Most iOS users are aware of Cydia but, for those new to iOS, it’s the jailbreak version of an app store. Rather than standard apps and games, it contains libraries, modifications, tweaked apps, modified games, and loads more but using it requires you to jailbreak your device first. Millions of iOS users have been jailbreaking their devices for many years just so they can do what they want with their devices, rather than having Apple dictate what they can and can’t do. If you want that, read on for all the details.

How to Download Cydia:

Downloading Cydia requires that you install a jailbreak and, although we don’t have as many utilities as we used to, we do have some good ones. Simply head to the linked Cydia Installation page and pick the utility that supports your device and firmware version. Click the jailbreak and follow the onscreen guide to install it.

How to Use Cydia:

Cydia is pretty simple to use. Once the jailbreak is downloaded, you will see the Cydia icon on your home page. Click it, Cydia opens, and you will see a number of options:

  • Sources – this is where you add new sources and edit the installed ones
  • Search – here, you can find the mods, tweaks, libraries, etc. that you want to install from the built-in repository
  • Installed – this is where you can see all your installed mods, tweaks, etc.
  • Changes – find updates to the tweaks, apps, etc. you installed

How to Add a Repository to Cydia:

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Tap on Sources > Edit > Add
  3. Type the exact URL for the repository in the URL field
  4. Tap Add Source, and it will be installed.

How to Download Tweaks:

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Tap Search
  3. Type the name of the tweak you want and check it is supported on your device
  4. Tap Install > Confirm
  5. Tap on Restart Springboard when the tweak is installed

How to Delete Tweaks from Cydia:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap Installed > Recent
  3. Tap on the tweak to be deleted
  4. Tap on Modify>Remove
  5. Tap Confirm and then tap Restart Springboard – your tweak is deleted

What Does Cydia Offer?

Cydia was the first unofficial app store for iOS users, providing tons of ways to modify your device how you want it:

  • Themes – Loads of different themes to choose from
  • Tweaks – Change the way your icons, fonts, battery indicator, lock scree,n, and more work and look
  • Apps – add extra functionality to your device – change how your messaging apps and app switcher work, change your icon layout, decide what goes on your lock screen, and more
  • Lock Screen Themes – choose what you have on your lock screen and what it looks like

Most iOS users are aware of how restrictive Apple is, only letting you have certain themes, apps and only allowing you to do what they want you to do with your device. Cydia was developed to give control back to the user, allowing you to have your device function how you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Not everyone is aware of Cydia, what it is or what it can do. Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions, telling you everything you need to know:

What is Cydia?

An unofficial app store that you can only get when you jailbreak your device. Cydia is packed with mods, tweaks, libraries, and much more that allow you to change your device how you want it. Cydia was developed by Saurik, otherwise known as Jay Freeman. It was released in 2008 as a rival to install. app, the first app store released by Apple. It grew fast over the next few years, eventually reaching 4 million visitors per month and, although jailbreaks are few and far between now, it remains as popular as ever.

Why Should I Download Cydia?

Because it is the only way to have your device look and work as you want it to. Cydia offers:

  • Loads of tweaks and themes so you can change how your device looks
  • Lots of tweaks to give exiting features new functionality
  • Add new features to existing stock apps
  • Loads of unofficial games, apps, and other content
  • Plenty of ringtones, themes, wallpapers, and more

Do I Need a Jailbreak?

Yes. Cydia is part of the jailbreak utilities and requires root access to work.

Is it Free?

Yes. Just download the jailbreak of your choice, and Cydia is downloaded too.

Is Cydia Safe?

Yes, so long as you only download it using the official jailbreak utility links. You should also only use the pre-installed repositories for all your app, tweaks, and other content as they are checked for safety. While you can add your own repositories, many of them are not safe and will introduce malware and viruses to your device.

What are the Benefits?

When you jailbreak your device, Cydia is installed, providing you with tons of mods, libraries, tweaks, apps, and more to help you bypass Apple’s restrictions. Apple does not authorize anything in Cydia, so the only way you can get all this content is to jailbreak your device.

Yes, in most places, Cydia and jailbreaking are legal. In 2012, the Library of Congress ruled jailbreaking legal in the USA, and many other countries followed suit. However, you should check with the regulations in your region first.

Are the Tweaks Free?

Most of what you find is Cydia is free, but not all of it. Some tweaks will cost a dollar or two to install, while others are more expensive. However, you don’t have to pay anything and are perfectly at liberty to install just the free tweaks. It is worth noting that most developers will have a Donate button, and it’s up to you whether you want to donate towards the hard work the developers put in to bring these tweaks to us.

What About Cydia Alternatives?

There are lots of alternatives but, as none of them require you to jailbreak, you won’t get the same as you get with Cydia. That’s because Cydia and most of what’s in it require root access to work, and you don’t get that with these alternatives. They do give you a small idea of what jailbreaking would be like, though, so try Panda Helper, TutuApp, and many others for free.

What is a Repository?

A repository is a storage space where developers place their apps, mods, tweaks, and more. Cydia comes with a few pre-installed options, and you can also add external ones if you want.

Removing Cydia

Cydia can be removed in two ways – by restoring your device and going onto the newest iOS version, or using Cydia Impactor and retaining your current version.

Cydia will always be a popular app store so try it today by jailbreaking your device and see what it offers you.