Android users have a much easier time of things than iOS users do when it comes to apps and games. The Android app store is jam-packed with great apps that download fast and are secure. However these days, more and more people are looking for the unofficial apps, those that the app stores don’t allow in and that has led Android users to AC Market. An unofficial app store, this is full of modified apps and games but, cool though it is, we are getting a lot of reports from users that they are seeing an “Application Not Installed” error.

This error arises when .apk files are downloaded onto an Android device and tend to be related mostly to the device itself and not the app. We’re going to take a look at why this error arises and how you can fix it:

How to Fix “Application Not Installed” Error for AC Market

  • You Don’t Have Enough Storage Space

Some Android devices are low in storage space, and others are packed with media, files, and apps that take up their space. It doesn’t take much, and it could mean that AC Market doesn’t have enough space to be installed.

How-to Fix:

This is easy enough – just clear some space on your device. Take your media files and put them on a USB drive or some other source of eternal storage; uninstall the apps you don’t need, delete unwanted files and other stuff to make space for AC Market.

  • The App File is Corrupted

Downloading unofficial apps like AC Market comes with the risk that you are getting corrupted files.

How-to Fix:

Download your file from the official source that we provide. There will be hundreds of results on the internet for the AC Market APK file, and not too many of them are safe. The source we use has been checked for security and that the file is not corrupted. We can also guarantee you won’t be downloading a file full of malware too.

  1. Your SD Card Hasn’t Been Properly Mounted

Some apps can be downloaded onto an SD card, but if it hasn’t been mounted correctly, the installation will not happen.

How-to Fix:

Make sure your SD card has been mounted properly. Make sure your device Is not connected to other sources like your computer and open your Settings app. Tap on Storage and then on Mount SD Card. Once done, reboot your device and try again.

  • The Storage Location Is not Right

Sure, saving an app to your SD card seems like a great idea, it probably has more storage space on it. Bot all apps can be installed that way – some of them need system files to work, and that means using internal storage only.

How-to Fix:

If AC Market tells you it wants to be installed in the internal storage, let it. Don’t change the storage location to suit you, because the app won’t work.

  • Your Storage is Corrupted

This tends to happen more with micro and regular SD cards, but it is possible for internal storage to become corrupted too. Leave it, and you are putting your device at risk and could potentially lose it all.

How-to Fix:

Format your SD card first and then mount it again. Open Settings > Storage > Mount SD card. Make sure there is nothing on your device that you don’t need and remove any files or data that might corrupt your internal storage.

  • The App Permissions Are Not Right

Apps that don’t have the correct permissions cannot be installed on your device

How-to Fix:

Reset the permissions by opening Settings > Apps and tapping on Reset App Permissions. Try installing AC Market again, and it should work.

  • New App Version

If you have any traces of a previous installation of AC Market on PC, the new version will not download because of conflict between the two.

How-to Fix:

Remove all traces of the app from your device and reboot. Try installing it again, and it should work.


If nothing has worked, the best thing to do is turn off your device and leave it for a minute. Reboot it and try again. This shuts down any apps and services that might be interfering with the installation.

Plenty of things can stop an app from installing, and it isn’t always the fault of the app. Hopefully, one of these has fixed the issue, and you can get on with enjoying ACMarket and all it has to offer.