Technology has come to revolutionize many areas of our lives. Today, things are quite different from a few years ago. Two decades ago, there was no broadband internet let alone Smartphone. Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram didn’t even think about existing. The way to communicate and shop was completely different! 

The huge piles of paper have been retired. Banking transactions can be done in the palm of your hand via a smartphone. Purchases are made with one or two clicks. The stock exchange hall with a screaming crowd and talking on the phone is gone. And the way people deal with money has accompanied this evolution. Have you ever wondered how you can use all these changes to your advantage?

The benefits of technology extend far beyond Whatsapp instant messaging. Let us now see three big changes in which technology has transformed the way people deal with finance.

Online banks

Imagine someone in Pakistan wants to transfer some money to a friend in Indonesia. Is it fun if he has to look for a list of banks in Pakistan that are connected to the destination banks in Indonesia? Certainly not! Now these classic barriers can be overcome by online banks. One of the best examples is PayPal. With PayPal, one can send money to recipients in other countries in just seconds. This is a revolution brought by the Internet and has helped millions of people.

Online broker

Online broker is the good guy in the story. It is a platform that serves as a bridge between the stock exchange and people who want to buy and sell assets. Before this technology existed, the process was much more complicated. All trading on the stock exchange had to be mediated by one trader. Today, fortunately, transactions no longer occur this way. The investor can do his home room operations. Just have a computer with internet and an account with a broker. The agility and autonomy that the online broker has brought investors has helped to democratize investments. Cool huh? Besides being able to carry out your buy and sell operations through this tool, you can also track your orders, view your balance, check your investment portfolio and quotes in real time.

Online loans

Online loans are a revolutionary phenomenon. Forget about long queues and requests for money from banks. With an online loan application, almost anyone can borrow quickly and without going through a complicated bureaucracy, as they have to go through it when borrowing money from banks. Online loan applications are very helpful for anyone who needs fast money without having to provide a long list of satisfying credit histories.

Be sure to enjoy all the advantages that technology can bring to your life, whether you are a trader, someone who needs fast money or not. Use them wisely and carefully, always making the best use possible. So you can have a successful life, happiness and, perhaps, work with your feet in the sand! Good luck and enjoy the technology!