Technology has reshaped the entire casino industry in the last couple of years. Software development companies have used all the resources to improve the quality of games. However, the online casinos themselves have taken advantage of this exciting opportunity to boost their offering.

Thanks to different technological advancements, online casinos have ensured better online casino bonus programs. The promotions offered by gambling sites are now more suitable for the needs of the average gamblers in the world.

The question is – which technology assured that and how? These are questions we would like to analyze on this page. If you want to understand the technological background of the best online casinos within the industry, we invite you to continue reading!

AI Technology Has Been Meaningful for Casino Bonuses

AI technology has been involved for a couple of years in many industries. In the last period, it has also become an unskippable part of the online casino industry. Most people think that AI only has the purpose of improving communication. Yet, the biggest advantage of such a technology is the ability to analyze huge amounts of data in a short period of time.

So, what do these analyses actually expose? For starters, online casinos have insights into the expectations regarding bonuses players have. That way, they can adjust the online casino bonus programs and ensure the highest level of satisfaction among gamblers. In the next part of the text, we will explain the outcome of such a benefit.

Sign Up Casino Bonuses Are Much Better Now

Each bonus available at online casinos has only two purposes. The first one is to ensure a more comfortable gambling experience for each user, especially for those who enjoy this activity more often. Bonuses also have a promotional purpose. Gambling brands want to attract people and convince them to register on their platform and continue playing the games that they offer.

That is why many players start looking for Philippine online casinos with sign-up bonuses when choosing a platform that offers a diversity of games. Fortunately, thanks to advanced technology like AI, online casinos know which type of welcome bonus offer will impress gamblers the most. They know exactly how much free cash and spins people would expect to get after registration.

The same rule applies to the first deposit match bonuses. Casinos know what a fair minimum deposit requirement would be that is suitable to the budgets of the average players registered on the website. Logically, that helps each casino individually to boost the business to another level.

More Suitable Wagering Rate and Deadline

If you have already claimed any casino bonus, then you know that each promotion comes with a wagering rate. Meeting the wagering rate also comes with a specific deadline. This way, casinos want to ensure that players continue gambling after claiming the welcome bonus (or any other).

Even if the amount of free cash or spins is amazing, players would not try to claim them if the wagering rate is unrealistic. That is exactly how advanced technology has helped players ensure better bonus programs. Providers could use the benefits of big data to check how much money people are able to spend on wagering different types of bonuses.

Based on the results provided by technological analyses, they strive to determine the most realistic wagering rate for every registered user. If they notice that people mostly can’t wager the necessary amount, the rate gets adjusted. Automatically, the majority of players get the desire to continue with the bonus unlocking process and overall gambling.

Bonuses Precisely Determined for Specific Games

Despite the minimum deposit, wagering rate and deadline, there are some additional bonus terms that players need to meet. One of them is using bonuses for a specific games. Logically, the group of games suitable for bonuses is not picked randomly.

Let’s use an example to explain things. On every professional casino site, you can find a bunch of games developed by different software providers. Technological advancements allow casinos to see which providers are both popular and not so attractive to people. Based on their goals, they provide free spins of cash to specific groups of people. Players can, for example, get 50 free spins to use for Pragmatic Play games.

Also, the bonus adjustments do not have to necessarily depend on the software provider. They can also be dedicated to specific casino game groups. Sometimes, casinos dedicate bonuses only for slots, but they can also be dedicated to table games or the entire live casino section.

All these rules are precisely determined in the bonus terms and conditions, so we recommend you carefully check them out. It is the only way not to get disappointed or surprised in the end.

Bonuses Dedicated to Specific Operating Systems

To boost their overall offering, online casinos develop apps for both Android and iOS devices. Through apps, they tend to make gambling sessions of their players more comfortable. Technological advancements allow casinos to see how often people download and use apps for each operating system.

Let’s imagine that Android users regularly download the apps, while iOS users do not do that more often. To inspire iPhone users to take such an action, they can offer a bonus to iOS users who download the app directly from the website.

These bonuses are usually unique and expressed in either free cash or spins. Without technology and collected data, bonus programs could never be adjusted that way.


As you can see, technology directly impacts the quality of bonus programs. Thanks to its benefits, casinos can adjust them appropriately and make each casino user more satisfied. We believe that, with the improvement of technology, bonuses will become only better and better.