Chances are you’re not the only one who is just learning about the eSports phenomenon. Even though video games like Counter Strike have been popular and successful for many years, the eSports industry has recently taken off. The question you might have now is, why is eSports so popular?

The day of today, eSports gaming has become the biggest thing. The industry now has a value measured in the billions, far from its humble beginnings when only Nintendo and Sega were the big names in the industry. The internet’s rapid development and proliferation have played a big part in that growth.

Easily Accessible

Nowadays, people can play video games and take part in eSports easily since they are very accessible. You can access a wide range of eSports and games through various devices, including your mobile device, laptop, or gaming console. There are so many ways to play these games that you can play them all the time and wherever you are

There is a Wide Choice of Games

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to eSports games. The reason for this is that you can choose from a very wide variety of games when playing eSports. Sports-themed, war, and fantasy games are the most popular in this type of area. Make sure you find the right game for you, as not all eSports games are suitable for everyone. As for the great selection of live casino games available, everybody has their personal preference for eSports.

Opportunities for Legitimate Careers

Gamers can not only have fun and relax, but also earn money through gaming. Compared to traditional sports, it’s relatively easier to go pro in eSports.  Let’s look at why. A person does not need physical characteristics like speed, strength, and agility that are necessary for sports. The fact that this is not the case doesn’t mean that becoming a pro gamer is easy. Effort and study are still required of gamers who wish to become pro.

Playing Video Games is a Social Activity

Team-based games are another aspect of eSports. These games allow gamers to compete against each other as a team. Because players can’t win without their team, eSports becomes a more social experience. Communication and cooperation skills are also essential. For eSports teams to achieve success, players must work together. However, that is not all. In many cases, they’ll have to work together in different ways to succeed in eSports.


Over the past few decades, eSports has grown from its humble beginnings in the 1970s to become a billion-dollar industry. Online competitions have gained a huge following worldwide. Events like tournaments and in-person events are also attracting big brands. Over the next few years, eSports is likely to continue growing substantially. Sports and games seem like an obvious match.