Comics and superheroes have always generated incredibly strong fan bases thanks to their superhuman skills and ability to let people escape the real world for a while. Because of this, cartoon characters, comic book stars and superheroes have the ability to create a strong franchise or brand which can be used to promote almost anything. We’ve seen cartoon characters selling energy companies in TV adverts, toys, costumes and even online casinos.

Using popular characters as a theme for online slot games is something that’s become increasingly common over the past few years. After all, if a huge fan of the character is considering playing online casino games and sees their favourite franchise then that might tip them over the edge to sign up.

For many people, the use of an online casino or betting service is a new hobby and as such it can be a big decision to decide which platform to use or which games to play. We know that brand awareness is a big deal for consumers, so online platforms using comic book characters is a wise move for platforms. It helps to make the platform more relatable and for new potential customers to feel more confident in signing up and sharing their details.

One of the biggest companies to boost their revenue by licensing character franchises to online casinos for slot games was Marvel. For several years big names like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk were among a long list of Marvel characters to appear in online casino games. Each of the games had a small sequence at the start which introduced the story behind the slot game. You would then see icons that related back to both the character and the sequence at the start of the game as you tried to match them to win the jackpot.

Using The Incredible Hulk

In the case of The Incredible Hulk slot, the game started with the Hulk being chased by police and his enemies that want to use his powers themselves. The game then opened up into the slot where you had to match icons like gamma rays, helicopters, police cars and radiation symbols. There was also a part of the game called the “smash bonus” which is triggered by getting the bonus symbol on reels one and five. When this happens you could smash three police cars or helicopters to see what you had won.

The reason that this is written in the past tense is because Disney quietly ended their licensing agreements for all online casino games after deciding that they didn’t want any of their properties to be used in connection with any form of gambling. Disney has been famously against gambling for several years, even going so far as to not allow casinos onboard their cruise ships which completely goes against industry norms. With this in mind, it’s surprising that Disney ever allowed Marvel characters to feature in gambling. A lot of critics argued that it was hypocritical of Disney to license Marvel and Star Wars characters to online casino games, and it seems that Disney agrees. While the deals were made before Disney bought Marvel and they seemed happy to let them lapse, once the license came to an end it was not renewed.

The Involvement of DC and Warner Bros

While Disney has moved all of their franchises away from being involved in gambling, companies like DC and Warner Brothers don’t seem to be as worried as Disney. Because of this, you can still find lots of superhero favourites when looking for an online slot game – titles like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash are all games that you can still enjoy if you play online slots.

Other Well Known Movie Characters

While not a comic book character or superhero, James Bond also appears in a lot of online casino games. This is arguably one of the characters that makes the most sense to be included due to his well-known love of the game baccarat. The spy appears in a huge variety of games though, not just limited to his own personal favourite.

Licensing comic and film characters has always been a huge part of online gambling and slot machines. Using different characters helps to make the same basic game more interesting and gives players a wider variety to choose from so they don’t get bored. Using famous characters also helps to encourage potentially hesitant users to give online gaming a try. Using a potential player’s favourite characters feels almost like an endorsement. There are so many character-themed games to play and, while they’re similar in terms of the actual gameplay, it’s the little touches of using symbols and characters from the comics or films that makes the games so engaging.

Those looking to try their luck on any of these games can check reviews of casinos at GamblingDeals which lists a whole range of games – so there is something to suit everyone. One of the best things about online casino games is that there is a massive variety of games that are available – this helps to ensure that whatever type of game you’re looking to play there will be something to suit you; whether that is comic book characters, movie stars or something else altogether.

The Continued Use of Famous Faces

The use of famous faces within the online gaming industry is one that is obviously working – after all, the casino industry saw some record numbers throughout the latter part of 2020 and the start of 2021. It just goes to show that the marketing they are doing works – and as such, it is probably not something we’ll see an end to anytime soon. Chances are, the characters will change depending on trends and what audiences are enjoying, but we’re likely to see comic book and movie stars used in casino games for a long time to come.