With the plethora of games today, it’s no wonder that the gaming industry is doing so well. There are millions of gamers all over the world. Moreover, they play their favorite genre of games on a console, computer, or another device. The industry makes sure to satisfy these needs. But how?

The thing about the gaming industry is that it keeps an eye out for trends in general. Thanks to this characteristic, the industry managed to improve the graphics and game mechanics of many games. In other words, games improved over time and some devices such as mobile phones became new gaming devices. Thus, mobile and VR gaming were born.

The current trend all over the world is Bitcoin. It took people and businesses by surprise, but nowadays it’s a lot more common. That’s because many companies accept it as a viable payment method. The gaming industry does this too.

The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin is something that inspired game developers. That’s how the first Bitcoin games came to be. Some of them can help out novice traders while others will help them relax. In other words, there are various kinds of games, including those that reward you with Bitcoin. In that regard, here are some suggestions:

Altcoin Fantasy

If you haven’t heard about it until now, Altcoin Fantasy is a trading simulator game. Unlike other trading simulators, this one focuses on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The virtual AOF points are the currency you’ll use when you’re trading.

Also, you’ll get market analysis tools that can help you make the right trading decisions. Be aware of the other players too, as they are your competition. Moreover, Altcoin Fantasy offers competitions where the top player takes an interesting prize. As you might have guessed, it’s an amount of Bitcoin.

Practice can prepare you for the real-time Bitcoin trading operations. However, you can also take a risk-free approach. Thanks to the many trading platforms out there you don’t need to make any important trading decisions. One of them is Bitcoin Equaliser and if you look at https://insidebitcoins.com/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-equaliser you’ll see why you can trust it. Naturally, you’ll need to register to make use of the platform. A small deposit is another requirement. Once you do so, you’ll need to go over the tutorials and a demo lesson. When you’re comfortable with the settings, you can try out the platform on a live session.

Merge Cats

This next game is slightly less serious than the previous entry. It features cats in all shapes and sizes. Also, it comes with a simple goal summarized in the title. It’s as easy as that to win in this game. Also, this is an app so you can play it on your smartphone any time you want.

The game comes with daily challenges too. Completing these challenges can be quite rewarding as the rewards are in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency that you prefer. It’s a great way to earn while enjoying a game.

Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is another interesting title. That’s because it’s a matching game. It features the Bitcoin symbol in a multitude of colors. You’ll also find other symbols on the reels. The point of this game is to match as many symbols as you can. The more you get the better your score will be.

The goal of this game is to collect as many Bling Points as you can. This way you’ll get a certain amount of Bitcoin as a reward. Naturally, the more Bling Points you have the bigger your rewards will be.


These are only some of the games that can earn you Bitcoin. Naturally, there are other games like Spells of Genesis and Splinterlands that won’t earn you any Bitcoin but will provide you with hours of fun. Since the number of gamers worldwide ranges in the millions, you can expect more of these kinds of games to appear on the market.

In other words, the gaming industry has a bright future. By incorporating Bitcoin as a payment method, and utilizing its blockchain technology the crypto gaming market is going to grow. There will be more gamers in the coming years and they will want a wider range of games.