure it’s online most of all. Most website packages allow you to log in and do all of this through your internet browser and even have a mobile version. But this can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate and understand, especially if you are not an IT expert. But some apps can keep track of this and make your life a lot easier, we really like ContentKing which gives you real-time updates and feedback and makes it all user-friendly.

Hire Someone Else to Promote for You

Even with all of this digital help it sometimes pays to employ the services of a professional for some, or all, of your digital promotion. You can do this at various levels from simply having a designer, or design firm, set up the website and you can take it from there. Or you could have your ongoing web monitoring updates and SEO is taken care of for you.

Make Sure Customers Know You are Mobile

One way that we are constantly told to get more web traffic is to have a Google Maps listing. But this can give us a slight problem if we are mobile, as our business address may often be left with no personnel. So please ensure that your website and listing make it clear it is an unmanned premises to avoid disappointed customers turning up to closed doors.