Search engine optimisation is not just about key wording. Originally it was a matter of how many times you used the same key words on a site or page and with some major repetitions, you could find yourself in the top ten search results. While it is important to know what key words to use to draw attention to your site, Google and other search engines have made algorithms that can spot false optimisation. So how then can your company become noticed in a world where content is competing globally. By asking a few simple questions, you can make a few decisions, changes and create a strategy that will make a big different to your online presence.

How high up are you?

This is not about your personal status, but about your company’s search engine rankings. The best way to start being noticed online is to improve your search engine rankings and to do this you need to use search engine optimisation, more colloquially known as SEO. While this may seem simple as an internet user and marketing amateur, there is a reason why professionals exist in this space.  Search for a phrase like “SEO company Perth” to find the highest-ranking companies in your area.

Are you for real?

The internet provides a wealth of content, so how does Google decide who should be noticed first?  Google searches for genuine and original content and articles. Like this one for example. But, original content must also not be old.  Make sure that there is a constant flow of fresh and original content on your site.

Are you connected?

Having multiple connections to and from your site will boost your search engine rankings considerably.  Get other companies to embed a link to your site. Offering to do the same for them might help encourage them to do so and it’s a win/win for everyone.  Bloggers and vloggers are very popular ways of sourcing information, have them place a click through function to your website from their video or blog.

What’s your social vibe?

Pretty much everybody who uses the internet is on some or other form of social media.  Some users prefer social media over the traditional internet. Make sure you are on different platforms that interlink to each other.  But, don’t become a social media butterfly and lose that sense of genuineness by being on too many different social media platforms. Pick three of four that your company can identify and grow your followings on each.  Be careful not to assume that what works on one channel works the same as another. How you approach Twitter, for example, is very different to LinkedIn or Instagram.

Are you mobile?

The growth of mobile usage is astronomical.  Cell phones are mobile computers that give users access to digital content everywhere they go and at any time of day.  People are using cell phones as their primary form of communication and information. Ask your IT company to ensure that your content is mobile friendly.