By 2025, the online casino and gaming market could be worth around $112 billion, which would be streets ahead of other industries. This has a lot to do with online casino and gaming industries working more closely with data companies to develop and use cutting-edge technology. This has led to significant technological advancements in many areas, with one standout being artificial intelligence (AI).

What’s going on with AI and Online Casinos?

AI has been extremely useful in many areas of online casinos and gaming sites. For instance, it’s able to gather players’ data, which has helped to keep content fresh and relevant. New games tend to be developed based on what customers like playing, like the different types of Megaways and Slingo games, such as Bonanza and Slingo Bells. Players are able to play live casino games, like these, from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they may be. Whilst doing so, online casinos and gaming sites have been able to use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns.

AI has also been able to provide information such as the traffic their site receives, the popularity of their games, and how much wagering occurs on them as well as sporting events. All of this enables online casino and gaming site operators to develop their business models more effectively and in line with their customers’ needs.

Additionally, AI is being developed to mimic our decision-making behaviour in various environments, including the gaming industry. AI software that is able to play games using limited information to make decisions shows how it could potentially be used in other aspects of our lives.

For instance, Libratus, a poker AI developed in 2017 provided a unique opportunity to see how AI could potentially interact with humans. It was programmed with an algorithm to play imperfect games. Interestingly, Libratus continued to learn from 4 of the world’s top poker players they played against, improving their strategy as they progressed through the experiment and becoming the resounding winner.

AI in the Future

Virtual reality (VR) has done particularly well in both online casinos and gaming sites. This aspect of AI allows players to go to a virtual casino without the need of travelling to a land-based one. There are even some games that are specifically aimed at a VR audience, like Casino VR Poker, and it only looks set to continue.

However, AI is also being used in other ways, such as robots in land-based casinos. Programmed to provide detection and prevention, they’re being used to enhance current security arrangements in some. There are different models that can be used, ranging from stationary ones at entrances and exits, and mobile ones in the casino rooms themselves.

AI continues to make its presence in all aspects of our lives, no matter where we are, whether at home, work, or online. Our lives are made easier with AI, especially for those with mobility issues or health conditions that make doing some things harder than usual. But it appears to be in the gaming world where it’s making leaps and bounds. Considering all of this, it looks like AI’s positive effects will be experienced for years to come in all aspects of life it features in.